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Gantt Chart. A GANTT outline is a kind of bar diagram that represents an undertaking calendar. After the PERT/CPM examination is finished, the accompanying stage is to develop the GANTT graph and after that to re-assign assets and re-plan if necessary.GANTT outlines have turned into a typical strategy for speaking to the stages and exercises of a venture work breakdown structure.It was presented by Henry Gant
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Address 5 – Gantt Chart Maria Petridou GANTT Charts Constructing GANTT Charts Staffing and Re-planning Project Management Software

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Gantt Chart A GANTT graph is a kind of bar outline that represents a venture plan . After the PERT/CPM examination is finished, the accompanying stage is to build the GANTT graph and after that to re-assign assets and re-plan if vital. GANTT graphs have turned into a typical strategy for speaking to the stages and exercises of a venture work breakdown structure. It was presented by Henry Gantt around 1910 – 1915. Maria Petridou

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Gantt Chart Maria Petridou

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Gantt Chart Characteristics: The bar in each column distinguishes the relating errand The level position of the bar recognizes begin and end times of the undertaking Bar length speaks to the span of the assignment Task terms can be thought about effortlessly Good to allocate assets and re-planning Precedence connections can be spoken to utilizing bolts Critical exercises are normally highlighted Slack circumstances are spoken to utilizing bars with hovered lines The bar of every action starts at the movement most punctual begin time (ES) The bar of every action closes at the action most recent complete time (LF). Maria Petridou

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Gantt Chart Advantages Simple Good visual correspondence to others Task lengths can be looked at effectively Good to schedule assets Disadvantages Dependencies are more hard to envision Minor changes in information can bring about real changes in the graph Maria Petridou

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Constructing Gantt Chart The means to build a GANTT diagram from the data got by PERT/CPM are: Schedule the basic undertakings in the right position. Put the time windows in which the non-basic undertakings can be planned. Plan the non-basic assignments as indicated by their soonest beginning circumstances. Demonstrate priority connections between assignments. Maria Petridou

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Constructing Gantt Chart Example of an early GANTT diagram development: Maria Petridou

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Constructing Gantt Chart Step 1. Plan basic undertakings: Maria Petridou

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Constructing Gantt Chart Step 2. Put time windows for non-basic errands: Maria Petridou

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Constructing Gantt Chart Step 3. Plan non-basic assignments Step 4. Demonstrate priority connections: Maria Petridou

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Staffing & Re-booking Once the venture plan, ( e.g. GANTT diagram), has been developed, consider accessible staff hours slack circumstances and the venture plan Assign staff and different assets to every movement in the venture Maria Petridou

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Staffing & Re-booking Resource Smoothing is a strategy used to re-designate assets and re-plan exercises. In asset smoothing, non-basic undertakings are re-planned inside their time window. Staff Utilization :(span of movement x staff required for every action , all additional together)/( most extreme staff required x term of venture ) Maria Petridou

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Staffing & Re-planning Example1 Maria Petridou

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Staffing & Re-booking The first calendar (built above) for this venture is as demonstrated as follows. Maria Petridou 1. Staff use = (3x2+4x4+5x1+7x3+2x1+4x2+3x5)/(14x6) = 0.857 = 85.5%

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Staffing & Re-planning 2. Work out the Staff Profile Maria Petridou

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Staffing & Re-booking Now, accept that there are 6 individuals accessible for working in this venture yet one of them comes back from occasions at time=2. So re-planning is required on the grounds that exercises An and B can\'t be completed in parallel until time=2. Maria Petridou

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Staffing & Re-planning Suppose another situation in which gear and materials expected to complete exercises E and F are accessible at time=5 and time=9 individually as opposed to being accessible at the exercises ES time. At that point, rescheduling is required however the general length of the venture is not influenced. Maria Petridou

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Staffing & Re-booking The undeniable approach to diminish the general venture term, it is by lessening the span of the basic exercises . Slamming Critical Activities alludes to diminishing the span of a basic action by designating more assets to it. The hazard is that smashing exercises may really diminish profitability and increment costs. Maria Petridou

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Staffing & Re-planning Example 2 Apply the PERT/CPM technique and develop a GANTT diagram for the accompanying rundown of exercises with priority and term. Maria Petridou

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Staffing & Re-booking Maria Petridou

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Staffing & Re-planning Step 1. Plan basic assignments. Maria Petridou

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Staffing & Re-planning Step 2. Put time windows for non-basic assignments: Maria Petridou

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Staffing & Re-booking Step 3. Plan non-basic errands: Step 4. Demonstrate priority connections: Maria Petridou

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Project Management Software There are various venture administration programming instruments accessible to help in the arranging and control of extensive programming advancement ventures. E.g. MS Project is a CASE programming device for Project Management This product is accessible in the fundamental PC room in CSIT Most apparatuses incorporate capacities to arrange , calendar and control , however basic leadership still must be finished by the venture director . Maria Petridou

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Project Management Software Benefits of venture administration programming: Calculate extend plan Resource smoothing Automatic era of reports and diagrams Limitations of venture administration programming Allocation of assets to undertakings Estimation of errands spans Make choices Reading: ( Kendall&Kendall , section 3), (Dennis &Wixom, part 3) . Maria Petridou

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