Accomplice and Partner Meeting.

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Celebration Park. Aberdulais Falls. Ynysfach Engine House. Coming in a matter of seconds ... structural element lighting, work of art establishments and a Festival of Light. ...
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Accomplice and Stakeholder Meeting Ammanford Miners Theater 14 th December 2007

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"This is Our Heritage" 2007 Gareth Kiddie

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This is Our Heritage Aims: Help people group legacy bunches create Interpretation Plans Link arrangements to the overall topic: \'Grains the main modern country… made by virtuoso, formed from the area, made by numerous hands\' Establish a "system" of group legacy elucidation ventures

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Activities & Results Over 70 people going to workshops 22 group bunches creating legacy understanding arrangements 18 arranges finish and looking for financing or being actualized

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\'This is Our Heritage\' Project areas 3 17 16 18 5 19 20 11 21 1 7 8 4 10 2 9 22 12 13 6 14 15

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\'This is Our Heritage\' Project areas 3 17 16 18 5 19 20 Troedyrhiw Communities First 21 1 7 8 4 10 2 9 22 12 13 6 14 15

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Troedyrhiw Communities First Partnership venture with Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council Aims: Encouraging people group association in nearby legacy preservation Attracting guests by benefitting as much as possible from vicinity to existing strolling & cycling trails

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Troedyrhiw Communities First Themes: Pioneering deeds Extraordinary individuals Rich people group life Interpretation arranged: Interpretive boards Heritage trail pamphlet Education asset pack Guided walk preparing Website & book The Ironmaster\'s House Trevithick\'s Engine

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"This is Our Heritage" 2008

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\'This is Our Heritage\' Project areas New articulations of premium 3 17 16 18 5 19 20 11 21 1 7 8 4 10 2 9 22 12 13 6 14 15

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Program Workshops program 17 th & 24 th January (Barry & Merthyr) 28 th February (Swansea) 20 th March (Blaenavon) Interpretation arrangements to HERIAN by end of March Deadline for \'Articulations of Interest\' is 19 th December!!

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"Welcome to Our Heritage" Christine Moore

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Herian Information Points Network Kim Colebrook

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Project Aims To urge individuals to investigate southern Wales and to find the people groups stories By siting the stands at key attractions – to urge visits to less known destinations To energize utilization of open transport, strolling, and so forth

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Operating Merthyr TIC Cardiff TIC Cyfarthfa Castle Cynon Museum Rhondda Heritage Park Blaina Museum World Heritage Center Festival Park Aberdulais Falls Ynysfach Engine House Coming in the blink of an eye Dare Valley Country Park Parc and Dare Theater Parc Bryn Bach Big Pit Good Feedback Operational locales

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Trail of Light Ruth Waycott

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An activity to commend the narrative of industrial South Wales Through floodlighting structures and noteworthy elements in the scene With customary engineering highlight lighting, fine art establishments and a Festival of Light. Trail of Light Update

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Trail of Light Update Contract let to Gobbsmak Design Detailed outlines, drawings, arrangements being set up for 5 destinations: Aberdare: Gadlys Ironworks & Coliseum Tredegar: Nye Bevan Stones, Tredegar Clock Tower & 9 Arches Viaduct

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Enhanced lighting plan for this restored historic point Traditional methodology - thoughtful to character and area Anniversary year in 2008 Design Concept Tredegar Clock Tower

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Design Concept – 9 Arches Solar plan proposed A465 height lit with highlight lights highlighting curves/new railings

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Interactive plan Solar boards give light supply which changes shading/impact because of commotion levels 50th commemoration year for NHS in 2008 - might be fitting to dispatch at this site Design Concept - Nye Bevan Stones

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Design Concept – Gadlys Ironworks Complex Substantial plan illuminating exteriors from motor house to Museum Proposed that it will be controlled by \'efficient power vitality\' from RCTBC\'s energy supplier.

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Design Concept : The Coliseum Art deco approach, reflecting engineering and plan of building Floodlighting to front rise/passage Powered by \'environmentally friendly power vitality\' from RCTBC\'s influence supplier

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"Conveying Our Past to the Center Stage" – Interpretation through Performance Pilot Val Williams

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Community Focused Interpretive Projects

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Bynea Quarry, Llanelli Richard Davie

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Green Network Aims to enhance the urban environment for group recreational use, to expand the biodiversity premium, and to include the neighborhood groups. Fruitful solid association of statutory and group segments Green Network as an organization has secured in abundance of £1.5million pounds of award subsidizing in the most recent three years Genwen Quarry is a site that has been distinguished by the organization for recovery

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Genwen Quarry Situated in the town of Bynea, south east of Llanelli Site of mining & quarrying operations Cornish Beam End Pumping House Site that has turned into a tipping ground and has the difficult issues with Japanese Knotweed

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Genwen Quarry

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Genwen Quarry

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Genwen Quarry An attainability study was embraced March 2004 by Wardell Armstrong An end-all strategy for the scene recovery delivered

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Genwen Quarry With Herian support the Green Network Partnership has examined and created a Local Interpretation Plan of the site With the assistance of Local Historical Groups Historical Reference Books Helped to secure financing Lead to gathering winning the Media4Award

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Unearth the shrouded fortunes of the Genwen-the introduction of the Industrial Revolution in Carmarthenshire Mining & Quarrying Transport Development Family Dynasties Industrial Revolution—Bynea & the Outside World Bynea-The Story Chauncey Townsend Johnah Rhys—Pig Farmer, Lay minister & Father of Welsh Rubgy Mining Romans Bell Pit Slant Deep Shaft Tram Road Pencoed Colliery Evans & Beyon cable car street David Treithick\'s Steam Engine Stepney Family Export of Engineering ability to whatever is left of the world The Canal Yspitty Canal River Loughor Golden Grove Vaughans Red Cow Innslates — Steel laborers for lager Quarrying Genwen Glynea Brick Works Use of Stone in Village Copperworks Leadworks Tinplate General Warde The Railway !st Railway line Llanelly Railway & Dock Company Loughor Rail Disaster Stayby Inn & Toll House Crossing the stream The general population who worked in these enterprises and their stories & calamities R.J. Neville Inventions & Innovations Water Pumping Production of Pure Metals Maggie Jones—Last Coal terminated Chippie Shipping Export of Coal Bornville Environmental Impact & recovery

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Genwen Quarry

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Genwen Quarry Funding (CCW, WAG, Cydcoed, 1Fund) Japanese Knotweed Mining Survey\'s Community Consultation on definite configuration arranges

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Afon Argoed Anne Gibbs

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Upper Tawe Valley John Howie

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The Upper Tawe Valley \'On the off chance that anybody has voyage further, it is on the grounds that they have followed in the strides of mechanical mammoths!\'

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The Project Aims: Enhance comprehension of the legacy of the Upper Tawe Valley Provide enhanced access to neighborhood legacy locales Promote the region to a more extensive gathering of people

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Heritage in the Upper Tawe Valley

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Themes Geological fortunes Transport advancement Giants of the Industrial Revolution The \'silicon valley\' of its time Transformation of the scene and of the lives of individuals

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Sites for understanding

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Mumbles, Swansea Mike Hollyman

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The Red Flag 3G\'s Merthyr Tydfil/Penywaun Community First Group

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