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Overall director of the Microsoft Business Certification program: ... Helpfully offering Business Certification exams to Information Workers wherever they ...
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About Certiport Worldwide executive of the Microsoft Business Certification program: Microsoft Business Certification Credentials Microsoft Office Specialist Program (MOS) Microsoft Certified Application Specialist (MCAS) Microsoft Certified Application Specialist Master (MCAS Master) Microsoft Certified Application Specialist Instructor (MCAS Instructor) Microsoft Certified Application Professional (MCAP) Worldwide measurements 128 Countries 21 Languages 15,000 Certiport Test Centers 75,000 Exams month to month Over 5 million accepted exams conveyed Approximately 100 new focuses join every month to offer confirmation exams

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Business Solutions Team at Certiport What We Do: We work with Training Managers and Human Resource Leaders to drive organization execution and individual vocations with Microsoft ® Business Certification Credentials.

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Our Vision A Testing Center in Every Place of Employment. Helpfully offering Business Certification exams to Information Workers wherever they work.

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Key Studies: Pre-2007 Microsoft Office System Launch Post Microsoft Office Certification Impact at work (Certiport Survey, 2007). Restored - Microsoft Office Certification: Making a Difference in the Workplace (Hunt and Gyll, 2001). Avoiding Bad Hires: The Value of Objective Pre-Hire Assessment (IDC White Paper, 2007). Considers uncover advantages to both managers and people.

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Six Key Facts Relating to Microsoft Office Certification in the Workplace Key Fact 1: Relevance and Frequency Key Fact 2: Leadership Characteristics Key Fact 3: Reduce terrible contract rate Key Fact 4: Reduce representative turnover rate Key Fact 5: Advances Careers Key Fact 6: Impacts Financial Performance

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Key Fact 1: Relevancy and Frequency Microsoft Office Applications are significant to IW occupations and utilized much of the time . U.S. Workforce Analysis 1 Total Employment: 136,485,000 68% are data specialists 92,809,800 Information Workers Average turnover rate: 18% Information laborer turnover: 16,705,764 1 U.S. Division of Labor, 2002 http://www.nobscot.com/review/index.cfm

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Information Workers Use Microsoft Office to Do Their Work Information specialists make up almost 70% of the US workforce Less than 33% of businesses screen work possibility for Microsoft Office abilities, not to mention approve existing representatives (IDC, 2007) Studies of regulatory and back-office staff demonstrate the normal measure of time spent utilizing Microsoft Office can beat 80% of the work day (Certiport 2007) Certification guarantees proficiency with the most-utilized devices.

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Key Fact 2: Microsoft Office accreditation seeds initiative qualities. Microsoft Office accreditation builds worker fitness , profitability , and believability . IDC takes note of that Microsoft Office guaranteed representatives require less supervision and can acknowledge extra obligations more regularly than noncertified workers. 87% of confirmed laborers feel that they can finish more business related assignments in a shorter measure of time since they are Microsoft Office affirmed (Certiport Survey). 85% of bosses say that Office guaranteed laborers are more gainful in view of their Microsoft Office affirmation (Gyll Study). 82% of ensured laborers demonstrated that they regularly or at times demonstrate to a work relate generally accepted methods to utilize a Microsoft Office application apparatus or highlight to help them better perform a business related assignment (Certiport Survey).

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Key Fact 3: Microsoft Office accreditation underpins the contracting procedure. Microsoft Office accreditation underpins the procuring procedure by giving a helpful measure to screening and selecting people for work. 71% of administrators demonstrated Microsoft Office affirmation is invaluable to workers considered in procuring, advancement, and headway choices. It is IDC\'s sentiment that the single most compelling motivation for an awful contract is deficient PC or regulatory abilities, and that associations ought to influence Microsoft Office accreditation as both a measure of PC aptitudes and an exceptionally effective indicator of a representative\'s worth to the association.

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Cost of Bad Hiring Decisions Supervisors concur encounter alone does not compare to capability at doing some work Built-in worth: Certification offers choice bolster criteria More than 66% of directors consider Microsoft Office affirmation to be leeway when considering possibility for contract , advancement or progression Certification is a key segment to shrewd employing.

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Key Fact 4: Reduce Employee Turnover (Increases Employee Retention) Studies demonstrate that giving Microsoft Office accreditation to representatives expanded occupation fulfillment and reliability 85% of bosses report Office confirmed laborers are more beneficial and require less supervision Self-driven entertainers are the workers you need to keep.

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Key Fact 5: Certification Advances Careers Certification builds representative\'s worth, strengthening and sentiments of engagement Certification expands worker trust in their own capacities to contribute esteem at work 93% of affirmed laborers concur they have more chance to use their aptitudes with their present boss in the wake of accomplishing confirmation Certification makes superior workers.

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Key Fact 6: Improve Financial Performance of a Company. IDC infers that consolidating Microsoft Office affirmation in contracting and expert advancement procedures can: Result in truly a great many dollars in investment funds and enhanced individual and gathering execution , and additionally a practical upper hand . Enhance the probability of an effective contract and the long haul achievement of a representative. Back-office support gives a case of the danger and effect of poor contracting choices. Speaking to an expanding extent of the venture workforce, authoritative bolster staffs are information specialists and regularly bolster 10 or more different representatives . Their ability and capacity directly affect the work execution of whatever remains of the client esteem chain, and along these lines their positions can be considered linchpins to hierarchical achievement.

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Benefits Summary Benefits to the Employer Better contracting choices Increased representative maintenance Creation of superior workers Benefits to the Employee Higher aptitude level Increased occupation fulfillment Career advantages as a superior worker

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Situation The advantages of having specialists affirmed in Microsoft Business applications are critical Achieving confirmation is testing; pass rates have generally been low Developed a best practices handle that outcomes in 90% pass rates with Office 2003; expanding rates with Office 2007. Advantages of affirmation are noteworthy – yet accreditation is difficult to accomplish.

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