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Mrs. Almonte Science class. About Me. A proud wife A proud mother of four boys Enjoy reading and learning new things Enjoy talking with friends Enjoy attending church and teaching Bible lessons Love spending time with my family Enjoy jogging and walking
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Mrs. Almonte Science class

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About Me A glad spouse A pleased mother of four young men Enjoy perusing and adapting new things Enjoy conversing with companions Enjoy going to chapel and showing Bible lessons Love investing energy with my family Enjoy running and strolling Have three fish and two senseless felines

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Before I turned into an educator . . . I was a pharmaceutical Chemist

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Don\'t You Want to Be Successful?

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What Is Our Class Goal ? To transform the greater part of our systems into schedules. To have a safe and fun learning environment.

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Mrs. Almonte\'s Classroom Guidelines

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Classroom Rules Ask before escaping your seat Be tranquil when others speak Keep your hands and things to yourself No foulness

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Consequences first Time = Name on the load up (Warning) 2 nd Time = 15 minutes after school Call home 3 rd Time = No Parent No School Form Meeting with instructor, understudy, and gatekeeper 4 th Time = Referred to primary for ISS or suspension Note: Names will be eradicated from the load up each Friday at 3pm

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Class Rewards* Rewards Individual Rewards An understudy who goes past what is normal in the classroom (conduct, helps another understudy, class work, and so forth.) Choose from the blessing box 10 additional credit focuses coupon to be connected to tests and tests 15 minutes free PC time coupon The class that reliably indicates regard to each other and has 100% homework support for the month In class motion picture Choose science subject for the day Donuts * Class reward will be picked by the educator *

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Mrs. Almonte\'s Classroom Procedures

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What More Rules???!!!!!! Rules Tells you what is anticipated from you and have outcomes when broken What is a methodology? A system lets you know how to accomplish something regulated until it turns into a normal What is a schedule? A routine is accomplishing something regular all alone without me instructing you to do as such

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Example of a Familiar Procedure What do drivers do at a red light? What do drivers do at a green light? How would they know which side of the street to drive on ? What will happen on the off chance that we had no methods for driving on the roadway/lanes?

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Why Have Procedures ? Everybody will know precisely what to do Gives us all the more learning time Keeps our surroundings safe Helps you turn into a fruitful understudy

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Entering the Classroom DO NOT enter the classroom if an educator is not present Wait discreetly in the passage until I come to welcome you at the entryway Keep the clamor level down when entering the classroom

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As Soon As You Enter Class A "Do Now" task will be posted Do not begin mingling Begin task immediately

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Excused Late Fill out late shape Place both late frame and your late go in the late envelope Begin Do Now task

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Unexcused Late Fill out late frame and scratch off your reason Consequences : 1. Verbal cautioning 2. 10 minutes after school least 3. ISS suggestion

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Finish Class Work Early Complete any work you owe me Take out a science perusing novel from the canister Complete your NJASK exercise manual assignments

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During Class Discussions Do Not . . . Ask would I be able to toss something out Ask would I be able to go to the restroom (unless it\'s a crisis) Interrupt the speaker Do . . . Raise your hand Be a decent audience Wait calmly for your turn

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Classroom Signals Bathroom Question/Need assistance I comprehend the point I don\'t comprehend the theme I comprehend the subject a bit…

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Pencil Sharpening Lift up your pencil Wait for my flag Exchange your pencil for a honed one

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Classroom Interruptions (Ex: telephone call or guest) Wait noiselessly until I am accessible Continue doing your work If you are working in a gathering , hold the clamor down

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Independent Work You will dependably have the alternative to work alone Work in gatherings Ask your colleagues for help first Work with an educator Whatever you pick you should do it unobtrusively without diverting the learning environment

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End of Class Dismissal Verify that you composed your homework Verify that you have every one of your materials Clean up your space (work area & floor ) Wait discreetly until I reject you regardless of the possibility that the chime rings

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If You Are Absent Check the "truant receptacle" You have two days for every day you missed to finish work Example: I was truant on May 4 & 5. I came back to class on May 6. I have two days worth of work to make up. I have four days to turn in my work. My work is expected May 10.

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Student Responsibility Sheet Choose all that applies to you: I didn\'t acquire my . . . content book pencil/pen notebook allocated homework Choose all that applies to you: I didn\'t acquire my__________because I didn\'t have the materials at home to finish my task I overlooked I was excessively debilitated, making it impossible to get my work done I was missing and did not get the task Other-Please clarify in detail: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Your Signature_________________________________ Today\'s Date____________________________________ PLEASE READ: You will lose 2 focuses off your general review for every Responsibility Sheet you turn in. *This sheet will be placed in your test envelope for guardians to see amid Conference Night*

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Teacher-Student Contract Date_________________ Student I _____________ will take after of all my classroom strategies to the best of my capacity. I will likewise take after our school strategies. I will do my best to come arranged to class and give my instructor my consideration 100% so I could learn new thoughts and furnish myself with the information I should be a beneficial individual in the public eye. I will be straightforward and deferential to my educator and companions. I will dependably put my best exertion in all my classes.  Student Signature ____________________________________ Teacher I_______________________________ will show you to the best of my capacities and will be delicate to your requirements. I will give you plentiful time to finish your assignments. I will be straightforward with you and give you my consideration 100%. Educator Signature _____________________________________  Parent Signature _______________________________________

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My Promise to You I will hear you out I will regard you I will show you to the best of my capacities

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Closing Thoughts I trust all of you can be fruitful I look after you I am keen on helping you get to be deep rooted learners If you don\'t love Science—you will!!!

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