Adjusted Cast Strategy.

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Changed Cast Technique. Rectified CastModified Cast. Adjusted Cast Impressions. Impression of lingering ridgeCustom impression plate appended to the structure. Reason. Impression is utilized to adjust expert castMore exact relationship between projections
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Adjusted Cast Technique

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Altered Cast Technique Corrected Cast Modified Cast Destroyed Cast

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Altered Cast Impressions Impression of delicate tissue if not caught in system impression

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Purpose Improve adjustment of the denture base to the edge to minimize development amid capacity Equalize worry amongst edge and projections Improve forms of peripheries

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When Needed Mandibular distal augmentations (Class I & II) Extensive edentulous traverses Any situation where fringe is misshaped & needs revision Less vital in maxilla because of significant connector contact with sense of taste

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Impression Technique Framework must fit intraorally Add plate to structure 1 mm wax alleviation Heat and completely situate structure into wax

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Check Seating on Cast and in Mouth After plate included Rests must be completely situated Tissue stop contacts give No resistance a role as structure situated

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Check Peripheries 2-3 mm shy of vestibular No relocation when: Pull on cheeks, lips Patient enacts tongue

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Border Mold Same as a denture

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Altered Cast Impression Remove wax spacer Coat plate with glue

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Altered Cast Impression Polyvinyl siloxane Carefully stack plate - no material under rests, guideplanes , real connector Seat with weight ONLY over rests

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No Pressure Over Tray Will bring about tissue pressure

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Remove & Inspect Impression Fully situated No material under rests or minor connectors

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Send to Laboratory Lab Steps Section cast Place retentive notches in cast Ensure no contact between impression material & cast Sticky wax system set up

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Lab Steps Box impression Seal retainer, major & minor connector outskirts Pour new edge ranges in various shading stone

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Potential Problems with the Altered Cast Technique Framework not situated either amid impression (material under rest, gp) or while being poured will bring about a RPD that won " t fit appropriately on teeth/tissues Stone spilling over teeth amid pouring makes enunciation outlandish

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Next Step Lab includes record base and impediment edge to system for jaw connection records

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