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Acoustics Incline Administration Mesure and programming Car Industry in Rhône Alpes Locale - France Power Challenges Diminishment of fuel utilization (and CO2 discharge) Grow new fuel innovations and powertrain (hybridation, hydrogen) Figures in Rhone Alpes District
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Acoustics Lean Management Mesure and programming Automotive Industry in Rhã\'ne Alpes Region - France

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Power Challenges Reduction of fuel utilization (and CO2 outflow) Develop new fuel advancements and powertrain (hybridation, hydrogen) Figures in Rhone Alpes Region Rhã\'ne Alpes, Region pioneer in mecatronics Core competency : metal embellishment

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Body/Cab Interior 3 center skills : Platics and Composites Pi è ces m é talliques Coating Figures in Rhone Alpes Region Challenges Weight decrease Recycling Security Comfort/Design

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Electronics and inserted sensors Figures in Rhone Alpes Region Challenges Active Security/help to drive Mecatronis/dynamic control On load up number cruncher, multiplexing Reliability and rearrangements Electromagnetic obstruction/similarity Safety/unwavering quality ~120 players effectively centered around car market

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Players in Rhone Alpes Region Acoustics and Vibration Challenges Noise disturbance lessening Severization of truck and business vehicles regulation Improvment of acoustic solace Preservation of acoustic exhibitions (if there should arise an occurrence of weight diminishment programms) Reliability improvment )

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Simulation virtual products and estimation Simulation, Calculation, Modeling › 3D Modeling et investigations d’organes mã©caniques › études thermiques (freins, moteur…), hydrauliques, fluidiques, acoustique et vibration… › simulateur de crash, prototypage numã©rique, calculs probalistes… Control and mesaurement administration › dimentional control, procã©dã© de mesure de consumption, mesure des signaux électriques… › Contrã\'le de flux, usure, caractã©risation acoustique et vibratoire… Automatism and procedure administration › systã¨mes automatisã©s, commandes numã©riques, IHM › pilotage et suivi des ateliers Figures in Rhone Alpes Region ~120 players officially centered around car market

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Lean Management Goal : Become the ‘first Lean Cluster in for Automotive Industry in France From « Lean Productionâ â» to « Lean Managementâ â», Setting up a « Extended Lean Entrepriseâ â», with the clients in a Lean Supply Chain Challenges for the Automotive Industry Delete all wastage reason Produce Just in Time, just in amount as indicated by the cli

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