Advanced Sound Plan.

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Computerized. Implies? Simple Audio. LPs. Tape/reel/8 track tapes. Focal points of each ... Advanced Audio. Discs. Focal points? Hindrances? PC sound records ...
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Computerized Audio Agenda Digital Audio Concepts What\'s it about Creating Audio Equipment Demos and practice time Best approach to learn = investigate Guides on class site!

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Audio — The Underused MM Asset What employments??

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Audio — The Underused MM Asset Analog or Digital Analog Means? Computerized Means?

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Analog Audio LPs Cassette/reel/8 track tapes Advantages of every Disadvantages of each

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Analog Audio Advantages (LP, tape) Familiarity Availability (equipment) Easy recording (tape) Relative Durability (tape) Transportability Other?

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Analog Audio Disadvantages Quality Initial Dubs (tape) Durability (particularly LPs) Format solidness Exception (as such) = tape Duration (playing time) Remember changers? ?

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Digital Audio CDs Advantages? Inconveniences? PC sound records Advantages? Weaknesses?

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Digital Audio - CDs Advantages of CDs Quality Original Dubs Create own combos Playing time (max = ?? min) Transportable Durable

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Digital Audio - CDs Disadvantages of CDs Playing time (limit) ? Naming necessities Most more current PCs can Special copiers pointless Price of business Are you being ripped off?? Music downloads Other?

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Digital Audio – Computer Files Advantages of Computer Sound Editable – utilize just what you require Distributable (= documents) Convertible Match organization to application Quality decisions Affect record size Significance? Other?

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Digital Audio – Computer Files Disadvantages of Computer Sound Lack of commonality/experience Play requires PC (or transformation to another organization) File size Can be immense!

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DA Concepts - 1 Digital Audio File Types +/ - of Each Type CDA WAV MP3 & WMA AU/AIFF MIDI Proprietary Others?

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Digital Audio Files Types & their Characteristics CDA WAV (CD quality or less) MP3 (= mpeg layer 3) WMA AU/AIFF Proprietary Streaming (Real, et al) MIDI (entirely unexpected)

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Finding and Downloading Audio The abundance of the Web

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Sample Audio Resources (pleasant assortment) (some BAD stuff, as well) The Daily Wav (motion picture & TV cuts, some terrible) Search for sound documents (wav, mp3) Audio Software Companies Adobe (Audition) (Goldwave) Sony (Sound Forge) Sonicdesktop (Smart Sound)

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DA Concepts - 2 Factors you control Recording Volume Too little = ? An excessive amount of = ? Sound record sort Choices differ by programming

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DA Concepts - 3 Factors you control Quality by means of Sampling Rate CD = 44kHz (stereo) Radio (FM) = 22kHz (stereo) Telephone = 11kHz (mono) Quality through "Organization" = Codec  Compression/decompression Varying potential outcomes inside sorts Experiment!

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DA Concepts - 4a Hardware needs "Card" standard; include mic, links Typical PCs Internal Optical drive wired to sound card

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DA Concepts – 4b Hardware needs "Card" standard; include mic, links Typical PCs Interchangeable Card Integrated

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DA Concepts – 4c Hardware needs "Card" standard; include mic, links iMac Example G3 case

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DA Concepts - 5 Software to record/alter Sound Recorder is standard (Win) Limitations Media Player (sexually transmitted disease, limits) MusicMatch Jukebox (free) Sound Forge , et al. More modern, adaptable; purchase Software/Hardware to make SmartSound (purchase) MIDI gadgets

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Setting Up to Record - Demo Volume Control System Tray symbol? Begin > Programs > Accessories > Entertainment Start > Programs > Multimedia in lab Shows PLAYBACK just at first Watch for "quiet" checks Options > Properties > Recording Choose inputs to show Select one to be utilized

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Sound Recorder Demo Mixer controls & issues Known? Numerous? Record Options that influence quality Edit Getting what you need "Special impacts"

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Music Match Jukebox Demo For Producing Longer WAVs, MP3s, & Limited Format Conversion

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Sound Forge Demo For most adaptability and control

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SmartSound Demo Create your own one of a kind music for any need -no copyright issues

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Inserting Audio into PowerPoint — Demo Principle: Everything in one single envelope!

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