A worldwide temperature alteration Activities, and U.S. Bureau of Vitality.

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A worldwide temperature alteration Activities, and U.S. Division of Vitality Environmental Change Activities in: North Carolina, Government - - - - - An Earth-wide temperature boost Activities, www.gwi-nc.org Jim Shelter, Official Chief, (919) 515-070 0 Motivation
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An Earth-wide temperature boost Initiatives, & U.S. Division of Energy Climate Change Initiatives in: North Carolina, Federal Government - - - - - Global Warming Initiatives, www.gwi-nc.org Jim Haven, Executive Director, (919) 515-070 0

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Agenda Climate Wise/GWI Program Established in 1995 Enhancing Voluntary Reporting of Greenhouse Gasses Integrating Federal & State Registries Emissions Trading, Cap & Trade Energy Star, Climate Leaders, Climate Vision, Waste Wise, Industrial Technologies Program Proposals for North Carolina to stay as the main State in Industrial reporting of GHG Emission

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Past 1995-2001: $60K Federal, $60K State (Overchg.Fund) Two missions, 1) Obtain State Funding, 2) Determine Best Practices for Industrial ecological productivity and DOE/EPA Climate Wise Pilot Program in 14 States. 1995 DENR: Climate Wise for North Carolina State Energy Div./SEO Administered deliberate reporting of nursery gasses. No accomplishment on State subsidizing Climate Wise working with industry surpassed arrangement.

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Past 2000/01 Climate Wise test case project finished, got to be Energy Star, Climate Leaders, proceeded with VRGG . June 2002: State cut bolster, wiped out system. 39 offices left in mid reporting. Shelter proceeded with 2001 YE All organizations said they needed to proceed with and support. Nov. 2002: DOE, EPA, USDA, DOC workshop

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Why - GWI Recommendations to consolidate as non-benefit, non-government, 501(c)3. State can just utilize charge dollars in-state Many establishments, gifts, gifts can not go to state or government associations, must be 501(c)3 State monies go all over to match spending plan, not sufficiently stable for a manageable system State and Federal associations can give finances straightforwardly to a 501(c)3 association A blend of awards, establishment, private, organization, participation backing is the most ideal approach to maintain an association. Jan. 2003: GWI Incorporated, 501(c)3 N.C. Drives Nation in Industrial Registry of GHG in 2000, (Also,2001,and 2002) 2003: “GWI North Carolina Climate Change Registry”, two redesigns in 2004. 2003: GWI Home Page: www.gwi-nc.org

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Why - GWI EPA & DOE allowed GWI same rights as Climate Wise through VRGG, Industrial Technology, Climate Vision, Climate Leaders, Waste Wise. Atmosphere Leaders & Waste Wise approved GWI to report their GHG data to VRGG. VRGG obliges element wide reporting, multi state reporting that couldn’t be done under a state just program. GWI reported VRGG improvement status to the WEEC in Atlanta in 2003 and DOE has given PPt presentation to GWI to present in Austin, Sept.2004. GWI given same benefits as a noteworthy organization with numerous offices, GWI speaks to 22 partnerships with 40+ offices. GWI is an aggregator of DOE and EPA information. GWI speaks to North Carolina as a main state in VRGG.

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Present 2003 FY VRGG for 40+ offices. Corporate Energy Management Plan. GWI’s N.C. Environmental Change Registry upgrades. Projections for N.C. reporting for 2003 & 2004. Government deliberate reporting registry help. Proposing activities for N.C. identified with GHG. Instructing N.C. Lawmakers on GHG alternatives. Instructing the general population on GHG recommendations being considered by people and offices in N.C. Attempting to unite the invested individuals identified with reporting, enlisting, and exchanging of GHG.

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Programs Promoted by GWI

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International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives ICLEI: World Wide give or take 500+ ICLEI-US: Cities for Climate Protection, 185+ N.C. Members by City/County Resolution: Durham- - Chapel Hill–Carrboro- - Orange County Presented to: Major urban areas, League of Municipalities, Association of County Commissioners, Statewide Council of Government. CCP financing cut by SEO on June 30,2002 Will proceed with new subsidizing, an awesome system.

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Emissions Trading and Brokering extensive Emissions Trading – CO 2 E Aggregation – Sell Blocks - Natsource Chicago Climate Exchange – Individual Co.s US organizations help their global destinations Emissions Management Association VRGG adjusting system for exchanging. Gilcrest-Oliver Climate Stewardship Act (3-30-4) Lieberman-McCain Climate Stewardship Act (2003)

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2004 GWI Calendar Call on the off chance that you might want to go to or help NGO Climate Change Updates to ERC., Continuous Mercury & CO 2 Seminar, McKimmon, April GHG Registries, Global Warming Updates, and the Bottom Line Seminar facilitated by the California Registry, May Fayetteville Area Economic Dev. Corp., May World Energy Engineering Congress, Austin Sept. GWI/VRGG, 13 area crosswise over N.C. this Fall. GWI’s N.C. Environmental Change Registry upgraded Qtrly Fed. Registry (Enhancements to VRGG) 3 rd & 4 th qtr Technical Guidelines General Program Software & Reporting structures

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GWI’s North Carolina Climate Change Registry Reporters: DOE-EIA Voluntary Reporting of Greenhouse Gas Program. 2003 Pending . DOE VRGG 40 Facilities Climate Wise/Energy Star 22 Corporations Landfill Gas Reporters 11 Sites Utilities Reporting ____ 3 Corporations Waste Wise 40 Companies Climate Leaders 15 Corporations ICLEI(C/CCP) 3 Cities, 1 County Chicago Climate Exchange 1 Pending + Others

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Future Regional Seminars and Workshops Increased support in VRGG International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) Emissions Trading Investigating mix of Air Quality and Climate Change projects/reporting Integrated Contingency Plan Liaison with other state registries GWI: California GHG Registries, Climate Policy and the Bottom Line, May 5-7, 2004

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Future Partner with Associated Agencies Obtain Partnership with the State of N.C. GWI will assist execute, with following, and report the decreases in the Federal GHG Registry for N.C. credit. Report expected GHG decreases in the VRGG, Energy Star, and State Registries GWI’s NC State Global Change Registry. Incorporate Climate Wise/GWI into a State Climate Change Program.

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GWI in Support of the State Energy Plan 2003 Recommendations

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GWI in Support of the State Energy Plan 2003 Recommendations

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Enhancing the DOE/EIA Voluntary Reporting of Greenhouse Gasses Program Paul F. McArdle, Ph.D. U.S. DOE, Energy Information Administration Office of Integrated Analysis & Forecasting 202-585-4445, 1-800-803-5182 paul.mcardle@eia.doe.gov www.eia.doe.gov/oiaf/1605/frntvrgg.html

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VRGG Program Background Required by Section 1605(b) of the Energy Policy Act of 1992 – (a.k.a. – “1605b Program”) DOE Establishes a Public Record of Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Reductions, & Commitments Accepts a Broad Range of Actions as Reportable Flexible Program to Encourage Participation Reports are Self-affirmed First Data Submitted in 1994

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What We Were Directed to Do by President Bush 2-14-2 Directed the Secretary of Energy, in discussion with the Secretary of Commerce, the Secretary of Agriculture, and the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, to propose changes to the current 1605(b) willful emanations decrease enrollment program. These changes will improve estimation precision, unwavering quality, and undeniable nature , working with and considering developing local and universal methodologies. Set up a U.S. Objective to lessen GHG force by 18% by 2012.

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What We Were Directed to Do Directed the Secretary of Energy to prescribe changes to guarantee that organizations and people that enroll decreases are not punished under a future atmosphere approach, and to give transferable credits to organizations that can demonstrate genuine discharges diminishments. Support Financial Incentives, Directed the Secretary of Agriculture, in counsel with the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy, to create bookkeeping standards and rules for crediting sequestration ventures , considering developing residential and worldwide methodologies. Tested organizations to make a move.

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Objectives for Revising 1605(b) Strive for exactness, straightforwardness, consistency, fulfillment. Parity thoroughness with common sense; stringency with adaptability. Perceive elements that add to the President\'s objective of diminishing the discharges power of the U.S. economy; Encourage correspondents – especially those with expansive emanations – to give a more exact, predictable, and complete record of discharges and outflow diminishments. Make a focal system for recording accomplishments connected with deliberate outflow diminishment projects, for example, Climate Leaders and Climate VISION.

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Why Do People Report? Increase Public Recognition for Environmental Stewardship Establish a Public Record of Achievement Gain Experience in Calculating, Reporting, and Registering Greenhouse Gas Emissions Gain Knowledge of Innovative Technologies to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions Learn GHG Accounting Issues and exchanging open doors

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Proposals for the State of North Carolina Support GWI, a set up project performing most GHG issues from the province to the living arrangement. Build up a “Climate Change Review Commission” or subsection of ERC with SEO, DENR, Environmental Defense, Global Warming Initiatives, and so forth. Preparing in arrangement for Cap & Trade (Chicago Climate Exchange, and so on. Empower Climate Leaders, Waste Wise, Energy Star, ICLEI, Cities/Counties for Climate Protection,etc. Statewide Awareness Campaign Incentives, Recognition, Penalties

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Proposals for the State of North Carolina Tax or charge to cover costs $5K/10K MTCO2E ($0.5/K MT) All organizations self report force, (vitality use & gen

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