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About MedicAlert ®. Mission: MedicAlert secures and improves the lives of its individuals by meeting their wellbeing data needs. MedicAlert is: The main supplier of Canadian crisis restorative data administrations. The biggest part based philanthropy in Canada (more than 1 million individuals)
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About MedicAlert ® Mission: MedicAlert ensures and improves the lives of its individuals by meeting their wellbeing data needs. MedicAlert is: The main supplier of Canadian crisis medicinal data administrations. The biggest part based philanthropy in Canada (more than 1 million individuals) Over ½ million individuals in Ontario One of the best perceived trademarks and administration marks in Canada. Securing the lives of Canadians since 1961 Endorsed by the Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians and the National Emergency Nurses Affiliation.

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About MedicAlert The Canadian MedicAlert® Foundation is Canada\'s biggest part based, magnanimous association committed to giving administrations to our individuals that secure and spare lives. MedicAlert keeps up a cutting edge database that secures the part\'s data and guarantees secrecy and protection. As a trusted medicinal services accomplice, our individuals depend on us to give basic therapeutic data to people on call in a crisis. More than one million Canadians have picked MedicAlert to furnish them with the insurance and significant serenity if there should arise an occurrence of a therapeutic crisis. At whatever point you see the MedicAlert seal, you know you can rely on us to assist crisis medicinal work force with responding with suitable and opportune treatment.

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Students First Program Description Program Description The Students FIRST program is another project created to guarantee youngsters and adolescents crosswise over Canada, with restorative conditions, sensitivities or exceptional needs are secured by the Canadian MedicAlert® Foundation. With the ascent in adolescence asthma, diabetes and hypersensitivities, it is evaluated that one in five kids has a therapeutic condition, sensitivity or unique need that ought to be discussed in a crisis. The Students FIRST program has been made to give kids ages 4-18 with the 24-hour insurance of the MedicAlert® crisis therapeutic data administration.

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Students First Program Description Throughout the day your youngster or adolescent will associate with numerous kids and might be under the consideration and supervision of a few unique grown-ups. This could be amid break, at lunch, in the classroom or even after school at a companion\'s home or at a late spring camp. Guardians need to guarantee their youngster or adolescent is sheltered and ensured at all times, particularly in the event that they have a restorative condition. The underlying enlistment expense is $52.00 in addition to commonplace duties. The expense incorporates a MedicAlert arm ornament or necklet uniquely engraved with your kid\'s therapeutic condition, wallet card, electronic wellbeing record and a one-year enrollment. This adds up to a funds of $30 or increasingly furthermore incorporates Extended Emergency Services. There is a yearly expense of $30 every year to keep up your tyke or adolescent\'s participation in the Students FIRST program. This is an investment funds of $19 for every year your kid is enlisted in the project. The system is offered to individual understudies.

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The Demand for Students First The Landscape Approximately 300,000 Canadian understudies have restorative conditions that warrant MedicAlert insurance. Medicinal services Challenges in Children Increase in youth Asthma ( 750,000 to 1 million Canadian kids have asthma) Increase in Diabetes (Estimated 25,000 to 50,000 youngsters have diabetes;) Increase in (Allergies to peanuts have multiplied in recent years; nourishment sensitivities alone effect up to 7.5% of kids)

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Benefits for the School Identifies kids with restorative conditions to all school overseers Teachers, Substitute Teachers, Staff and also parent volunteers Enhances the School\'s security arrangement Saves valuable minutes in a therapeutic crisis Creates a more prominent familiarity with the kids with medicinal conditions to all staff Serves as an impetus for school chairmen to start dialog about therapeutic issues Creates a society of acknowledgment of restorative issues in school and later as kids develop Makes tyke wellbeing an issue all through the school setting Benefits for Children and Parents Reassures guardians that the school will be accessible to recognize their tyke\'s therapeutic crisis rapidly Speaks for the tyke when the kid/guardian can\'t Educates the guardian about therapeutic conditions justifying ID (hypersensitivities, asthma, diabetes and other restorative conditions) Provides the guardian with a chance to converse with the school about their kid\'s wellbeing Gives true serenity to the guardian - their kid\'s therapeutic history will be accessible despite the fact that they are not present. NCW Benefits Families and Schools MedicAlert scope is more than a tyke and a wristband

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Core Membership Services My MedicAlert Secure Web access Members has capacity to overhaul View/Update record Transparent information handling (information check) MedicAlert armlet, wallet card Unique patient identifier Key crisis information Summarized record Electronic Membership record Detailed information Historical perspective 24-hour hotline Emergency call Family notice

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About MedicAlert Continued.. Center Services: MedicAlert wrist trinket, identifier, wallet card Electronic wellbeing record for every part 24-hour hotline My MedicAlert (intelligent wellbeing record, Downloadable and redesign capable) Additional Services: EMS instruction Reminders, cautions, reviews on drugs Advance mandates Links to other real ailment associations Affiliate Programs (CARP, Lifeline, CMA) Corporate Group Programs (GM, Dofasco) Print and e-pamphlets

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Value of Electronic Health Records Studies on the Value of Electronic Health Records and the Availability of Information

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Value of Electronic Health Records

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Value of Electronic Health Records

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Child Health Incidence Rates References* At minimum 10 for each penny of youngsters in Canadian schools have a condition that warrants MedicAlert ® insurance. The accompanying data identifies with basic youngsters ailments: Asthma The Canadian Lung Association reports that 750,000 to one million Canadian kids have asthma or around 12 for every penny of Canadian children[1] Asthma is the main source of crisis room visits for kids, and records for 25 for each penny of unlucky deficiencies from school[2] Cold infections are a standout amongst the most well-known triggers for asthma symptoms[3]

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Child Health Incidence Rates References* Diabetes More than two million Canadians have diabetes and it is evaluated that 25,000 to 50,000 of these are children[4] Children are most regularly determined to have Type 1 diabetes Type 2 diabetes normally creates in adulthood, albeit expanding quantities of kids in high-hazard populaces are being diagnosed[5] The quantity of Canadians with diabetes is relied upon to ascend to three million before the end of the decade[6]

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Child Health Incidence Rates References* Allergies to peanuts have multiplied in the previous five years; nourishment sensitivities alone effect up to six for each penny of all Canadian children[7] The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology reports that kids with compelling sustenance hypersensitivities can encounter hypersensitivity requiring a visit to the crisis room and a fix of epinephrine Some unfavorably susceptible nourishment responses in kids are lethal [1] Statistics Canada 2001 Census; Canadian Lung Association - http://www.lung.ca/sicknesses illnesses/asthma-asthme/kids enfants/index_e.php; Canadian Diabetes Association, http://www.diabetes.ca/Section_About/thefacts.asp; The Prevalence and expenses of Diabetes http://www.diabetes.ca/Section_About/prevalence.asp. Sustenance Allergy Review, Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, 2004 [2] Ibid. [3] Ibid. [4] http://www.diabetes.ca/Section_About/thefacts.asp. [5] Ibid. [6] Canadian Diabetes Association. The Prevalence and expenses of Diabetes. Accessible at: http://www.diabetes.ca/Section_About/prevalence.asp. [7] Food Allergy Review, Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, 2004.

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Questions & Answers What is the enlistment expense to take an interest in the Students FIRST program? The enlistment expense for the main year is $52.00 in addition to common duties. Each consequent year the yearly participation charge is $30.00 until the part achieves their eighteenth birthday. What happens when my kid goes to another school in another city or territory? The Students FIRST participation takes after your tyke to their new school. If you don\'t mind guarantee you roll out the important improvements to your kid\'s or young person\'s MedicAlert document by reaching us and redesigning their record.

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What do I do if my kid\'s MedicAlert ID is lost or the understudy exceeds the arm jewelery? The member in the Students FIRST program gets one MedicAlert identifier as a major aspect of their enrolment charge. A trade is accessible for an ostensible expense. I have a tyke who ought to join MedicAlert however who is not in a basic or secondary school, what would I be able to do? MedicAlert offers an enrollment bundle for new individuals that may address your issues. Call our sans toll number at 1 866 734-9423 or visit us at www.medicalert.ca to take in more.

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If you have any inquiries please contact: Deborah Legrove Clifford Leigh-Mossley Director of Advancement Manager, Student Programs dlegrove@medicalert.ca clmossley@medicalert.ca 416-490-3524 416-696-0142 X 1128 Laura King Hahn, Manager of Education Programs lkinghahn@medicalert.ca 416-696-0142 x1114 www.medicalert.ca/studentsfirst

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