Adolescent Delinquency Court Assessment Project .

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What is JDCA. Statewide evaluation of wrongdoing court systemAssess misconduct court\'s procedures and needsIdentify zones for development and create suggestions for the Judicial Council to consider.. Approach. 5 mail-in overviews
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Adolescent Delinquency Court Assessment Project Association for Criminal Justice Research Sacramento, California March 14, 2008

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What is JDCA Statewide appraisal of wrongdoing court framework Assess misconduct court\'s procedures and necessities Identify ranges for development and create suggestions for the Judicial Council to consider.

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Approach 5 mail-in surveys– courts and equity accomplices 30 interviews, 25 center gatherings 6 think about provinces: Los Angeles, Placer, Riverside, San Francisco, San Joaquin, Siskiyou 9 court offices

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Research Informants Judicial officers Court heads Probation staff Attorneys (arraignment and safeguard) Youth and families Victims Community individuals and associations

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Areas of Inquiry Court forms: h earing administration, lawful support & probation reports System reactions: administrations and assents Court administration: a ccountability, coordinated effort, court asset needs Professionals in the courts Treatment of court clients

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Sample Findings

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User observations Barriers to cooperation Lack of understandable hearings Distrust of adolescent court\'s motivation

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Hearing Management Crowded schedules v. durations for cause Most uncontested hearings – full and 1/2 holds up ½ JOs traverse logbook agreeable to them Continuances can harm or valuable No information on pervasiveness or causes

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Next strides Report discharge: April 25 Implementation ventures Local misconduct evaluations?

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