A Tenderfoots Manual for e-Business: Apparatuses for Benefit.

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Other IndianVillage.com Web website connections shows American Indian artisans offering stoneware, basketry, materials, beadwork and Indian gems. www.indianvillage.com ...
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A Beginners Guide to e-Commerce: Tools for Profit Kimball P.Marshall, Ph.D., Alcorn State University kimball.p.marshall@netzero.net Ilya Smolyaninov, Alcorn State University Igor Georgievskii, Alcorn State University Leigh Junkin, Alcorn State University March 15, 2008

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Introduction - What is e-Commerce? e-Commerce – Any action by which individuals offer purchase and offer items on the Internet. The Internet has made open doors for individuals to offer items they make to a world business sector with next to no expense. The trap is to know how! In this workshop we will indicate you case of sustenance, adornments, music, craftsmanship, and artworks items being sold on the Internet by individuals like you, AND WE WILL SHOW YOU HOW!!!! To start, how about we take a gander at our preparation goals!

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Training Objectives Recognize the difficulties to be confronted Show chances to build up a country home business utilizing the Internet - Success Stories Show how rustic life abilities can be transformed into e-Commerce items by provincial individuals – provincial life aptitudes have esteem! Disclose how to get free Internet access and the progressions to be taken after that lead to effective deals on the Internet Explain how to keep the records to appear on the off chance that you are making a benefit or not Help you to begin

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Challenges We Face What is required? Data and experience Knowledge about comparable individuals with comparable items Personal objectives for an e-Commerce business Understanding of the strides expected to start essential e-Commerce deals Belief that the strides will prompt e-Commerce deals Belief that your e-Commerce endeavors will bring about accomplishing your own objectives Belief that you can get it going

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Activities to Address Challenges Free streaming exchanges to distinguish coveted prizes (money related, social and mental) Recognize neighbors who create and offer items on a little scale for "additional money" Entrepreneurial little ranchers who take part in truck cultivating exercises People who take an interest in nearby agriculturists markets Persons who are referred to make extraordinary items, for example, jams, jams, toys, quilts or other art items Write in other individuals and items ____________________________________________________

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What Kinds of People Sell on the Internet? Examples of overcoming adversity from Rural Communities Rural life aptitudes have esteem Key examples of overcoming adversity Oyster Creek Mushroom Company Indian Village Others

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Oyster Creek Mushroom Company Strategy in real life www.oystercreekmushroom.com Oyster Creek Mushroom Company of Damariscotta, Maine indicates how e-Commerce can serve forte sustenance specialty markets. The site clarifies that the organization develops "the absolute best" Shiitake Mushrooms, and in addition an assortment of crisp wild mushrooms, and offers dried mushrooms, mushroom powders, seasoned mushroom oils, and blessing boxes. The website likewise recounts the proprietors\' close to home story, teaches clients about wild mushrooms, offers formulas, and permits clients to buy on the web.

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www.oystercreekmushroom.com Reproduced with consent from Dan Heydon, Oyster Creek Mushroom Company

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Indian Village Strategy in real life www.indianvillage.com One of the most intriguing rustic e-Commerce Web destinations is www.IndianVillage.com , a web shopping center with numerous connections to Indian related sites, for example, Durango Silver Company that offers turquoise adornments and cabochons through its eBay store. Other IndianVillage.com Web webpage joins shows American Indian artisans offering earthenware, basketry, materials, beadwork and Indian adornments.

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www.indianvillage.com Reproduced with consent from John Hartman, Durango Silver Company

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Activities to Build on Success Stories Group discourses to recognize examples of overcoming adversity from your range! Does anybody know any individual who has sold items on the Internet Family individuals, neighbors, work associates, companions? How could they have been able to they isn\'t that right? What closeout site(s) do they think about? Did they profit? Audit Web pages refered to in the presentation Print or show website pages Think of items you may offer Discuss costs included Time Supplies Compare costs of comparative items being sold on the Internet to demonstrate the benefit potential

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Your Rural Life Skills and Products Have E-Commerce Market Value

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Common Rural Life Skills An assortment of employment aptitudes can deliver attractive items suitable for gainful e-Commerce deals: Food handling Fabric creates Carpentry and carpentry Visual expressions Music Book distributed

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Food Processing Jams, jams, confections, relishes "Home developed" or "gourmet" nourishments

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Fabric Crafts Sewing Knitting Crocheting Quilting Leather merchandise Embroidery Fabric toys

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Carpentry and Wood Working Furniture Toys Art objects Yard style Dollhouses Mailboxes

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Visual Arts Painting Photography Sculpture Clay Metal Ceramic Wood Pottery Decorative Functional

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Music Independent specialists Musical gatherings Church choirs

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Book Publishing Rural writers Cultural or authentic associations Club reserve raisers Genealogical materials

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Activities for Discovering E-Commerce Opportunities What things do you make for family and companions? Items made as presents or for home use Explore market possibilities through online store hunt Search in gathering down comparable items on Internet closeout locales Observe how Internet closeout destinations work

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Simple E-Commerce Approaches for Getting Started ONLINE AUCTIONS Online closeout and shopping sites are the place individuals and organizations purchase and offer merchandise and administrations around the world

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Things You Need to Know About Selling Online Obtain Internet access and an email address Register as a vender on an Internet closeout webpage Establishing an installment framework to get your cash Create an inclining to offer your item Actively offer your item amid the offering time Arrange installment and transportation Buyer and dealer input to the Internet closeout website

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Obtaining Internet Access and an E-mail Address Free Internet access is regularly accessible in the group Free email records are accessible through a few legitimate web destinations Internet Cafes Churches Libraries Coffee Shops Schools

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Register as a Seller Basic Steps: Enter essential data - is it secure? Pick your User ID and secret word Click on the register join at the highest point of most web closeout pages Get an affirmation email

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Establish a Payment System Requirements for proficient, secure deals: Local financial balance to get installments Secure installment technique for clients PayPal  (https://www.paypal.com/)

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Create a Listing Decide what to offer Complete web posting structure Auction group Fixed value design Classified promotion position "Store" form Select a classification Specify a title Write a portrayal Take advanced photos Beginning and consummation times for the sale Other posting data

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Selling the Product Monitor the procedure frequently Check email and the sale Communicate with intrigued purchasers Reply to data asks for rapidly Promptly shut the deal Notify winning bidder Confirm buy

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Payment and Shipping Monitor installment strategy Ship item when installment is gotten Pack item appropriately Insure the item Get a following number Use a respectable bearer USPS UPS FedEx DHL

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Buyer and Seller Feedback Use the bartering webpage process for purchaser and merchant criticism Feedback is vital to make a reliable online closeout group Trust will manufacture deals

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E-Commerce Check-sheet, Sales Listing Worksheet, and Sales Log

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Activities for Getting Started! In gathering talks, distinguish free neighborhood PC and email access assets Churches, open libraries, schools Ask companions and relatives for help Observe how to utilize email and the Internet Explore online Internet barters with gathering individuals Perform looks for items you may make Monitor closeout action Determine shipping alternatives and costs Calculate reasonable costs for items to be sold

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Keeping Track – Recordkeeping and Internet Transactions Basic monetary aptitudes required Basic recordkeeping Sales charge Income impose How to get paid?

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Recordkeeping Simple bookkeeping methodologies of keeping records Use IRS Schedule C as layout Organize a straightforward record

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Schedule C

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Simple Ledgers

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Sales Taxes The state charge power decides current arrangements Sales expense might be state, district, or city particular Most states don\'t require the Internet merchant to pay deals charge on out-of-state deals Local augmentation laborers might have the capacity to help with setting up a business charge account if fundamental

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Personal Income Taxes Profits from e-Commerce deals are liable to duties Federal, State, and Local wage charges Self-work charges Portion of e-Commerce incomes ought to be put aside in a ledger Forms to get comfortable with IRS Form 1040 Schedule C IRS Schedule SE State wage tax document (state-subordinate)

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How to Get Paid: The Need for a Local Bank Account and Third Party Payment System You should create trust in credit and saving money frameworks Bank financial records is basic for e-Commerce offering PayPal  outsider installment record is unequivocally exhorted Provides a protected and secure technique to buy merchandise Speeds up the vender\'s receipt of assets from a deal Bank and PayPal  expenses ought to be mulled over when setting item costs

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Activities to Develop Basic Financial Skills Financial Literacy Discussions Discuss sentiments about banks and installment frameworks Discuss current strategies for taking care of individual accounts Discuss how to utilize credit appropriately and the expense of premium The gathering ought to take the Rutgers Financial Fitness Quiz at http://

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