Acquiring Shading Dim Writing.

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Acquiring Shading Dim Writing Marjan Vernooy-Gerritsen euroCRIS - Rome – May 2010 Motivation About SURF Dark Writing Social Significance of Examination ERiC, Assessment Research in Setting ERiC and CRIS SURF
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Getting Color Gray Literature Marjan Vernooy-Gerritsen euroCRIS - Rome – May 2010

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Agenda About SURF Gray Literature Social Relevance of Research ERiC, Evaluation Research in Context ERiC and CRIS

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SURF is the Netherlands advanced education and exploration association for system administrations and data and correspondences innovation (ICT). The Missionâ of SURF is to abuse and enhance a typical progressed ICT foundation that will empower advanced education organizations to better understand their own particular desire and enhance the nature of learning, showing and examination .

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Higher Education in the Netherlands: 16â½ million Inhabitants 500.000 understudies, 18-25 years of age 13 Universities + 1 Open University 40 Universities for connected sciences 5 expansive open/private Research Institutes National Library (KB), Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW), Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO), Knowledge for Business (TNO), and the Police Academy All take part in SURF willfully as a paying part spoke to in SURF Board

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SURF Legal programming at an illicit cost Gigabit Internet for Higher Education and Research Innovation for - Education - Management - Research

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ICT and Research SURFshare program on sharing Knowledge Scholarly Communication Open Access to Research Output Repository Infrastructure NL-RIS venture , to a national CRIS for Higher Education (counting University Medical Centers). Support in EU ventures DRIVER and DRIVER II PEER OpenAIRE

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Definition Enhanced Publication And Or Enhanced Publiation (compound item) Compound Object(s) ePRINT (content production) Metadata Data Object(s) x y z

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Datamodel Enhanced Publication Agent Version Object Metadata 8

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Sharing Research Data

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2009 Year of Open Access Website Open Access:

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Academic Information Domain

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Systeem NARCIS entry (KNAW)

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Danish plan

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wasstraat en doorgeefluik van informatie over onderzoeksresultaten in onderlinge samenhang (consolidatie, ontdubbeling, kwaliteitscontrole ) Dutch outline OCW NWO NL-RIS IRs Central Thesauri (DAI, Titles, Citations, ....)

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National entries DRIVER framework: Narcis national aggregetor D-NET/DRIVER entryway Project Application End clients Functionality Layer EU Open Access Repositories Data Layer Administrator Enabling Layer

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Knowledge Exchange The Knowledge Exchange accomplices Denmark’s Electronic Research Library (DEFF) in Denmark German Research Foundation (DFG) in Germany Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) in the UK SURF Foundationâ in the Netherlands http://learning exchange.infoâ  Vision: to make a layer of insightful and logical substance straightforwardly accessible on the Internet.

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Knowledge Exchange CRIS-OAR Interoperability venture Metadata trade design for production data with a related basic vocabularyâ  Co-appointment Mikael Elbã¦k/Mogens Sandfaer PersID venture ( To ensure constant recognizable proof, tenacious area and determined access to electronic insightful and social legacy assets Governance Roadmap Infrastructure of Uniform Resource Name (URN) based Persistent Identifiers Coordination Bas Cordewener (SURF Foundation)

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The Netherlands Problem High positioning of colleges and examination bunches, yet an absence of development in vital modern exercises and general society part Solutions Reinforcement of the connection in the middle of training and information establishments, organizations and common associations Open Access to yield of open subsidized exploration in NL National License for Scientific Journals Valorisation of exploration yield …….> Gray Literature??

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Gray Literature Definition Papers, reports, specialized notes or different records created and distributed by administrative organizations, scholastic foundations and different gatherings that are not conveyed or listed by business distributers. Issue Many of these archives are hard to find and get . Arrangement Depositing the archives in an Open Access storehouse Recording as examination yield in a CRIS Evalutation: credits for the specialists for Gray Literature of top notch

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Evaluation of Research Standard Evaluation Protocol (SEP) for appraisal of exploration Common rules for the assessment and change of exploration and examination approach, in light of master evaluations. Goals of SEP 2009-2015 Improvement of exploration quality in light of an outside companion audit, including investigative and societal significance of examination, exploration strategy and examination administration. Responsibility to the leading group of the examination association, and towards financing organizations, government and society on the loose.

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Evaluation of Research New: solid accentuation on Social, social and financial pertinence: Societal Quality Societal Impact Valorisation (re-utilization) Gray Literature Essential piece of exploration yield High societal effect Opportunity for valorisation of examination yield

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Evaluating social quality and valorisation ERiC convention, Evaluating Research in Context Stage 1: mission and gathering of mental self portrait Stage 2: profile of the exploration bunch (quantitative) Stage 3: partner investigation (subjective by meetings) Stage 4: input and reflection (key talk) Quantitative execution contrasted and subjective appraisal of clients Empirical results contrasted and mission

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Evaluating social quality and valorisation ERiC convention, Evaluating Research in Context SIAMPI International, interdisciplinary consortium of learning foundations bolstered by the European Commission that intends to create strategies to survey the social effect of examination and exploration subsidizing instruments. SIGLE  OpenSIGLE  OpenGrey

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Evaluating social quality and valorisation of examination yield ERiC in the Netherlands SIAMPI in FP7 How could a CERIF consistent CRIS support the assessment of Social effect of exploration?

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DRIVER arrangement - The European Repository Landscape 2008 : Inventory of Digital Repositories for Research Output - Van der Graaf, Maurits - Emerging Standards for Enhanced Publications and Repository Technology : Survey on Technology – Van Godtsenhoven, Karen et al. - Enhanced Publications : Linking Publications and Research Data in Digital Repositories - Woutersen-Windhouwer, Sask

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