A Strategic Conversation About the Future of the New Hampshire Bar .

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Boss Justice Broderick.
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A Strategic Conversation About the Future of the New Hampshire Bar Presentation by Charles F. Robinson Clearwater, Florida www.CharlesRobinsonFuturist.com

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Chief Justice Broderick "I trust that when we glance back at the legitimate scene a long time from now, we will scarcely perceive today. It is senseless to feel that with innovation moving at the speed of light, that the act of law and the court framework will remain to a great extent as they may be. We have to do all that we can to plan what\'s to come."

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Tom Peters Predicts Ninety for every penny cubicle employments will vanish in the following ten years. What shading collars do legal counselors wear? Is there an exemption for legal counselors?

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Stare Decisis-Walking Through Life Backwards

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Change Implications Speeches, articles, and even withdraws to instruct how to manage change won\'t switch conduct without Follow-up uplifting feedback Multidisciplinary bolster Framing change in an approach to connect the present with the future If your enthusiasm for change is subsumed in the oppression of the pressing Monday morning you will abhor change considerably more

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Leading the Profession to a Preferred Future If we don\'t drive the vehicle to our future we will wind up wherever we are taken Institutionalize look for prescience

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Scenario Thinking Focus on the capacity of the association to Perceive what is happening in the practice environment Think through what this implies for the seat and bar Act upon the new learning

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Objectives Get past conventional believing that Acts like a channel, limiting the capacity to see new data Imprisons us with individual inclinations and schedules inside a universe of formulas and nothing new presumptions Frames our reaction consequently

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A Strategic Conversation An opportunity to practice the future yet not foresee what\'s to come. Change is excessively intricate, making it impossible to permit forecast. Searching for the "dabs coming soon"- indications of progress and how we ought to adjust. Must move toward versatile hierarchical learning Perception Thinking Action

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Wired Magazine (January, 1998) Guardians of the old request are attempting their best to keep down change and safeguard their energy.

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Bill Gates Warning "We generally overestimate the change that will happen in the following two years and disparage the change that will happen in the following ten."

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Tom Peters "In the event that you don\'t care for change, you will like insignificance even less"

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"I think there is a world market for perhaps five PCs." Thomas Watson Chairman of IBM,1943

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"This "phone" has excessively numerous inadequacies to be genuinely considered as a method for correspondence. The gadget is intrinsically of no incentive to us." Western Union inner update, 1876.

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"I\'m recently happy it\'ll be Clark Gable who\'s falling all over and not Gary Cooper." Gary Cooper on his choice not to play the main part in "Run With the Wind"

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"Everything that can be created has been imagined." Charles H. Duell, Commissioner, US Office of Patents, 1899

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Toxic Assumptions of the Legal Profession

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Lawyers have a syndication on the understanding of the law.

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The act of law is a calling and not a business.

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The act of law is a business and not a calling.

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"What Are the Forces Already at Work in Our Profession That Have the Potential to Profoundly Transform Our Profession\'s Structure?" Each Force an "Irregularity" Examine Implications for Each Discontinuous Force

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Nonlawyer rivalry Diminished saw an incentive in lawyer administrations Technology uprooting Lawyer supply surpasses request Disintermediation-Out with the center individual Current Forces Impacting the Profession

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The Lawyer\'s World is Flat Program to keep running in 3 Texas Law Schools this year Focus on how practice is changing and what law understudies and youthful legal advisors can do to flourish in the 21 st century Business as common impossible

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The World is Flat A Brief History Of The 21st Century The 10 Forces That Flattened the World Thomas L. Friedman

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Flattener 1-11/9/1989 Fall of Berlin Wall Ultimately freed all Soviet Union hostage individuals Tipped adjust of energy to those supporting majority rule, consensual, free-advertise arranged administration Capitalism the main surviving decision

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Flattener 2 - 8/9/95 Netscape opens up to the world From PC-based registering stage to Internet-based stage Killer applications E-mail Internet perusing Netscape first standard program culture for overall population Internet quit being region of early adopters and nerds

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Flattener 3 - Work Flow Software Let\'s Do Lunch: Have Your Application Talk to My Application Work stream moved from manual work stream to Seamless interoperable work process Seamless interoperable work stream with different organizations With standard dialect (XML) makes e-recording conceivable Global stage for various types of cooperation

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Flattener 4-Open-Sourcing Self-Organizing Collaborative Communities Bottom up, shared, continually enhanced by clients, accessible allowed to anybody Motive is the "psychic buzz" that originates from making an aggregate item that can beat something delivered by mammoths like Microsoft and IBM Example - Apache an open source programming framework, powers 2/3 of the world\'s sites Wikipedia the open source reference book Linux-Top contender to supplant Windows OS

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Flattener 5 - Outsourcing Y2K India No characteristic assets Mines brains of its own by teaching a moderately substantial cut of its elites in Sciences Engineering Medicine Creates goliath learning meritocracy An ability production line for designing, software engineering, and programming for the globe-Law? Programming engineers took lead in settling Y2K bug

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Flattener 6-Offshoring Running with Gazelles, Eating with Lions Every morning in Africa, a gazelle awakens. It knows it must run quicker than the speediest lion or it will be executed. Each morning a lion awakens. It knows it must beat the slowest gazelle or it will starve to death. It doesn\'t make a difference in the event that you are a lion or a gazelle. At the point when the sun comes up, you better begin running.

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Outsourcing v. Offshoring Outsourcing-Take particular, however restricted capacity that you were doing in-house, eg Research Document drafting Have outsource organization take those capacities for you and you reintegrate their work once more into your operation

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Offshoring Takes a part of the firm in Canton, Ohio and moves it to Canton, China. The firm delivers the work similarly with lower charges, less expensive work, financed vitality, and lower medicinal services costs Really began 12-11-2001 when China formally joined the WTO. Made China\'s own aggressive playing field as level as whatever is left of the world China consented to take after worldwide law and standard business rehearses Not certain who is lion, who is gazelle

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Chinese looking to future as planners May be 10 years out In 30 years will have gone from Sold in China Made in China Designed in China Dreamed up in China

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"If Americans and Europeans need to profit by the straightening of the world and the interconnecting of the considerable number of business sectors and learning focuses, they will all need to keep running as quick as the speediest lion-and I presume that lion will be China, and I speculate that it will be pretty darn quick." Thomas Friedman

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Flattener 7 - Supply-Chaining When a client lifts an item off the rack the clerk checks it in. Right then and there: A flag is produced from the Wal-Mart system to the provider The flag appears on the provider\'s screen To make another of that thing and ship it through the Wal-Mart store network, and the entire cycle will begin once again Wal-Mart database is whole Internet X 2

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Flattener 8-Insourcing UPS trademark Your World Synchronized What the folks in the Funny Brown Shorts Are Really Doing

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Flattener 8-Insourcing Not simply bundle conveyance; synchronizing worldwide supply chains Toshiba tablets under guarantee Instructions to transport UPS to Toshiba Actually goes to UPS Louisville center point for repair by UPS rather than UPS to Toshiba to UPS to client

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Flattener 8-Insourcing UPS dispatches Papa John pizza conveyance Nike Shoes UPS has burned through $1billion since 1996 to serve any inventory network on the planet

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Flattener 9-In-Forming Google, Yahoo!, MSN Web Search Informing is the capacity to assemble and send your very own production network a store network of data, learning, and excitement. Permits self-joint effort turning into your own particular self-coordinated and self-engaged analyst, manager without an outing to the library. Looking for learning.

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Flattener 9-In-Forming Google, Yahoo!, MSN Web Search Seeking similarly invested individuals and groups Google doing more than one billion quests for every day iPod, Ceiva, TiVo, Amazon

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Flattener 10-The Steroids Digital, Mobile, Personal, and Virtual Taking all types of coordinated effort outsourcing, offshoring, publicly releasing, supply-anchoring, insourcing, and in-shaping, and doing as such in a way that is Digital Mobile Virtual Personal Enhancing every one and making the world compliment by the day

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What Do We Tell Our Kids/Grandkids? Just a single message-You should continually overhaul your aptitudes "Youngsters, when I was growing up, my folks used to state to me, " Tom complete your supper individuals in China and India are starving. " My recommendation to you is: Kids, complete your homework-individuals in China and India are starving for your occupations . "

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Become an "Untouchable" People whose employments can\'t be outs

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