Advanced Partition in HEP in and to Japan.

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Computerized Separate in HEP in and to Japan ICFA Workshop on HEP systems administration at Daegu on May 23-27, 2005 Outline of my presentation at the past workshop held at Rio in Feb 2004
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Computerized Divide in HEP in and to Japan ICFA Workshop on HEP systems administration at Daegu on May 23-27, 2005

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Summary of my presentation at the past workshop held at Rio in Feb 2004 In Japan, SuperSINET associate a large portion of significant colleges and national research centers and gives them of 10Gbps IP association, control committed between site GigE’s, MPLS-VPN’s, and 10Gbps transfer speed to Abilene, ESnet, and Geant, and is basic for HEP and other e-Sciences. However colleges (particularly private colleges) that are not SuperSINET hubs are confronting Digital Divide . In Asia, APAN is giving, or is relied upon to give, the systems vital for HEP and other e-Sciences. Its data transfer capacity in east Asia is, or is getting to be, ~Gbps. However the transfer speed in alternate zones are low (<~Mbps), which is creating Digital Divide .

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Domestic availability for HEP in Japan Had own connections some time recently, still have some, however rely on upon NII fundamentally SuperSINET I trust SuperSINET is a standout amongst the most developed systems Upgrade is being arranged SINET Non-SINET International network for HEP America/Europe Had own connection some time recently, yet rely on upon NII now Asia Had own connections some time recently, still have one, yet rely on upon APAN primarily Becoming Gbps in east Asia, yet at the same time poor in different territories

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Digital Divide in Japan SuperSINET locales SINET destinations Non-SINET locales

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SuperSINET SINET Univ’s KEK Wide-range Ethernet Univ’s Non-SINET locales Domestic availability for HEP in Japan

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SuperSINET 10Gbps IP/MPLS Backbone Star-topology OC192 association from Hub Non-shared 10Gbps MPLS-VPN’s are designed on solicitation GigE/10GE Bridges for companion association lambdas separate from the 10G IP/MPLS association Lightwave lasting way L2 p2p administration Tagged-VLAN’s can keep running on a way Operation of Optical Cross Connect (OXC) for fiber/wavelength changing Operational from fourth January, 2002 Next era is being arranged

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SuperSINET Tohoku U IP WDM way IP/MPLS center switch OXC KEK 10Gbps λ’s NIFS Nagoya U Pusan Nagoya Hub NewYork G/H Osaka Hub Tokyo Hub Osaka U 10Gbps ICRR Kyoto U 1Gbps NII 1Gbps Kyushu U NAL U Tokyo APAN Waseda U Titech Only a few hubs are appeared.

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SuperSINET Network Configuration SuperSINET is made out of numerous lambdas built with dull strands and DWDM. WDM GbE WDM Osaka OXC Tokyo OXC WDM GbE WDM Nagoya OXC GbE GSR124xxx Gigabit Ether WDM GbE OXC: Optical Cross-interface WDM GbE

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HEP VPN’s in SuperSINET Each of the accompanying HEP gatherings have its own VPN built with devoted GigE’s and/or MPLS-VPN’s in SuperSINET . Dame Group KamLAND Group SK/K2K Group CDF Group ATLAS Group Gfarm Group - for advancement and assessment of Data Grid for HEP HEPnet-J/SC Group - for dispersed expansive scale recreation Accelerator Control Group - for investigation of quickening agent control Generic HEPnet-J

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BELLE is exchanging the information with SuperSINET/GigE’s Started in 1999 Data rate : 20 MB/sec Data Volume : 200 TB/year or more Data Storage: 630 TB PC Farm Compute Server Disk: 14 TB Internal Servers LAN SuperSINET/GigE’s to Universities

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10Gbps SuperSINET Router situated at KEK BGP switch KEK Firewall KEK Internal LAN SuperSINET’s Dedicated GigE’s To Univ’s Belle Group Firewall Belle Group Internal LAN

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Digital Divide in taking an interest in HEP examinations in America/Europe from Japan = Digital Divide in Japan

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International availability for HEP from Japan KR MANLAN G/H APAN-JP LA NY Novosibirsk SuperSINET … SINET Univ’s KEK … Wide-territory Ethernet Univ’s … Non-SINET locales

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SuperSINET ’s connections to America and Europe NII finds and works a switch at New York for SuperSINET ’s peering with R&E systems in America and Europe. New York is the main spot where SuperSINET can peer with all of Abilene, ESnet, and Geant. SuperSINET ’s connection to New York has been 10Gbps and has been joined with MAN LAN with 10GE since December 2003.

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America/Europe NII’s 10Gbps connection to New York OC192 from Tokyo to a switch at New York 10GE association from the switch to MANLAN Abilene and ESnet are now there with 10GE Geant is relied upon to come there with 10GE Currently, Geant is joined with the switch with OC48 NII’s 2.5Gbps connection to Los Angels OC48 from Tokyo to Los Angels since this April Can give shorter RTT however littler data transfer capacity Peering there incorporates CalREN which incorporates SLAC Caused an inconvenience for the BINP-SLAC activity

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CAnet SURFnet NORDUnet SuperSINET ’s connections to America/Europe IEEAF Atlantic GbE x 3 GbE NII’s switch at NewYork OC192 POS GbE SuperSINET 10Gbps ISP GbE x 2 OC48 (since April 2005) 10GE MAN LAN 10GE Switch G è insect coming GbE ISP LA 10GE GbE Abilene CalREN 10GE ESnet

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Digital Divide in taking part in HEP trials in Japan from outside Japan

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International availability for HEP to Japan KR MANLAN G/H APAN-JP LA NY Novosibirsk SuperSINET … SINET Univ’s KEK … Wide-zone Ethernet Univ’s … Non-SINET destinations

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Networks for the HEP cooperation in Asia HEP connections (history/present status) The system is crucial for the HEP coordinated effort, and we expected to have it without anyone else. The expense for every half-circuit was/is paid by every end . KEK-IHEP (Beijing, China) Since 1994 Until 2003 KEK-BINP (Novosibirsk, Russia) Since 1998 KEK-AcademiaSinica (Taipei, Taiwan) Since 1999 Until 2002 APAN Gloriad IEEAF …

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SLAC, FNAL, BNL, CERN, DESY, SDSC, ..... colleges in Japan SuperSINET KEK APAN colleges/establishments in Asia-Pacific APAN/Transpac SuperSINET ’s America/Europe connections are for the movement from/to Japanese colleges/foundations, while APAN/Transpac connections are for the activity from/to colleges/organizations in Asia-Pacific.

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The Belle Collaboration >300 analysts from 55 establishments Aomori Univ. Budker Inst. of Nucl. Material science, RU Chiba Univ. Chuo Univ. Univ. of Cincinnati Univ. of Frankfurt Gyeongsang Nat\'l Univ., KR Univ. of Hawaii Hiroshima Inst. of Tech. Hiroshima Coll. of Maritime Tech. Inst of Cosmic Ray Res., U of Tokyo IHEP, CN ITEP, RU Joint Crystal Collab. Bunch Kanagawa Univ. KEK Korea Univ., KR Krakow Inst. of Nucl. Material science Kyoto Univ. Kyungpook Nat\'l Univ (CHEP), KR Univ. of Melbourne., AU Nagasaki Inst. of Applied Science Nagaya Univ. Nara Woman\'s Univ Nat\'l Central Univ., TW Nat\'l Kaoshiung Univ, TW Nat\'l Lien-Ho Coll. of Tech., TW Nat\'l Taiwan Univ., TW H. Nievodniczanski Inst of Nucl. Phys., Krakow Nihon Dental Coll. Niigata Univ. Osaka Univ. Osaka City Univ. Panjab Univ. , IN Peking Univ., CN Saga Univ. Seoul Nat\'l Univ., KR Univ. of Sci. what\'s more, Tech. of China, CN Sugiyama Woman\'s Coll. Sungkyunkwan Univ., KR Univ. of Sydney, AU Tata Inst., IN Toho Univ. Tohoku Univ. Tohoku-gakuin Univ. Univ. of Tokyo Inst. of Tech. Tokyo Metropolitan Univ. Tokyo Univ. of Agriculture and Tech. Toyama Nat\'l Coll. of Maritime Tech. Univ. of Tsukuba Utkal Univ., IN Virginia Polytechnic Inst (VPI) Yokkkaichi Univ. Yonsei Univ., KR An on-going HEP test at KEK, Japan

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The availability from China, Taiwan, Russia, and Korea are appeared in the accompanying slides.

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China Japan (APAN-JP) is associated with Gloriad HK hub with OC48 since this January. Gloriad HK and Beijing is joined with OC48. In this manner, there is 2.5Gbps for China-Japan activity.

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Taiwan APAN-Taiwan has a switch at Tokyo, which is joined with Taiwan at 622Mbps. APAN-JP switch peers with APAN-Taiwan switch with GigE. KEK is planning to peer with APAN-Taiwan switch straightforwardly with GigE.

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Russia KEK’s 512Kbps connection to BINP Established for the Russia-Japan HEP movement. Gives travel to the Russia-ESnet movement. Keeping in mind the end goal to bar the outside activity, an IP passage uniting ESnet and KEK is utilized. Move up to 2Mbps? Gloriad Is relied upon to be accessible for Russia-Japan and Russia-ESnet HEP movement, and to supplant the KEK-BINP join.

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Korea G/H (Genkai-Hyeonhae) began to work in mid 2003. SuperSINET peers with KOREN with GigE, autonomously from APANJP-KOREN peering. So there is 1Gbps in the middle of KOREN and SuperSINET.

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Access to Belle’s information from Internet - What happened there-High-data transfer capacity access from SuperSINET to Belle Internal LAN is simple. There was no requirement for rapid access to Belle information from Internet however SuperSINET, some time recently. Looker group’s poor Firewall from Internet was sufficiently adequate. Rapid association from Korea set up in 2003 was the first instance of the fast access from Internet. Nature was redesigned a year ago. There ought to be no issue any more for the entrance at ~Gbps!? The further revamping will be made in March 2006, when 10Gbps access to the Belle information server will get to be conceivable.

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OC192 SuperSINET Router situated at KEK BGP switch KEK Firewall KEK Internal LAN SuperSINET’s Dedicated GigE’s To Univ’s B

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