Accreditation Overhauls.

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Confirmation Changes. The GACE Computer Skills Competency appraisal ... Amid FY11, we are including extra PC based testing windows for Basic Skills and ...
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Confirmation Updates

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CERTIFICATION DIVISION Jane Huntley, Director Kelli Young, Program Manager Jeff Jones, Assistant Certification Manager EVALUATORS 9 Staff Positions INFORMATION SPECIALISTS (Primary Telephone Contact) 9 Staff Positions (404) 232-2500, Press 1, then Press 1 1-800-869-7775 (outside Metro region) SCANNERS + 2 Staff Positions TEACHER RECOGNITION – Master Teacher & NBPTS Ginny Elliott, Program Director 2 Staff Positions

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Certification Rule Changes * Ten Rules started at the April Commission Meeting 505-2-.20 Special Georgia Requirements Computer Skills Competency Removed Memo posted on PSC Website (Effective promptly, the Computer Skills Competency (CSC) Special Georgia Requirement is postponed for instructor accreditation.)

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Certification Changes Kelly Henson notice : "The CSC has served its unique expectation, which was to guarantee Georgia teachers have palatable learning of PC abilities". Since 2001 teachers finishing a state endorsed instructor readiness project are absolved from this necessity since innovation is inserted in their arrangement programs . The quantity of teachers that have met the prerequisite upon endorsement restoration has expanded essentially . Expense to teachers and their educational systems of time and assets connected with meeting this necessity can never again be advocated .

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Certification Changes The GACE Computer Skills Competency appraisal (GACE 178) is no more accessible . The PSC recognizes and is exceptionally energetic about the work of the Education Technology Centers, Institutions of Higher Education, RESAs, schools frameworks and schools that helped instructors meet the CSC necessity by offering the PSC endorsed course or GACE Internet-Based Testing.

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Certification Rule Changes Five standards included expulsion of the CSC necessity just: 505-2-09 Life and Performance Based 505-2-10 Permit 505-2-11 Paraprofessional 505-2-20 Special Georgia Requirements 505-2-39 Technology/Career Education

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Certification Rule Changes Five guidelines included different changes in addition to the evacuation of the CSC prerequisite. Non-Renewable Non-Professional 505-2-.30 Non-Renewable Professional 505-2-.06 Changed the legitimacy time frame from 5 to 3 years so as to be steady with Ga Implementation Guidelines for NCLB * Does not matter to Leadership Certificates

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Certification Rule Changes 3. Arrangement Category, Title, Type, Field, Level 505-2-.02 Rule changed to reflect changes in Non Renewable Professional 505-2-.06 and Non-Renewable Non-Professional 505-2-.30 4. Waiver 505-2-07 Language is added to be steady with the adjustment in the Standard Renewal Rule.

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Certification Rule Changes 5. Standard Renewal 505-2-.24 Aligned the tenet with 0.C.G.A. 20-2-200 " A person who has gotten two unacceptable yearly assessments inside the past five year time frame according to Code Section 20-2-210 shall not be qualified for a renewable authentication before exhibiting that such execution inadequacy has been acceptable tended to, yet such an individual may apply to the commission for a non-renewable endorsement."

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Certification Rule Changes 5. Standard Renewal 505-2.24 proceeded with "A person who gets two unremediated, inadmissible yearly assessments may ask for a 1-year Waiver testament. The PSC will audit the finished application and, if affirmed, a 1-year non-renewable Waiver will be given."

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Certification Rule Changes Standard Renewal 505-2-.24 proceeded with Waiver Application : Educator must sign the application bearing witness to an understanding that unless agreeable remediation is finished amid the 1-year waiver legitimacy period, an unmistakable renewable endorsement won\'t be issued .

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Certification Rule Changes Standard Renewal 505-2-.24 proceeded with Waiver Application: Superintendent (or Designee) must sign authenticating 1. A Professional Development Plan will be executed and nearly checked; 2.The instructor won\'t be issued an unmistakable renewable authentication unless tasteful execution is resolved and a confirmation structure must be marked by the director.

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Renewal Requirements Modified HB 1307: Professional Standards Commission will change Standard Renewal Requirements amid this period. Authentications with a close date of June 30, 2010, will require proficient learning credit . Authentications with a close date of June 30 of 2011-2015 won\'t require proficient learning credit to reestablish a Georgia clear renewable teacher endorsement or for the restoration of a paraprofessional declaration

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Renewal Requirements Modified The testament holders might be utilized or unemployed. Remarkable necessities other than PLUs must be finished, for example, Criminal Record Check.

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MyPSC GaPSC went paperless January 2, 2010. Disposed of the need to print and mail declarations/correspondence to instructors. MyPSC is another online component intended to mechanize the confirmation procedure for teachers. Instructors can overhaul their own profile, pay expenses and view/print accreditation data from the site.

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Two new Evaluation and Information Specialists ( Ashley Sanders and Melanie Madison) that supplant Sherry Smith and Rose Wilson. They were elevated to Evaluator Trainees. Sherry supplanted Jacqui Brey who resigned toward the start of December. Our office has gone into an organization with the Department of Early Childhood and Learning (DECAL). The DECAL evaluators will be in charge of handling profession level assignments to childcare workers and checking accreditations for instructors educating in the Georgia Pre-K program. The data expert position will bolster the evaluator positions by taking care of calls, giving administrative backing and incorporates checking obligations. Rose Wilson was advanced into one of the evaluator positions. Another data master (Tatisha Doggett) was enlisted for this position. The rest of the evaluator position will be posted instantly and filled inside the following month. These positions are contract positions. Confirmation Updates

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Who Should Register? All Georgia teachers must enlist on MyPSC Anyone who has submitted printed material to GaPSC for handling (In-state and out-of-state). Any individual who has passed a GACE appraisal.

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What Does MyPSC Offer? MyPSC is available from the GaPSC site. Teachers have 24 hr access to their record data. Secure login to GaPSC online environment. Teachers make and keep up their own particular record data. PSC sends electronic warnings to the instructor when redesigns have been made to their document.

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Key Things to Know PSC Account Number = Certification ID #. Six-digit number is required to get to MyPSC. The number is situated on all authentications and correspondence from GaPSC. The number can be recovered from the GaPSC site under Check Certification Status. In this way, Georgia will acknowledge proficient out-of-state testaments to build up proficient affirmation. Be that as it may, the individual will be liable to our Special Georgia Requirements on the off chance that they didn\'t meet them for the expert out-of-state endorsement.

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Key Things to Know As a major aspect of the record creation process, it is basic teachers give a legitimate email address. Since correspondence will be through email, teachers will: need to utilize a dependable email address—one checked frequently. enter a second email address amid the enrollment procedure for a reinforcement. (On the off chance that your email address changes, overhaul MyPSC Account with the new address.)

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Registration Process SSN* Date of Birth* PSC Account Number* Valid Primary email address* Secondary email location is discretionary Password (uncommon designing required)* Security Questions (3 separate Q&A)* So, Georgia will acknowledge proficient out-of-state endorsements to build up proficient affirmation. Be that as it may, the individual will be liable to our Special Georgia Requirements on the off chance that they didn\'t meet them for the expert out-of-state authentication.

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Login Process Valid Primary email address* PSC Account Number* Password (exceptional designing required)* So, Georgia will acknowledge proficient out-of-state authentications to build up proficient confirmation. In any case, the individual will be liable to our Special Georgia Requirements on the off chance that they didn\'t meet them for the expert out-of-state authentication.

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PAPERLESS CERTIFICATION From the framework office point of view: No progressions with our current electronic forms (ExpressLane, ACRES, and so forth.) Portal ability for HR staff to see certificate and suitable related correspondence and reports

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Certification Updates DECAL Project Status of Revised Forms Certification Related Information

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Department of Early Care & Learning PSC has set up an organization with DECAL to proceed and extend a built up procedure for confirming qualifications for Georgia\'s Pre-K instructors and childcare experts. PSC will issue authentications or confirm qualifications for instructors utilized out in the open, private, sanction and childcare offices alongside handling vocation level assignments to childcare experts. The objective is to use PSC\'s mastery to perceive qualifications of qualified Early Care Learning teachers, and decidedly affect instruction.

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Certification Revised Forms: Assura

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