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An electronic compact gadget, in light of the MSP430 microcontroller, that aides ... Streak memory will be utilized to store the class areas and understudy data. ...
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Advanced Class Attendance Sponsored by

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Team Members Abdiel Avilés José Luis Micheri William Santiago Advisor : Prof. Isidoro Couvertier Sponsored by

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Overview What is DCA? Piece Diagram System Components Design Features Fingerprint Operation Questions Sponsored by

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What is DCA? An electronic convenient gadget, in light of the MSP430 microcontroller, that helps the educator take the class participation naturally. Approves the understudy personality keeping away from a fake. Convenience for both, understudy and teacher. Supported by

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DCA Block Diagram Sponsored by

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System Components MSP430F149 microcontroller Ultra-low power 64KB glimmer memory Serial association Other peripherals USBMOD3 Module UART to USB change Self-fueled mode Sponsored by

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System Components FPC1010 Area Sensor FPC2000 Fingerprint Processor Fast, simple and secure Fingerprint acknowledgment disposes of the requirement for attractive cards or stick numbers. Fingerprints are a novel and exact ID. Supported by

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System Components 1 MB Flash Memory Lithium Battery Charging Controller LCD show Keypad Sponsored by

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Design Features Handheld gadget PC programming to program the gadget, transfer, and download participation information. Programmed era of participation reports Flash memory will be utilized to store the class areas and understudy data. Supported by

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Design Features DCA Simple User Interface A LCD and Keypad will furnish the educator with a simple UI program. The framework will check the educators ID for operation of the gadget. Watchword secured framework Sponsored by

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Design Features PC Simple User Interface USB interface with the PC. The educator will have the capacity to produce class participation reports and also changing the framework data. Supported by

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Fingerprint Brief Operation Enroll fingerprints Student squeezes unique mark. FPC2000 processor recovers the picture and constructs a format for it. The microcontroller downloads the unique mark layout and stores it in an inside information base. Layouts DB Verify fingerprints Student squeezes unique finger impression. FPC2000 processor recovers the picture and assembles a layout for it. It thinks about this format against transferred applicants. The microcontroller transfers to the FPC2000 the unique finger impression formats to be looked at against the new layout. Layouts DB Sponsored by

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