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Fifth National GIS Symposium in Saudi Arabia. List of chapters. Fizzle Definitions. IT and GIS Pillars. Disappointments Factors. GIS Value Chain. GIS Project Cost Allocations ...
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Why Some GIS Projects Fails Fifth National GIS Symposium in Saudi Arabia Abdulsalam Abdulah Abdulaal Al Khubar Apr 25-28, 2009 Jamada I  12-14, 1431

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Table of Content Fail Definitions IT & GIS Pillars Failures Factors GIS Value Chain GIS Project Cost Allocations Spatial Data Issues Conclusion Q/A

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What is disappointment Not meeting partner desires

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IT & GIS Pillars

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Failures Factors It is been demonstrated that IT are not an issues any more. The greater part of the disappointments brought on by those three components. Just Spatial Data will be handled

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GIS Value Chain Landbase Acquisition Other Data Overlay Operation (AM/FM) Basic GIS Functions Other Data Overlays Advanced GIS Analytics Advanced GIS Analytics & Integrations Infrastructure Preparation Engineering and Maintenance Advanced Functionalities Definition of landbase needs Identification of obtaining sources/strategy Purchase transaction and execution Cross check with on location estimations Correction Overlay of existing computerized related information. Filtering/digitization of existing related information Field overviews for spatial situating (mapping) Update procedures to guarantee related information are state-of-the-art Spatial information observing Fault restriction Maintenance assets designation Workforce Management: dispatch and steering Logistics coordination Preventive upkeep Modeling and reenactment Infrastructure outline Network establishment administration Resources assignment Inventory administration Customer division Traffic observing Infrastructure arranging utilizing propelled calculations Sensitivity examination Signal quality readings for system enhancement Customer grievance administration Service scope request Marketing effort definition Caller-ID confinement for dispatch Location based administrations Usually GIS Value Chain Accomplish through PM Life Cycle

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GIS Project Cost Allocations

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Spatial Data Issues

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2.8 KM 0.8 KM Sample Of Data Check

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Typical Land base Providers and Costs Countries Provider Data Type Maintenance Fee U An E Town Planning Landbase Free Ireland Complete landbase, tending to, road files, points of interest, and so on… < $10/km 2 Census Department Jordan External supplier Landbase $70/km 2 US A USGS Census information ( demographics) Tiger documents ( Landbase , a ddresses, and so on… ) Free Bahrain Ministry of Housing Landbase Free Qatar National GIS Center Landbase, addresses, c ensus information ( demographics) Free Egypt Utilities Data Center Landbase , Utility Networks Free KSA MOMRA Landbase Free

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conclusion Unfortunately fizzled GIS undertakings are more than effective one . PMO and venture administration strategies demonstrate to increase the value of task achievement. Spatial information possession inside association is key for task achievement. Best spatial information suppliers are the assigned and practice one like MOMRA , Ordnance Survey, Local arranging Offices and others. Try not to endeavor to produce your own particular spatial information. Spatial information procurement require a great deal of participation & Coordination with outside gatherings . Fruitful GIS undertaking are exorbitant they are likewise a venture so attempt to take after savvy organization model with others. Effective execution of GIS is progressively capacity of administration and institutional ability instead of innovation. John C. Antenucci CEO Plan Graphics

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Q & An Abdulsalam Abdulah Abdulaal 0505314052 aaal@stc.com.sa

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