A worldwide temperature alteration!.

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Will Earth still be home for us in coming years? An Earth-wide temperature boost! Should you give it a second thought? Our planet is warming up
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Will Earth still be home for us in coming years? An Earth-wide temperature boost! Should you give it a second thought?

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Our planet is warming up … and we are capable Unless we make strides NOW to check an Earth-wide temperature boost, our lifestyle , our future , and our family are all in GRAVE DANGER .

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What is Global Warming? An unnatural weather change is characterized as the temperature\'s increment on Earth. As the Earth is getting more sweltering, fiascos like tropical storms, dry seasons and surges are getting more regular.

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How it lives up to expectations?

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When did the issue start? The issues started when human exercises made & discharged more gasses in the air than are essential.

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1: Burning normal gas, coal & oil raise the level of carbon dioxide in the air & quicken the warming impact.

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2: Many industrial facilities deliver enduring gasses that add to the a worldwide temperature alteration

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3: Population development quickens an Earth-wide temperature boost as more & more individuals utilization powers for warmth, transportation & fabricating

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4: Intensive cultivating prompts an unnatural weather change Some cultivating practices & utilization of manures produce gasses that trap warm more than Carbon Dioxide. For example, Nitrous Oxide, found in pesticides can hold 300 times more warmth than CO2.

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To diminish your carbon foot shaped impression, you can begin with your supper plate. A carbon foot shaped impression is a sum\'s measure of nursery gasses delivered by human exercises. A U.N. report found that 18 % of an Earth-wide temperature boost discharges originate from raising That\'s around 40 % more than every one of the trucks, autos, planes & every one of the types of transport (13%) and every one of the homes & workplaces on the planet set up together (8%). chickens, steers, pigs, & different creatures for sustenance .

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Meat industry devours more ecological assets It adds to land corruption, environmental change & air contamination, water lack and water contamination. Creatures, for example, dairy animals & sheep emanate colossal measure of methane because of tooting and burping . " The discharged methane ", the researchers say, "has 23 times the an Earth-wide temperature boost capability of CO2."

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without interest for meat there is not any more requirement for reproducing a huge number of creatures for day by day butcher. The inversion of a worldwide temperature alteration will be an assurance.

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5: “Sawing off the branch we are sitting on” Deforestation is Choking the Earth. 34 million sections of land of trees, the measure of Italy, are cut every year.

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Forests are essential for engrossing & putting away the world\'s carbon dioxide (CO2). At the point when trees are cut & smoldered the harm is two-fold: * The world\'s ability to retain CO2 is lessened. * Large measures of put away carbon are discharged once again into the environment.

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Global warming will slaughter BILLIONS this Century Green house gasses can stay in the climate for hundreds and a huge number of years. Here are couple of DEADLIEST impacts of an unnatural weather change ..

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A: Spread of irresistible sickness Global Warming prompts 150,000 passings consistently These numbers could twofold by 2020 As the globe warms, ailment conveying mosquitoes & rodents spread, contaminating individuals. Episodes of Dengue fever, Malaria, Chikingunia, Allergies & Asthma have officially begun influencing day by day lives.

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B: More Intense Hurricanes are en route The seas are getting hotter, more grounded tropical storms & disasters like wave are getting more regular.

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C: Increased power of dry spells & warmth waves

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D: Economic results Natural cataclysms do billions of cash in harm & malady flare-ups cost cash to treat and control.

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E: Polar ice tops are liquefying Sea levels are rising

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* There are 5,773,000 cubic miles of water in ice sheets and in the event that they soften today the oceans would ascend around 230 feet. * The ice tops are new water & when they liquefy they will desalinate the sea, i.e. make it less salty. This impact will change sea streams creating unnatural climate conditions * Temperature rise will imperil a few types of creatures. * Ice tops reflect overabundance daylight once more into space to keep up ideal climate conditions. With the ice tops gone less vitality will be reflected creating additional temperature increment.

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F: The seas are similar to goliath stockpiling radiators Oceans trap warm and assimilate Carbon dioxide. They are similar to time-bombs, concealing the genuine impacts of the Carbon dioxide we have been discharging into the air. Steady unsettling influence of the ocean streams is a danger anticipating to unleash.

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G: We will lose drinking water As ocean levels rise, ocean water will attack seaside groundwater, making it salty henceforth undrinkable.

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H: Food will cost as much as gold The danger to future sustenance supplies from environmental change weighs intensely on a normal world populace of 9 billion individuals by 2050.

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Is our blue planet turning DRY? - Out of all the water on this planet, just 2.5% of it is freshwater. Most is gotten from icy masses. - Himalayan ice sheets are subsiding by 10-15 meters for every year. - In India, the Gangotri ice sheet is subsiding at a normal rate of 23 meters for each year . - This will first expand the volume of water in streams bringing about, across the board flooding. At that point in a couple of decades this circumstance will REVERSE and the water levels in streams will decay influencing millions living around them.

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Coastal Flooding A NASA cutting edge ethereal overview demonstrates that Global warming is dissolving 50 billion tons of ice in a year from the Greenland ice sheet. This is improving the probability of waterfront flooding the world over.

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How does an Individual have an Effect on the world’s greatest natural issue? Working at the individual level, settling the atmosphere is a test yet not an unthinkable errand. Atmosphere researchers say that planting more trees are speedy, simple and shabby approaches to counteract further GLOBAL WARMING.

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Why plant trees? - Reduce Global Warming - Improve the ground water level - Prevent soil disintegration - Promote the biological community - Reduce contamination - Improve soil richness

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The Art of Living is a multi-faceted non-benefit association that offers life-changing projects in more than 144 nations. It has embraced numerous activities out of which one is Tree estate to help decrease GLOBAL WARMING. Past and proceeding with help endeavors include: Earthquake in Chengdu, (China), Virginia Tech Campus Shootings (USA), Vidharbha Farmer Suicides (India), Relief in times of War &â  Unrest (Kashmir, Lebanon, Iraq and Israel), Relief  Post  Floods (Surat, Mumbai and Gujrat), Train  Blasts (London & Madrid), Beslan School Hostage Crisis (Russia), Tsunami (India & Sri Lanka), Hurricane Katarina & 9/11 Terror Attack USA  

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The Invitation The Art of Living Foundation with the backing of United Nations Environment Program and United Nations Millenium Campaign Invites you to take an interest in MISSION GREEN EARTH STAND UP TAKE ACTION www.standuptakeaction.org www.artofliving.org

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As a Tree\'s piece estate drive 100 MILLION trees of diverse sorts will be planted everywhere throughout the world.

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Houston City Controller’s underwriting

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How would you be able to offer assistance?

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MILLENIUM DEVELOPMENT GOAL No.7 Ensure Environmental Sustainability Mission Green Earth Stand Up Take Action (MGESUTA08) task focuses to accomplish: TAKE ACTION-15 JULY to 16 OCT 2008 Commit to Plant 100 million trees all inclusive before 31 JUL 2009 to bolster natural supportability. STAND UP-17 OCT to 19 OCT 2008 Stand up for 2 minutes while the UN’s vow is perused.

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Misson Green Earth Stand Up And Take Action 2008 (MGESUTA) MGESUTA is an activity taken by Art Of Living Foundation (AOL) in relationship with United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), United Nations Millennium Campaign (UNMC) to plant 100 million trees worldwide between fifteenth July’08 to 31st Jul’09.

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Take a vow, Plant more trees Thank you

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Contact Us Contact Information Email: info@standuptakeaction.or

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