Administration Ownership of the Centralized Toll Free Database by a LLC .

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Administration Providers(250 Resp Orgs). SMS/800. . 37 SCPs. . . . Guest dials 1-800-FLOWERS. . . . . . . . EO/SSP. Toll FreeSubscriber. . . Transporter. . BellSouthSBCQwestVerizonBell Canada SprintTelusVerisign. . . . How does sans toll administration work?. 37 SCPs. Unified Toll Free Database Service .
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Administration & Ownership of the Centralized Toll Free Database by a LLC* AT&T, ATL, Bell Canada, BellSouth, MCI, Qwest, SBC, Sprint, US LEC, Verizon * Limited Liability Corporation

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How does without toll benefit work? BellSouth SBC Qwest Verizon Bell Canada Sprint Telus Verisign Service Providers (250+ Resp Orgs) 37 SCPs SMS/800 37 SCPs EO/SSP Toll Free Subscriber Carrier Caller dials 1-800-FLOWERS

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Centralized Toll Free Database Service Currently is mutually given by BellSouth, Qwest, SBC, and Verizon Some Resp Orgs have recommended that an adjustment in possession would improve lack of bias and prompt to more noteworthy efficiencies The FCC ought to approve the exchange of duty regarding the brought together toll free database administration to a LLC, both as a long haul arrangement and on an interval premise Industry anticipating FCC NPRM

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Existing North American Portability Management LLC (NAPM, LLC) Industry shaped LLC to oversee Number Portability Administration Center (NPAC database) LLC incorporates individuals from all industry fragments LLC Operating Agreement gives measure up to voice through comprehensive participation pledges LLC chose merchants in view of a completely focused RFP prepare LLC oversees NPAC usefulness in an intensely impartial and non-prejudicial way LLC has demonstrated it can adequately and productively deal with the NPAC database

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LLC Benefits Broad-based support: Resp Orgs, speaking to over 90% of toll free numbers, bolster LLC arrangement Support incorporates substantial and little Resp Orgs A between time LLC can be framed on a quickened plan Industry has demonstrated a LLC can guarantee nonpartisanship of database administration and work in an aggressively unbiased & non-unfair way A LLC works in a helpful industry setting Resp Orgs decide concentrated toll free administration usefulness and upgrades FCC holds oversight

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