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Breeze is online specialized instrument for continuous gatherings, trainings, and ... Speakers or headphones. Amplifier or headset - exceedingly suggested ...
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Adobe Breeze Training Participants

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About Breeze What is it? - Breeze is online specialized device for continuous gatherings, trainings, and presentations, that crowds can see and hear whenever, anyplace, through any standard web program. Who may utilize it? - Breeze is a free support of any University of Arizona worker. Any representative may setup and host a Breeze meeting. Non-college individuals may take an interest in a meeting. How would I begin? - so as to take an interest in a Breeze meeting, there is a short agenda to finish. See .

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What Do I Need? What do I have to introduce? Very little! Web program (Internet Explorer, Firefox, and so forth.) Adobe Flash Player (most likely as of now introduced) Breeze Add-in What gear do I require? Speakers or headphones Microphone or headset - exceptionally prescribed Webcams – demoralized right now Speakerphone – gathering room circumstances

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After Entering Meeting Set Connection Speed Configure/check Microphone

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Using A Microphone Allow Breeze access to your mouthpiece Run the Audio Setup Wizard Wait for the meeting host to empower access Start your receiver in Breeze

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All about PODS Chat Camera and Voice Attendee List Share Documents Desktop/Windows/Programs Whiteboard Pod Layouts Other pods

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Chat Pod Instant errand person Everyone has default access Send to Everyone, Presenters, or Individuals

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Camera and Voice Pod Used for BOTH webcams and amplifiers Participants are given access by the host Shows who is talking or has a live amplifier Click to talk and Hands free modes

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Attendee List Pod Shows members Shows level of members – Participant, Presenter, Host Status symbols used to flag questions, and so forth

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Share Pod Used by Presenters or Hosts to share content: Documents Desktop/Windows/Programs Whiteboard – access must be offered Scale to fit, Scroll, Full Screen sees

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Pod Layouts Pod formats (game plans) can be changed by the host Share Discussion Collaboration Custom

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Other Pods Note Poll File Share

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Thanks! Sheila Merrigan (520-626-6543) Robert Armstrong (520-621-3872)

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