Advanced Cameras.

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Computerized Cameras. What would they be able to do? Picture Characteristics. Determination ... Computerized Zoom. Shade Speeds. F-Stops. Center. Auto. Manual. Range. Ceaseless Shooting. Streak ...
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Advanced Cameras What would they be able to do?

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Image Characteristics Resolution Compression Image Formats JPEG TIFF RAW Possible Settings ISO Sensitivity White Balance Other Exposure Modes B & W Sepia

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Storage Media Floppy Disk Compact Flash SmartMedia CD-ROM Memory Stick Picture Card Other Capacity _____ MB

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View Finder/LCD? View Finder? Flexible?

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Image Review Image Review Modes Histogram Playback Zoom Video Out

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Lens Fixed Optical Zoom Digital Zoom Shutter Speeds F-Stops

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Focus Auto Manual Range Continuous Shooting

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Flash Built in Flash shoe Flash Modes

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Battery Type Rechargeable Proprietary

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Other Features Video Mode Movie Clip Max Self-Timer Remote Control Time Lapse Shooting

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Connection to Computer Connection Type Serial USB FireWire

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Printing Printer Capabilities Direct Print Download to PC Other

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Accessories What\'s accessible???

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