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Indian Creek Teacher – Advisor Program. Learning From Mistakes. INDIAN CREEK HS 520 Students 30 miles south of Indy Faculty committed to raising student achievement. Mrs. R’s TAP Group. WHY?. SUCCESSFUL SCHOOLS High Expectations Standards Engaged Students Extra Help / Extra Time
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Indian Creek Teacher – Advisor Program

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Learning From Mistakes

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INDIAN CREEK HS 520 Students 30 miles south of Indy Faculty focused on raising understudy accomplishment

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Mrs. R\'s TAP Group

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SUCCESSFUL SCHOOLS High Expectations Standards Engaged Students Extra Help/Extra Time Guidance Relationship

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GUIDANCE RELATIONSHIP Meaningful association with a minding grown-up who: knows the understudy values instruction comprehends instructive/profession advancement 4) has information of the instructive framework 5) meets routinely with the understudy for prompting TASKS Guidance lessons Individual exhorting Goal setting Relationship building PROVIDERS Parents Teacher consultants Community coaches Activity supports

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Activity Types Guidance Lessons Individual Advisement Goal Setting Relationship Building

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Guidance Indicators 36 pointers 9 for each evaluation level Written by educators, instructors, executives, understudies, guardians & group individuals.

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Indicator Examples Academic All understudies will distinguish their learning style(s) All understudies will recognize secondary school electives that match their profession advantages. Profession All understudies will recognize their Holland vocation code. All understudies will depict the instructive level required for employments in today\'s work market. Individual Social All understudies will hone peace promotion aptitudes. All understudies will show agreement building.

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Lesson Plans Lesson Title: Learning Styles Indicator: All understudies will depict routes in which they can conform their classroom learning methodologies to compliment their learning style. Materials: Learning Style Assessment Learning Style Activity Sheet Time Required: 50 minutes Procedure: 1. Present the action by clarify ing that individuals learn in various ways (see facilitator notes). 2. Appropriate duplicates of the "I Like Your Style" learning styles . . .

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Integration Counselor Activities Classroom Activities Community Activities CLASSROOM Learning style – reward address (all classes) GPA computation (math) Postsecondary alternatives correlation paper (Eng) Resumes (PC ap) Senior Exhibition (Eng) COUNSELORS Four-year HS Course Plans PSAT Registration Relationship directing COMMUNITY Mock Interviews (Chamber of Commerce) Scholarship establishment (Dollars for Scholars)

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Assumption Couldn\'t execute at the same time. Ventured execution Add one evaluation level every year Set up for achievement first year

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Assumption Teachers just have 5 min. to prep for Advisory Provide Lesson Plans Handout Copies for Class Materials

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Assumption Teachers need proficient improvement to be great consultants. Direction Curriculum Active Listening Counseling versus Support Limits of Confidentiality Referral Procedures

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Assumption Teachers need standard backing to be great guides. Month to month ADVISOR MEETINGS - LUNCH Feedback – Last Month Preview – Upcoming Month Joint Problem Solving

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Assumption Many need to share authority duties in a composed way Overall Coordinator Grade-Level Coordinators

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Grade Level Coordinator Responsibilities: Develop lesson arranges Distribute materials week after week Facilitate peer training Conduct assessment

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First year is truly hard ! Distinctive circumstance for children:  With kids from various associate gatherings  Teachers attempting to become acquainted with them  Teachers care Response:  Advisor to consultant honing/bolster  Patience

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Students think work isn\'t imperative unless it\'s evaluated. Workforce Readiness Checklist  Items - mastery of direction markers - self administration aptitudes - team-building abilities  distributed with report cards  students incorporate into employment applications

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Relationships Can\'t Be Forced ! Reaction:  Informal exercises - TAP bunch name & logo - Art ventures - Non-focused games - Hobby day - Whole school break-outs - Picnics

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Lessons Don\'t Really Engage Kids Response: PROJECT-BASED GUIDANCE

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Project-Based Guidance B.I.T.A.

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Comprehensive Portfolio BINDER TABS ASSESSMENT 10. Appraisals EXTRACURRICULAR 11. Extracurricular WORKFORCE READINESS 12. Individual Management 13. Cooperation 14. Critical thinking 15. Authority GUIDANCE 1. Self Knowledge 2. Investigation 3. Arranging ACADEMIC 4. Best English 5. Best Math 6. Best Science 7. Best Soc St 8. Best For Lang 9. Best Career Major

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Working on the ICHS Portfolio

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TAP Assessment

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Indian Creek TAP - Results STANDARDS 100% have connected profession premiums to course determination 100% have connected learning styles procedures when finishing class assignments 100% have a resume on document in the Counseling Center CHOICES Intend to proceed with training after secondary school 53%  94% Taking PSAT 28%  67% OBSERVATIONS Faculty vote of con-fidence following 4 years Kids forced withdrew instructors to get included Kids asked for guide to be in front of an audience with them at graduation Still set up despite the fact that unique TAP Steering Team individuals no more at ICHS ACHIEVEMENT Passing Algebra I 55% - 94%

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The Starfish Story – Revised There was a fragile man strolling down a forsook shoreline just before dusk. Out yonder he saw a young man. As he drew closer, the old man saw the kid tossing a net into the ocean. The old man asked, "Young man, why are you spending so much vitality tossing your net into the ocean? There are no fish there." The young man clarified that the net would prevent the starfish from washing onto the shoreline that night and kicking the bucket in the morning sun. "In any case, young man," answered the old man, "there are decent individuals here who spend their mornings tossing the starfish once again into the ocean." "Yes," said the kid, "however there are a huge number of shorelines and a huge number of starfish! They are not ready to achieve each one." The old man watched out to ocean and envisioned all the starfish that would wash onto the shoreline that night. Before long, he helped the kid toss his net into the ocean and shouted, "Your net makes an alternate for each one!"

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Resources Power Points How-to Guide Introductory Video Guidance Indicators Lesson Plans

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HSTW National Workshop Guidance and Advisement:  Preparing Effective Teacher-Advisers Charlotte, NC October 6-7, 2003

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Indian Creek Teacher – Advisor Program

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