Advances for Computerized Biological communities (DE) group: Second Concertation Meeting 9-10 Feb. 2006, Brussels.

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Session B1 (BU24 0/83): Regional organization of the DE framework in the bootstrapping stage (seat F. Nachira, INFSO D5, Head of DE Sector) 4-4.15 pm Coffee break ...
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Advances for Digital Ecosystems (DE) bunch: Second Concertation Meeting 9-10 Feb. 2006, Brussels

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Agenda of the Parallel Sessions (9 February 2006) 2-4 pm: Session A1 (BU24 0/84): Legal and authoritative system : primary business issues (seat Marion Le Louarn, INFSO D5/DE part) Session B1 (BU24 0/83): Regional organization of the DE foundation in the bootstrapping stage (seat F. Nachira, INFSO D5, Head of DE Sector) 4-4.15 pm Coffee break 4.15-6.15 pm: Session A2 (BU24 0/84): How ventures of vertical segments could utilize the present DE design : Web 2.0 versus DE (seat F. Nachira) Session B2 (BU24 0/83): Expected financial effects of DE on provincial improvement: the minimum amount stage (seat M. Le Louarn)

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Plenary Session (10 February 2006, Room BU5/OC) Chairperson: Marion Le Louarn 9.30 -Welcome to DE whole session (Gérald Santucci, Head of Unit INFSO D5) 9.50 -Reporting of parallel sessions (4 rapporteurs, 10 mn each) 10.30 -Summary of joint concertation/collaboration exercises distinguished/indicated inside respective or multilateral gatherings (fundamental issues/first activities/further gatherings to execute the planned bi/multilateral co-operations, 5 to 10 mn by every gathering of ventures creating joint concertation/participation exercises) 11.00 -Coffee break 11.15 - Continuation of the past compressing session if necessary, and presentation of particular backing offered by DE going with measures to other DE ventures (5 to 10 mn for every going with measure or per sort of bolster offered) 12.00 -Questions and talk on these reports and rundown presentations (Identification of holes in participation? Activities arranging? Next gatherings?) 12.20 -Presentation of the DE Roadmap, FP7 points of view and dispatch of the on-line meeting (by F. Nachira, INFSO D5, Head of DE Sector, 15 mn) 12.40 -Conclusion of the CM Plenary session (Marion Le Louarn, INFSO D5/DE segment)

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2 nd DE group Concertation Meeting Digital Ecosystems bunch now has minimum amount: Potential for co-operation & cooperative energies with multiplicative impacts Towards identifiable, quantifiable bunch comes about

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DE Clustering & Concertation Clustering component is critical to: proceeded with advancement of DE examination in FP7 misuse of early DE brings about CIP and local activities Growing enthusiasm past EU Need to build up a typical methodology for Europe contrasting abuse streets/local methodologies may in any case should be investigated in parallel

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FP7 Timetable End of February Template and structure End of March Skeleton, incl. points and proposed spending plans End of May first draft

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FP7 Priority Setting Build/fortify magnificence Develop administration positions in ICT WP concentrated on a constrained arrangement of aggressive , testing and solid objectives Criteria for choice Visionary (from fundamental examination to designing in a scope of utilization connections) Sharp, very much characterized and cement (with benchmarks) Tangible settlements (e.g. new specialized capacities, new business, new answers for societal difficulties) Premium to hazard taking and imagination

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FP7 Goals & Milestones Example of "Objective" "ICT has a noteworthy part to play to build up a foundation to intercede the formalization of information in SME systems, the making of programming administrations and the B2B associations between the SMEs. This dynamic, versatile, self-sorting out, keen and transformative framework will empower SMEs to construct, work and enhance their own particular feasible territorial "advancement biological communities". New business displaying apparatuses will furnish SMEs with the capacity to formalize their business learning, to find business accomplices, and to bear on exchanges totally inside a virtual appropriated environment. The administrations running on top of the framework will be open-source or take after any permitting models considered fitting." Example of "Turning point" "To bring down the actuation limit of a highminded circle of self-assurance by [x] % by propelling techniques and apparatuses for quick outline and prototyping of … " To accomplish the production of the instruments of expression, formalization of information, and correspondence of responsibilities for empowering their proprietorship by the clients as an open decent by the year [2015] … " Etc.

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Reporting of parallel sessions A1 Legal and authoritative system : fundamental business issues (rapp.: Mario Conte, Esoce-Net) A2 Regional arrangement of the DE foundation in the bootstrapping stage (rapp.: M. Vidal, Sun/P. Ferronato, Soluta) B1 How tasks of vertical divisions could utilize the present DE engineering : Web 2.0 versus DE (rapp.: P. Ferronato, Soluta/M. Vidal, Sun ) B2 Expected monetary effects of DE on territorial improvement: the minimum amount stage (rapp.: Mary Darking, LSE)

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Identify now future needs/needs Vital for DE Community partners to assist add to recognizing needs and needs under FP7 and CIP programs - inside on-line meeting process now dispatched. Taking after 2005 FP7 workshops, see position paper " The Digital Ecosystem research Vision: 2010 and Beyond " & the past report " Towards Business Cases and User-Oriented Services in Digital Business Ecosystems " Floor beside rapporteurs of parallel sessions (introductory conclusions/facilitate needs on 4 subjects investigated). At that point presentation of: DE tasks\' bi-/multi-parallel collaborations purposes introduced, Support measures exercises/consequences important to DE ventures Discussion on holes in participation/new activities/further gatherings DE Roadmap, FP7 viewpoints and on-line counsel dispatch (for which we wish for contribution from all partners - including yours!) Plenary decisions (welcoming to further reflections/activities),

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CM Plenary session conclusion (M. Le Louarn, INFSO D5/DE division) Enacting the new/proceeded with participations set up (DoW redesign, joint activities and so forth.) Informing EC staff opportune on most recent/further improvements/arranges (for backing & reporting) Measuring progress against arrangements (to survey progress & break consequences of the DE bunch) Assessing effects (to proof estimation of DE results & trigger further local uptake)

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Awareness-raising & uptake bolster Joint concertation/grouping collaborations and activities (notwithstanding scattering from individual DE ventures) Presence at International gatherings - eg: Tunis World Summit (2005: substantial interest brought up in S. America & Asia) e-Business meetings (DG ENTR/Cambridge, 2005 - see highlights) DBE last gathering, Oct. 2006 (Brussels) plan DE gathering for 2007 Specific backing from going with measures expected: PEARDROP (provincial uptake, SME selection, monetary effect, money related designing) EFFORT (cross-territorial SMEs\' uptake, administration, maintainability) LEGAL-IST (legitimate issues, e.g. report on OS) EPRI-START (NMS mindfulness raising/incitement) Roadmap to take comes about forward in an EC Policy activity

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Thank all of you for your individual commitments to this profoundly enthusiasm raising examination segment, and for your proceeded with support in an element, and ideally productive, DE grouping process!

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