A worldwide temperature alteration.

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An unnatural weather change Malady issues and wellbeing dangers Agency of Rising Irresistible Ailments http://beid . ddc . moph . go . th Division of Sickness Control Service of General Wellbeing, Thailand What is "A dangerous atmospheric devation"? A dangerous atmospheric devation : An expansion in the normal
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A worldwide temperature alteration Disease issues and wellbeing dangers Bureau of Emerging Infectious Diseases http://beid . ddc . moph . go . th Department of Disease Control Ministry of Public Health, Thailand

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What is “Global Warming”? An Earth-wide temperature boost : An increment in the normal temperature of the earth’s air , esp. a managed expand adequate to bring about climatic change. Environmental change : a change of atmosphere which is credited straightforwardly or by implication to human movement that adjusts the composition of the worldwide atmosphere and which is notwithstanding regular atmosphere variability saw over practically identical time periods ( source : UNFCCC)

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Did you know …? 18 warmth waves were accounted for in India inside of 10 yrs. (1980-1998) In 1998 and 2003, China reported passings more than 4,000 cases from glimmer surges. In 2001, warmth waves in Bangladesh brought on passings among metal laborers and rickshaw pullers because of warmth stroke. 2004 : Japan slammed by 10 Typhoons. ที่มา : WHO

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Did you know that…? 2004 : Philippines reported crushed territory with more than 10,000 passings from Typhoons and Topical tempest. In 2005, surges in Rajasthan and dry spells in upper east India. Thailand hitted by abnormal dry seasons in 63 regions with 9.2 million populace effected. Source: G reenpeace

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Did you realize that …? In 2006 : Bhutan reported death toll from blaze surges and avalanches because of softening of icy masses Source : Basuki; www.who.int/phe ที่มา : WHO

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Did you realize that …? In 2007 : 4 Monsoon melancholies twofold the typical number brought on serious surges in Bangladesh, India and Nepal creating demise, loss of employment and relocation of millions.

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2001 : more than 45 % of visitor resorts in the Maldives reported Beach Erosion In Indonesia, instances of dengue fever have ascended by half between 2006-07 because of temperature increments Did you realize that …? Source : Dr. Chirapol Sintunawa Source : WHO

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Did you realize that …? The icy masses in the Himalayas are dissolving quickly. The Himalayas contribute critically to the water supply of 1.3 billions individuals, sustaining into nine of Asia’s most noteworthy streams. Tiger territory in Bangladesh confronts dangers from the ascent in ocean level Photo: @ Abir Abdullah/Still Pictures Photo: www.allposters.com ที่มา : WHO

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India 2005: Unusual surges annihilate train span: more than 120 slaughtered, hundreds harmed surges, tempests, typhoons and flames India 2005: Unusual downpours in Chennai

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Strong Global Warming Observed Global Average Near-Surface Temperatures since 1850-2007 Increased of temperatures in two decades normal by 0.5°C Average worldwide temperature is relied upon to ascend by 0.2 degrees Celsius every decade throughout the following 100 years Source:

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Antarctic and Arctic Ice Melting West sheet East sheet

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Sea level is anticipated to ascend by 9.88 cm. by 2100 Increasing ocean levels Strong wind

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How do individuals produce “Global Warming”? Chiefly in blazing of fossil fuel subsequent to mid-eighteenth century because of industrialization. Discharging of carbon dioxide from incineration of waste and power era.

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Photo: Basuki; www.who.int/phe Source: www.global-nursery warming.com/

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Greenhouse Gasses Combustion of fossil fills and woodland flames Water vapor Protective layer in the upper environment from UV radiation. On the off chance that unnecessary created brought on air contamination, for example, exhaust cloud & mist Combustion of fossil energizes and furrowing homestead soils Use of coolers, ventilation systems, vaporized splash and cleaning specialists cause consumption of climatic ozone layer Animal cultivation, flooded agribusiness and oil extraction 7-11-2007 ดร. จà¸\'รพล สà¸\'นธุนาวา 15 Modified from Dr. Chirapol Sinthunawa

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Loaded nursery gasses by man-made at environment CH 4 discharged from paddy field, creature burning so as to fare and landfills Emitted CO 2 fossil powers for force and by deforestation …and “climate change” is occurring !! “ Global environmental change is going on !” Source : IPCC

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CO 2 levels will emerge another twice times by the year 2100.

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USA, Saudi Arabia discharged most noteworthy CO2 per head of populace on the planet . Thailand

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Wider Ozone opening avert less UV radiation

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CFCs ( Chlorofluorocarbon )

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The Vienna Convention for the Ozone\'s Protection Layer In 1981 the United Nations Environment Organization has set up the legitimate and specialized working gathering for drafting to accomplish assentions in global arrangements to determine the harm called the Vienna Convention on ozone layer security. Contains a promise to collaborate in exploration and reconnaissance information trade volume Emissions and obliterate the ozone layer and in addition control the Convention\'s operation to the future with the Vienna Convention The Vienna Convention for the Ozone\'s Protection Layer received in March 1985, went into power, 1988 by 28 nations Source: Hazardous Substances Control Bureau

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The Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer To have arranged the draft regulations and measures to keep the ozone\'s demolition layer under the Vienna Convention, which the draft was finished in the brief span on 16 September 1987 at City Diamond Three Seasons of Canada in 47 nations around the world, went into power, 1989 Currently, 184 nations around the globe have together endorsed the Vienna Convention included Thailand 16 September is an Ozone Day

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Thailand\'s part Must step to decrease and quit utilizing the substances as a part of understanding with the predetermined period. Must report the measure of controlled substance to UNEP who serves as the Protocol\'s Secretariat. Division of Industrial Works Ministry of Industry as the essential organization capable led concentrates on in measure of substances obliterating the ozone layer in diverse industry areas and the import volume controls pulverizing substances. National Plan of Thailand: to quit utilizing substances that annihilate the ozone layer and arranged for the time of neglect substances wrecking the ozone layer.

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Globalization Pop. Development & Urbanization Global warming Deforestation & others elements Industrialization & exchange

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What if…Climate Change? Expanding ocean levels Increasing Strong wind Photo: www.allposters.com Increasing ocean levels will prompt costal disintegration Photo: @ Greenpeace/Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert

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Changes in the Claciers at Shrong Himal, Nepal more than 26 years Source : Nagoya University, http://snowman.hyarc.nagoya-u.ac.jp

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Impact of Climate Change: How can everything identify with me?

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Vector-borne infections: Weather occasions VS Impacts on human wellbeing ( 1) Heat stroke, Respiratory dis. Cardio-vascular disease Heat waves/air contamination Warmer temp. & irritated precipitation designs

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สำนักโรคตà¸\'ดต่ออุบัตà¸\'ใหม่ กรมควบคุมโรค กระทรวงสาธารณสุข Changes in atmosphere may adjust the circulation of essential vector species and may build the spread of illness.

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Water/nourishment borne maladies: cholera, unsafe green growth blossom, and so forth. Climate occasions VS Impacts on human wellbeing ( 2) Heavy precipitation occasions Malnutrition & Starvation Psychosocial Stress Droughts

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Marine HABs: Toxins & Toxicity Diarrheic, Paralytic, Neurotoxic, Amnestic shellfish poison, Ciguatera fish poison (DSP, PSP, NSP, ASP, CFP) Freshwater HABs Toxins Hepatoxins, Neurotoxins All are blue green growth (cyanobacteria) Harmful Algal Blooms (HAB) & Global warming Expansion of water surface Warmers temp & longer length of time Tendency to be dangerous strains “Especially mild zone”

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Harmful algal blossom Harmful algal sprout ;Florida

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Death, Injuries Damage base Diseases identified with amazing atmospheres eg. Leptospirosis Social issues Psychosocial Stress Weather occasions VS Impacts on human wellbeing ( 3) Cyclones, Storms, flooding Disappearance of Land Migration Social clash Stress Sea level ascent & Coastal tempests

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Projected effects of a worldwide temperature alteration in Asia (1) Glacier melt in the Himalayas is anticipated to build flooding , rock torrential slides from destabilized slants, and influence water assets inside of the following a few decades. This will be trailed by diminished waterway streams as the ice sheets subside. Freshwater accessibility in Central, South, East and Southeast Asia especially in huge stream bowls is anticipated to decline because of environmental change which, alongside populace development and expanding interest emerging from higher expectations for everyday comforts, could unfavorably influence more than a billion individuals . Source: IPCC WGII Fourth Assessment Report , April 2007

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Projected effects of a dangerous atmospheric devation in Asia (2) Coastal ranges , particularly vigorously populated uber delta areas in South, East and Southeast Asia, will be at most serious danger because of expanded flooding from the ocean and in some super deltas flooding from t

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