A Tale of Two Fiber Networks .

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A Tale of Two Fiber Networks. Bonnie Baranowski, Colleges of the Fenway Donna Baron, Five Colleges, Incorporated. A Tale of Two Fiber Networks. . Copyright Bonnie Baranowski and Donna Baron, 2005
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A Tale of Two Fiber Networks Bonnie Baranowski, Colleges of the Fenway Donna Baron, Five Colleges, Incorporated

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A Tale of Two Fiber Networks. Copyright Bonnie Baranowski and Donna Baron, 2005 This work is the licensed innovation of the creators. Authorization is allowed for this material to be shared for non-business, instructive purposes, gave that this copyright explanation shows up on the repeated materials and notice is given that the replicating is by consent of the creator. To disperse generally or to republish requires composed consent from the creators.

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Five Colleges, Incorporated Established 1965 – to offer more for less Amherst College Hampshire College Mount Holyoke College Smith College University of Massachusetts Amherst Close Proximity in Rural Western Mass 25,000 students, 2,000 personnel http://www.fivecolleges.edu

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Major Features of Cooperation Student Interchange Faculty and Curricular Development Libraries and Information Technology Administrative Collaboration Transportation

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History of Fiber Build January 2001 – Top Campus IT Priorities: Bandwidth Staffing January 2002 – Infrastructure Report Current systems administration, future data transmission prerequisites, Internet availability methodologies, innovation, administration and administration choices

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Study Recommendations: Solve the Local Loop Problem Fiber framework interfacing grounds to transporter nonpartisan whole deal office in Springfield Centralized telecom bolster structure Internet2 for every one of the five schools Bandwidth administration devices Northern CrossRoads (NOX)

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Governance and Cost Sharing Decision by Consensus – Time, Tending, Trust Philosophically 5ths Formula Structure Five Colleges, Inc. Top managerial staff - MOU Five College Net, LLC – Manager Academic Deans, Principal Business Officers Information Technology Governing Board Technical Advisory Committee SLA with University of Massachusetts Amherst

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All That Fiber . . . Joint Data Network - GigE to begin MESH - interfacing each conceivable mix of the schools for specially appointed research and experimentation Individual grounds associations with Springfield Joint overabundance dim fiber for future development

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The Benefits Vastly Increase Bandwidth, Services, Flexibility Add Redundant Links Avoid New Costs Research, Education, Collaboration Enhance Five College Collaboration Internet2, NEREN, National LambdaRail Economic Development Potential

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Request For Bids (RFB) Dark Optical Fiber Network Lease, rent to-claim, plan and assemble RFB at 30% outline – searching for offers to convey venture to 60% outline Pathway Selection, Licensing, Permitting Engineering Construction Technical Requirements Unit Rates for Everything!

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RFB Process Review Team Bidder\'s Conference Vendor Negotiations – Budget Development! Contract Negotiations Permitting, ranges, testing, retainer Schedule, sold harms Unit rates for includes and deducts Purchase of materials Project Management

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One-Time Budget Legal Fiber Optic Cable Engineering Consulting/Project Mgmt Utility Applications Make-Ready and Permitting Police Construction Contingency Recurring Budget Network Maintenance Equipment Replacement Equipment Maintenance FOC Maintenance Attachment/Conduit Fees Emergency Restoration Dig Safe Mark-outs Miscellaneous One-time and Recurring Budgets

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Where Are We Now? Permitting and Right-of-Way Seven Towns Five Utilities Numerous State Agencies Pioneer Valley Connect State Representatives Make-Ready discharged for the current month Lighting Segments Summer 05 – January 06

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Lessons Learned Donna Baron Director, Information Technology Five Colleges, Incorporated Dlbaron@fivecolleges.edu

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Colleges of the Fenway - 1996 Emmanuel Simmons The Massachusetts College of Art The Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences Wheelock Wentworth Institute of Technology 11,500 understudies (12% of Boston understudy populace) Goal: enhance understudy scholarly and social life while looking for creative techniques for putting resources into new administrations and containing the expenses of advanced education http://www.colleges-fenway.org

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Major Features of Cooperation Academic Cross enlistment Joint Environmental Sciences Major Global Educational Opportunities Center Annual Teaching and Learning Conference Students Activities COF Orchestra Intramural program Fall opening week program, spring weekend and other get-togethers Administrative Guidance Counselor Tours Joint protection programs: understudy wellbeing, property and obligation Contracts: distributing, finance preparing, Temp Agency

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History of COFAN 1998 – Study by Technical Development Corp. 1999 – IT Planning Committee Network, preparing, helpdesk, separate learning, basic managerial applications 2000 – IBM/Blackwell Study 2001 – connected for $2.1 million allow to fabricate organize 2002 – Grant got create arrange outline and issue RPF (not secured by the give) 2003 – RFP issued and contract granted 2004 – Network live in July

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Why Build a system? Geology Backbone and establishment for different activities Enhanced Internet availability (limit and excess) at lower cost Potential for Internet 2 Potential for joint contracts for voice and digital TV Evidence of IT coordinated effort and energy for different tasks Increase specialized learning and support on the grounds

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COFAN 12 sets of fiber to every school Redundant center (CISCO 6509s) CISCO 3550 at every school Lease Dark Fiber from RCN for physical repetition COF representatives: Director for IT Initiatives and Network Manager Internet Access – ISP for Colleges Registered with ARIN for AS number and IP piece 200 mgs, 2 suppliers 3 times singular contracts at ½ cost

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Governance and Cost Sharing Creation of the IT Executive Advisory Board (2002) 2 individuals from every school: 2 Presidents, 2 CAOs, 5 CFOs, 3 IT Directors Incorporation of Colleges of the Fenway, Inc. as a 501 (c)3 (2003) Agreements amongst Colleges and COF, Inc. Settled costs: split by six Variable: by use

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One-Time Budget (Grant) Construction Fiber Optic Cable Electronics Project Mgmt Legal NOC development Offices Back Up procedure Campus Upgrades Operating Budget Salaries Maintenance Fiber & gadgets Depreciation 24 x 7 checking Rent (NOCs & Offices) Contingency Misc., office supplies Legal One-time and Recurring Budgets

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Benefits and different results Internet limit Building society of coordinated effort "We are Colleges of the Fenway" Monthly meeting: IT Directors, Network Managers, Help Desk Managers Task Forces: Common Course Management System One Card System Shared Administrative System Joint End User preparing Shared Help Desk Services

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Benefits and different results (cont) Benefits to schools: Increased web limit – potential to spike to 200 mgs, the past greatest was 3mgs for one school Development of group among IT bunches Simmons: associate primary and living arrangement grounds, wipe out T1s Wheelock: interface Riverway and Brookline grounds, take out T1s

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Lessons Learned Bonnie Baranowski Director, Information Technology Initiatives Colleges of the Fenway, Inc. BBaranowski@colleges-fenway.org

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