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A.C.N.: 115 621 317 Administrator Office: PO Box 8203  Gold Coast Mail Centre  QLD  9726 Examination Center: 30/19 Distribution center Road  Southport  QLD 4215 Telephone: (07) 5531 6059        Fax: (07) 5531 6997 Web: www.revetec.com            Email: admin@revetec.com
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A.C.N.: 115 621 317 Admin Office: PO Box 8203â  Gold Coast Mail Centreâ  QLD  9726 Research Center: 30/19 Warehouse Roadâ  Southportâ  QLD 4215 Phone: (07) 5531 6059â â â â â â â  Fax: (07) 5531 6997 Web: www.revetec.comâ â â â â â â â â â â  Email: admin@revetec.com

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Our World has gotten to be dependant on Fossil based powers and until there is a reasonable option discovered, we must boost our stores, and decrease the carbon foot shaped impression we are bringing about on our planet. With an ascent in populace and expanded requests for Power and Transportation, there is a Global Climate Change which must be tended to now!

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Crude oil is anticipated to surge to over US$200 a barrel by 2012. This will bring about US fuel costs will move to well over US$7 a gallon, and Australian fuel costs over AUD$3.50 a liter by 2012.

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A normal driver uses around 19.5USgal or 74litres of fuel a week. The normal week after week fuel bill is anticipated to surpass US$136 in the USA and AUD$259 in Australia by the year 2012.

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Existing fuel motors are just give or take 26-30% proficient. There should be a noteworthy change in motor outline to enhance this poor proficiency level, and high fuel utilization.

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Revetec has been dealing with the arrangement. It’s here… and it’s demonstrated! The Revetec motor exchanges power from the cylinder to the flywheel all the more viably giving expanded fuel productivity.

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We as of late performed free testing at the Orbital Australia test office. The Revetec motor has accomplished a best BSFC figure of 207g/(kW-h) or 39.5% proficiency in late free testing.

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Better mileage typically implies less performance… At a late test day of our X4v2 motor, we exhibited the high torque/low revs qualities of our most recent motor.

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The feature beneath demonstrates the unfathomable torque, at 25% throttle and from 1,500rpm.

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY REVETEC have enhanced the minimum productive part of the conventional ICE i.e. the base end of the inside ignition motor. The wrench shaft has been supplanted by a protected component that has successfully altered motor effectiveness. The motor has been freely tried and checked by world driving motor testing office ORBITAL for fuel proficiency. The autonomous test checked that the model motor with no of the ‘gizmos’ of an enhanced motor configuration has a BSFC of 207g/(kW-h). KEY FEATURES High torque qualities; Greater fuel productivity; Better driveability; Compact in plan; Multiple arrangements; Easily made.

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BACKGROUND This Australian creation has been a work in progress for more than 10 years It is not a radical motor outline, it adequately has a reexamined base end (no wrench shaft) as a tri-flap plan http://www.revetec.com/development.htm REVETEC were as of late honored a Federal Government Grant of $1 Million to build up the X4 motor. They added to an outspread flight motor rather than a car motor as the gift was particularly for flying motor innovation The reason for the testing was to demonstrate the proficiency of the tri-flap idea; the following period of advancement is to add to a car motor variant with an OEM

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BACKGROUND Due to the innate outline of the tri-projection structural engineering, the REVETEC motor is littler & lighter contrasted with standard inner burning motors The X4 has been tried on a three wheel trike for driveability allude to interface http://www.revetec.com/gallery_video.htm The REVETEC motor is still in model stage, the following stage is commercialisation by means of the improvement of a particular motor for an OEM Existing Internal Combustion Technology (ICE) is in a broad sense wasteful on the grounds that its key segment, the crankshaft, conveys torque in a limited band. REVETEC’S innovation extends the motor torque band and builds the productivity over a more extensive RPM range.

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BACKGROUND Unique Selling Points: 30% vitality funds; 40% lessening in fuel utilization; 40% diminishment in discharges for any given fuel. REVETEC motor can be utilized as a part of motors utilizing petrol, diesel, common gas, methane, ethanol, CNG, LPG and JP8; The motor can be utilized as a part of Automotive, Light Aircraft, Marine and Generators and so on; Lower Manufacturing expenses because of less and littler segments – the auto business works on low edges and the scarcest expense sparing will deliver a stamped point of interest.

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Introducing the new Revetec “X”Series motor.

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E 3 + P E fficiency E conomy E co-benevolence P erformance

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Testing Results The motor has accomplished a repeatable BSFC figure of 212g/kW-h (38.6% motor proficiency) with a best figure of 207g/kW-h (39.5%) What is BSFC? It is the Holy Grail of motor proficiency, it is the genuine and trusted TEST for motor effectiveness A common best esteem for BSFC for a Petrol motor is 270g/kW and that a Diesel motor has a BSFC of 200g/Kw* The REVETEC motor as tried by Orbital does not have a refined top end, it doesn\'t highlight VVT-i, Direct Injection or whatever else; there is tremendous potential to enhance the productivity significantly advance. * INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINE FUNDAMENTALS BY JOHN B HEYWORD

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HYBRID POTENTIAL With its elevated amounts of productivity the REVETEC motor is in a perfect world suited to frame some piece of a HYBRID motor framework The Achilles Heel of most Hybrid frameworks is the petrol\'s wastefulness/diesel motor. An OEM could adequately wed this innovation with a current electric engine framework and add to a Hybrid stage that will rethink effectiveness and drivability.

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HOW CAN YOU HELP? Car producers situated in Detroit have associates situated in Australia (GM, Ford & Toyota); The Australian Federal Government has on offer a $500 Million Green Car R&D stipend; The OEM’s situated in Australia could take advantage of the above Green reserve and use assets situated in Australia to add to the REVETEC motor as a major aspect of a Hybrid framework; We ask that you help REVETEC in building up contacts with these OEM’s with the end goal of commercialisation.

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SUMMARY The REVETEC motor is: lighter, littler and offers ostensibly class driving levels of motor productivity; In its model stage, without an advanced top end, the motor accomplished just shy of 40% proficiency; This motor innovation has cross stage materialness by means of a large group of motor stages including: marine, avionics, pumps and so forth, the expense of commercializing the motor can be amortized over an expansive scope of items.

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SUMMARY Given its initial phases of advancement, an OEM has the chance to secure this REVETEC innovation and grow freely; Opportunity for an OEM to secure stores from the Australian Federal Government to add to this motor through the Green Fund Grant that is being offered; above all, QLD resourcefulness can possibly offer enormous investment funds on fuel utilization, lessen carbon foot shaped impression and give a superior future (in addition to the way that the thoug

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