A Systems Engineering Approach For Balancing Powered Trailer Requirements .

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"A Frameworks Building Approach For Adjusting Fueled Trailer Prerequisites". Dana Peterson (CSEP Acq) dpeterson@drs-ssi.com (314) 553-4599. Reason for Presentation. Represent an example of Frameworks Building instruments utilized on the Controlled Trailer venture to: Determine necessity issues
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"A Systems Engineering Approach For Balancing Powered Trailer Requirements" Dana Peterson (CSEP Acq) dpeterson@drs-ssi.com (314) 553-4599

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Purpose of Presentation Illustrate an example of Systems Engineering instruments utilized on the Powered Trailer venture to: Resolve necessity issues Understand connections between prerequisites Prioritize prerequisites Get agreement on the best innovation choices Provide the best "adjusted" general arrangement INCOSE BRIEF @ DRS Technologies

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Powered Trailer Project Goals Improve joined truck and trailer review climbing and versatility in delicate soil landscape conditions Provide freight and wellbeing status revealing over the C4I organize Provide restricted trailer self-portability for climbing flying machine/deliver slopes under administrator control Provide on-load up DC/AC send out power for controlling sanctuaries and other hardware Powered Trailer Focus is on Trailer Drive Technologies INCOSE BRIEF @ DRS Technologies

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Sample SE Tools Requirements Traceability/Rationale Matrix (RTRM) N 2 Diagram Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) Quality Function Deployment (QFD) Morphological Analysis (MA) Architecture Views Trade Study Sensitivity Analysis Affinity Diagram Tree Diagram Fishbone Diagram Digraph Blueprinting Arrow Diagram Matrix Diagram Relations Diagram Process Decision Program Chart Flow Diagram Context Diagram Pugh Matrix Specification INCOSE BRIEF @ DRS Technologies

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Systems Engineering Approach Requirements Traceability/Rationale Matrix ( RTRM ) Requirement Prioritization QFD House Of Quality Performance Spec User Requirements AHP MA Technology Options Mobility Analysis Power Trailer Design Alternatives Trade Studies - Performance - Payload - C-130 Transport - R&M - Cost - Schedule Legend AHP = Analytical Hierarchy Process QFD = Quality Function Deployment MA = Morphological Analysis Sensitivity Analysis Preferred Solution An Iterative Hierarchical Process That Provides the Best Overall Requirements Balance

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Multi-Attribute Criteria Problem Many prerequisites in assorted useful regions A considerable measure of partners included Tools are expected to adjust prerequisites and approve idea preceding task execution Cost and calendar are accepting significantly more consideration Cost Schedule Performance INCOSE BRIEF @ DRS Technologies

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Solution Synthesis is Becoming More Challenging Part Obsolescence Technology Advances Design for Adaptability Reorganization Cultural Robust Design Techniques Economic Spiral Development Rapid Response Open Architecture Cost Six Sigma Schedule Security Modular Systems Approach Agile Design Political Performance Design To Cost People Resources Design for Dynamic Value Company Mergers Eco-Consciousness INCOSE BRIEF @ DRS Technologies

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Customers Now: Prioritizing Requirements: Spiral 1, 2, 3 Evolution Threshold Vs Objective Key Performance Parameters Vs Key System Attributes Vs Additional Attributes Tier Levels 1, 2, 3, 4 Asking: What Is Possible? What Can Be Done Within Program Constraints and Current Technology? What Are The Tradeoffs? Give Me The Best Balanced Solution! INCOSE BRIEF @ DRS Technologies

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RTRM Sample Sheet (Transport & Trailer Requirements) Statistics: - Number of Requirement Paragraphs: 135 - Number of Stated Requirements: 250 - Requirements Needing Clarification: 20 (8%) - Number of Requirement Disconnects: 12 (5%) Total Requirement Issues: 32 ( 13%) RTRM Helps To Identify & Resolve Requirement Issues INCOSE BRIEF @ DRS Technologies

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System N 2 Diagram The N 2 outline delineates interfaces and connections between framework prerequisites, parameters, and measurements System capacities or components are recorded in the slanting boxes Interfaces and connections are recognized in the off-corner to corner boxes. Information streams in a clockwise bearing between capacities or components The following case outlines an adjusted type of N 2 where prerequisites have been recorded in the slanting boxes Helps To Surface Interface Issues N 2 Helps To Identify Interface Issues INCOSE BRIEF @ DRS Technologies

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Example N 2 Diagram

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Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) Proven, compelling intends to manage complex basic leadership including numerous criteria Captures both subjective and target assessment measures A hierarchal disintegration of necessities or objectives is expert Pair shrewd examinations of necessity characteristics are made and relative scores registered for each leaf of the progression Scores are then incorporated yielding the relative weights at each leaf and in addition for the general model A sound evaluation is achieved when Inconsistency Ratio < 0.1 (http://people.revoledu.com/kardi/instructional exercise/AHP/Consistency.htm) AHP Helps to Determine Relative Importance INCOSE BRIEF @ DRS Technologies

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Requirements Model Breakdown INCOSE BRIEF @ DRS Technologies

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Analytical Hierarchy Process Snapshot INCOSE BRIEF @ DRS Technologies

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Quality Function Deployment (QFD) There are numerous clients There are expressed and implicit prerequisites QFD organizes necessities and their tradeoffs QFD makes imperceptible necessities and vital favorable circumstances noticeable QFD characterizes which enhancements give the most pick up QFD advances Team Consensus QFD gives a reported review trail to choices The "Place of Quality" Captures the Voice of the Customer INCOSE BRIEF @ DRS Technologies

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"Place of Quality" Interrelationships between Technologies Requirements/Desires (Voice of the Customer) Technologies (Voice of the Company) Planning Matrix - Requirements Importance - Percent Improvement Desired - Marketing Competition Assessment Relationships amongst Requirements and Technologies Prioritized Technologies INCOSE BRIEF @ DRS Technologies

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Powered Trailer QFD Analysis Two gatherings were directed with shareholders to get accord on the Powered Trailer "Place of Quality" Body of Matrix Common definition/scope for every prerequisite and specialized ascribe consented to Reinforced relationship values - by tradition: (0-none, 1-feeble, 3-direct, 9-in number) Recognized the most imperative affiliations Segregated constructive and pessimistic connections, guaranteed they were fundamentally unrelated Achieved Consensus, Consensus, Consensus QFD was concluded by means of (2) extra WebEx meetings INCOSE BRIEF @ DRS Technologies

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Powered Trailer "Place of Quality"

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Powered Trailer "Place of Quality" INCOSE BRIEF @ DRS Technologies

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QFD Relative Ranking (Excludes Technical Difficulty and Cost Factors) INCOSE BRIEF @ DRS Technologies

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Arrow\'s Impossibility Theorem (A Word of Caution!) Combining singular inclinations to shape a gathering utility capacity displays an issue The utilization of arrived at the midpoint of gathering inclination information in item plan streamlining can prompt to wrong outcomes This issue may not generally act naturally clear in the examination of complex frameworks and items Group Consensus Must Be Reached To Avoid This Problem Provides a Hierarchical Model For Doing Tradeoffs INCOSE BRIEF @ DRS Technologies

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Morphological Analysis Designed for multi-dimensional, non-quantifiable issue edifices Explores limit conditions Investigates the aggregate arrangement of conceivable connections and "setup" choices Rules out choices that are conflicting or incongruent utilizing cross-consistency appraisal MA Ensures No Alternative is Overlooked INCOSE BRIEF @ DRS Technologies

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Morphological Field Example: 3-Parameters: shading, surface, estimate Color : 5 discrete qualities: red, green, blue, yellow, chestnut Texture : 5 discrete qualities: smooth, serrated, harsh, grainy, uneven Size : 3 discrete qualities: expansive, medium, little 75 cells or setups (Zwicky, 1969, p. 118.) INCOSE BRIEF @ DRS Technologies

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MA-Trailer Drive Alternatives Number of Configurations or Alternatives 4 X 6 = 24 Ruled out Combinations of Output Energy and Hybrid 3 X 2 = 06 18 Alternatives to Investigate → (5) Drive Alternatives Remain in Trade Space INCOSE BRIEF @ DRS Technologies

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Powered Trailer Design Concepts ALT #1 Electric PTO - Electrical Power Take Off gave by the vehicle ALT #2 HEV - Series Hybrid Electric Vehicle with ICE, generator, and battery pack ALT #3 HHV - Hybrid Hydraulic Vehicle with pressure driven power gave by an ICE driven power pack ALT #4 Mechanical PTO - Mechanical Power Take Off gave by the vehicle ALT #5 ICE Drive - ICE (210 HP with 340 ft-lb torque) with ordinary drive prepare ICE = Internal Combustion Engine INCOSE BRIEF @ DRS Technologies

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Features Common To All Concepts 395/85 R20 XZL tires Central Tire Inflation System (CTIS) Pneumatic Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) Serial correspondences with transport Control of portability help and CTIS Receipt of trailer wellbeing and freight stack status Independent Suspension Trailer bed essential plan INCOSE BRIEF @ DRS Technologies

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Concepts ALT #1 Elect PTO ALT #2 HEV ALT #3 HHV ALT #4 Mech PTO ALT #5 ICE Drive Architectural Views for every one of the Five Alternatives INCOSE BRIEF @ DRS Technologies

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Physical Characteristics INCOSE BRIEF @ DRS Technologies

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ALT #1 Elect PTO Components Detail Needed for Credible Cost & Schedule Estimates INCOSE BRIEF @ DRS Technologies

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Cost Vs Key Requirements Met INCOSE BRIEF @ DRS Technologies

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Comparison of Alternatives Weighting/Scoring 0-5 with 5 Best INCOSE B

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