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Plan. Sorts of innovationTechnology S-curvesTrajectory of execution change in technologyExercise
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Administration of Technology (OM476) Innovation Patterns and Types January 25, 2006 S. Fisher

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Agenda Types of development Technology S-bends Trajectory of execution change in innovation Exercise – assessing advancement sorts

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Types of Innovation Product versus Process Innovation Product advancements are encapsulated in the yields of an association – its merchandise or administrations. Prepare developments are advancements in the way an association directs its business, for example, in procedures of delivering or advertising merchandise or administrations. Item advancements can empower handle developments and the other way around. What is an item advancement for one association may be a procedure development for another

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Examples: Product or process? Trident Splash Candy covered gum in "pad molded pellets" with a fluid focus Sugarless New flavors Peppermint with vanilla Strawberry with lime Airlines permitting voyagers to print their own tickets at home

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Types of Innovation Radical versus Incremental Innovation The profundity of an advancement is how much it is new and unique in relation to already existing items and procedures. Incremental developments may include just a minor change from (or conformity to) existing practices. The fundamentalism of a development is relative; it might change after some time or concerning diverse spectators. For instance, advanced photography is a more radical development for Kodak than for Sony.

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Types of Innovation Competence-Enhancing versus Capability Destroying Innovation Competence-improving advancements expand on the company\'s current learning base. Making chances to build deals or market infiltration Examples? Skill annihilating developments render a company\'s current capabilities out of date. Wiping out a whole product offering or kind of innovation Examples? Would a firm ever need to demolish its own particular capability in a region?

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Types of Innovation Architectural versus Component Innovation A segment advancement (or measured development) makes changes to at least one parts of an item framework without fundamentally influencing the general outline. Cases? An engineering development involves changing the general plan of the framework or the way parts interface. Cases?

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Another approach to consider advancement sorts: Risk Lowest hazard item developments Cost diminished adaptation: Lower cost variant of a current item that has comparable elements and capacities. Item repositioning: Involves retargeting an old item into another market fragment or distinctive application. Advancement required?

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Upgrades and augmentations to existing items Improvement to a current item: Revision of existing item that offers more prominent esteem and enhanced execution over the more seasoned item. Expansion to a current product offering: New thing to the organization, yet fits inside a current product offering the organization as of now makes. Advancement required?

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"Genuinely new items" Highest hazard items. New product offering: Product may not be new to the market, but rather is new to an organization permitting section into built up market surprisingly. New item: Product is the first of its kind and may make a whole new market. Most elevated amounts of advancement required.

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S-bends in Technological Improvement Technology enhances gradually at first since it is inadequately caught on. At that point quickens as understanding increments. At that point decreases as methodologies breaking points.

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Types & Patterns of Innovation

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Types & Patterns of Innovation

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Example: Hybrid motor innovation What kind of development is this? Item versus handle Radical versus incremental Competence-upgrading versus skill annihilating Architectural versus segment

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Business Impact of Innovation Types (or, Why does the majority of this matter?) How will different business choices be influenced by the kind of advancement? Advertising Human assets Capital ventures R&D speculations

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For Monday IDEO case deliverables For Wednesday, Feb. 1: Technology dissemination Read Ch. 3 pages 44-54 What causes individuals to receive innovation at various rates? What can firms do to advance dispersion of another innovation?

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