ACC Cut the Cuts Battle.

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ACC Cut the Cuts Battle Alfred A. Bove, MD, PhD Philadelphia, Dad Divulgences Expert Knowledge Telehealth Frameworks Research Award Astellas Pharma The Ebb and flow Framework The repayment Circle Cost expand Lessened installment - SGR See more patients Accomplish more strategies
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ACC Cut the Cuts Campaign Alfred A. Bove, MD, PhD Philadelphia, Pa

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Disclosures Consultant Insight Telehealth Systems Research Grant Astellas Pharma

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The Current System The repayment Circle Cost build Reduced installment - SGR See more patients Do more strategies Increased Practice costs Procedure based repayment

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“We in America don\'t have government by the lion\'s share. We have government by the lion\'s share who participate” Thomas Jefferson, 1787

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Overall 11% reduction in Medicare installments for cardiology administrations. Repayment for every single cardiovascular administration would see cuts going from 10% - 40%. * The CMS cuts are particular from Health Reform endeavors! CMS Proposed Cuts

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Practice cost overview information utilized by CMS to focus cuts were not looked into or accepted. CMS utilized reactions from just 55 hones Other overview information recommends practice cost has expanded ACC study proposes 95% of individuals in private practice will be influenced by cuts, with staff cutbacks and administration restrictions the main effects. Upsetting Data

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ACC Message to Congress Stop proposed CMS cuts Replace imperfect SGR recipe with more maintainable framework that reflects increments by and by expenses and records for fitting development in administrations Test models that look to lessen varieties in spending and guarantee patients get proof based consideration

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Now is the Time to Fight!

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ACC Advocacy Efforts Preparing point by point remarks for CMS by August 31 due date Continue to meet w/key Congressional pioneers, CMS staff and Obama Administration authorities (more than 100 to date) Working w/oncology and other CV social orders to produce support for “Dear Colleague” letter on Hill

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ACC Advocacy Efforts More than 2,000 remarks sent to individuals from Congress by ACC individuals Chapters have assembled Working w/oncology and other CV social orders to create support for “Dear Colleague” letter on Hill

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ACC Member Communications (To Date) All-part alarm and media admonitory appropriated ( 7/1) Special email message to ACC Leaders from Jack Lewin and Dr. Bove (7/2) Special release of ACC Advocate sent by means of email/fax (7/8) Special BOG letter with extra approaches to get included (7/9) Special BOG and CCO Leader calls (All July) Op-ed crusade (Ongoing) Special letter from Dr. Bove sent by means of mail, email and fax (7/8) Special slide presentation and DVD presentation w/ACC presidential group (7/13) Patient materials (test letter to Congress, pamphlet and office publications) presented on Chapter Affairs Extranet and at (7/13)

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ACC Member Communications (To Date) Media articulation re: House Tri-Committee wellbeing change proposition (7/14) Special “ACC Advocate” from Dr. Bove sent and faxed (7/21) Special Lewin Report visitor blog from Vincent Buffalino (7/22) August Cardiology main story (7/27) CBS News highlight on essential versus claim to fame care installment (7/28) Publicizing August 6 Medaxiom/CAA Webcast on particular authoritative issues identified with potential cuts Legislative Conference limited time materials influence cuts National Media Tour (8/12-14)

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Upcoming Communication Opportunities Working with ASCO on interchanges around cut effects CVN feature of Culpepper, VA, cardiologist Chapter Campaign went for teaching individuals about ACC endeavors and getting part input (by means of email, feature, and so on.) Cardiology Advocacy Alliance open battle Ongoing correspondences through ACC channels September Legislative Conference

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Ways to Get Involved With Congress Grassroots: (Includes ACC’s sans toll grassroots hotline, quiet materials, test letters, and the sky is the limit from there) ACC PAC: ACC 2009 Legislative Conference: Sept. 13-15, Washington, DC

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Member Resources Patient Materials: Health IT Resources: Lewin Report Online Forum

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Health System Reform CMS installment guideline HR 3200 (House), HELP (Senate) Weiner Braley in office imaging

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ACC Principles for a Health System Provides general scope Provides scope through an extension of open and private projects Focuses on patient worth Emphasizes polished skill Ensures coordination of consideration Reward quality and guarantees esteem

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Cost Quality Medicare and Medicaid spending will twofold in 10 years Total Health Cost $4.4 Trillion by 2018 – 20% of GDP

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CVD Mortality is declining Deaths from cardiovascular infection. Source: NCHS and NHLBI

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CVD – most astounding healing facility confirmations Hospital Discharges 2005 Source: NHDS/NCHS and NHLBI.

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Why Emphasize Quality? Enhance results Improve productivity Improve open information Improve consistency of consideration Avoid administrative weights

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ACC Education Maintenance of Certification ABIM obliges 10 year recertification ACC modules acknowledged for upkeep of affirmation “grandfathers” asked to recertify Learning Portfolio Lifelong record of CME, preparing, accreditation MOC programs at ACC 10

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Measuring Performance Public Reporting Increasing Demand from Government and open Reporting of cases information just ACC registries moving toward an open data segment ACC objective is to build up quality criteria in view of clinical information, not asserts information BOT Aug 2010 mandate to give execution data to doctors utilizing registries

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Patient Centered Care Patient Centered Care Communication Partnership Focus on Health Year of the Patient YOP team Chapter based patient projects Enhancements to Patient situated quality apparatuses

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Industry Relationships Industry Relations Personal revelations BOT, BOG Committee Chairs College divulgences

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Late Breaking Trials International Symposia I2 with Pediatrics/Adult CHD Symposium on Health Care Reform MOC programs Health Fair for Patients .:

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