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eLearning and Academic Support. The University of Toledo. www.utoledo.edu/dl. Increment ... eLearning Conference Distance Learning Conference: the Power ...
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A Student–centered Advising Learning Community at the University of Toledo: Using Webcams to Bring Advisors and Students Together Garry Carr eLearning and Academic Support The University of Toledo www.utoledo.edu/dl

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Project Purpose Increase number of Ohio baccalaureate degree holders. Enhance consistency standards of separation learning understudies. Encourage correspondence amongst consultants and amongst guides and understudies. Pilot the utilization of webcams for exhorting purposes.

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Northwest State Community College The University of Toledo Columbus State Community College

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Promote Collaboration eLearning Conference Distance Learning Conference: the Power of Collaboration. Grants for Community College understudies. Specialized and proficient backing for guides.

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Advising Collaboration Establish consultative gathering for consultants of online projects (UT has 40 online projects) 2. Meet and team up with counselors at select junior colleges Use innovation (Webcams, IM and video meetings) for synergistic endeavors Implement maintenance endeavors for students from another school

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Keeping Students on Track for Degree Completion Proctored testing – Kryterion Advising Faculty/understudy correspondence

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Assessment Focus Groups Assessments installed in pilot courses Student steady rates

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Thank you! The University of Toledo Gary Carr gary.carr@utoledo.edu 419.530.8835

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