Advancing Personal satisfaction through the Sound Districts and Groups Methodology.

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Sound Regions and Groups Container American Wellbeing Association Provincial Office for the World Wellbeing Association Guide for leaders and other nearby powers Advancing Personal satisfaction through the Solid Regions and Groups Procedure Commending 100 Years of Wellbeing
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Solid Municipalities and Communities Pan American Health Organization Regional Office for the World Health Organization Guide for chairmen and other nearby powers Promoting Quality of Life through the Healthy Municipalities and Communities Strategy Celebrating 100 Years of Health

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OBJECTIVES OF THE GUIDE Strengthen the execution of wellbeing advancement exercises at the neighborhood level, setting wellbeing advancement on the political motivation of leaders and other nearby powers Disseminate and supporter for the usage of the Healthy Municipalities and Communities (HMC) Strategy Build and reinforce intersectoral cooperations to enhance social and wellbeing conditions in the spots where individuals live Advocate for the making of sound open approaches, the upkeep of solid situations, and the advancement of solid ways of life

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COMPONENTS Guide for Mayors and other Local Authorities Glossary of terms utilized as a part of the Guide Examples of HMC Good Practices International Agreements, Declarations, and Conventions Guidelines for Evaluating HMC List of PAHO Offices, Collaborating Centers and HMC Networks Health Topic Fact Sheets on the different regions where PAHO gives specialized bolster Bookmark highlighting the key components of the HMC procedure Brochure abridging the most vital segments of the Guide

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WHAT IS THE HEALTHY MUNICIPALITIES AND COMMUNITIES (HMC) STRATEGY? Advance wellbeing, together with individuals and groups, in settings where they study, work, play, love, and live Establish and fortify a social agreement among nearby powers, group associations, and open and private area foundations Use neighborhood arranging and social cooperation in administration, assessment, and choice making A district starts the procedure of getting to be sound when its political pioneers, neighborhood associations, and residents confer themselves to enhancing the wellbeing and personal satisfaction of the majority of its tenants

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ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS Build open duty to enhance personal satisfaction Ensure and reinforce group investment amid the arranging, usage, and assessment stages Develop a key arrangement to overcome impediments and dangers Build accord and structure associations through different systems and tasks Encourage Leadership and Participation of every single social division including the wellbeing segment Formulate solid open approaches at the neighborhood, territorial, and national levels Conduct continuous observing and assessment to track and survey the activity\'s advancement

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PHASES OF THE STRATEGY (1) INITIAL AND ORGANIZATIONAL PHASE (1 to 3 months): Expected Outcome: An Approved HMC Action Plan Conduct a participatory group based appraisal Create an intersectoral and metropolitan board and add to a general regular vision of HMC Develop a proposed activity arrangement with destinations, objectives, expected results, and focuses through a participatory and intersectoral procedure Gain endorsement and allocate assets for the arrangement by the Municipal Council Discuss and disperse the sanction arrangement through an open gathering

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PHASES OF THE STRATEGY (2) PLANNING PHASE (4 to 6 Months) Expected Outcome: A Working Group and Detailed Work Plan Designate individuals from the Intersectoral Municipal Committee to be a piece of a working gathering for movement execution and checking Develop a nitty gritty work arrangement with exercises, relegated obligations and assets, a course of events, and markers for observing and assessment Identify methodologies to energize maintained interest and associations for the arrangement\'s usage and asset preparation

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PHASES OF THE STRATEGY (3) ACTION PHASE (2-3 years and past): Expected Outcome: A Healthy Municipality and Community Promote neighborhood solid open and institutional strategies, and intersectoral activities Develop an approach system and framework to bolster and manage the usage of the Healthy Municipalities and Community technique Create a scope of sound spaces Encourage legislators and other chiefs to submit themselves to group limit building, fortifying the HMC Strategy and guaranteeing its supportability and intersectoriality

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PHASES OF THE STRATEGY (4) COMMON ELEMENTS IN ALL THREE PHASES: Community Participation Communications Capacity-Building Monitoring and Evaluation

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HEALTH TOPIC FACT SHEETS (a sample) Health of Children and Families It is at the civil level that activities can be actualized on a coordinated premise and assets can be assembled. This makes collaboration in tyke wellbeing and improvement programs through intersectoral activities and social and group support. Techniques Recommended for Use at the Local Level: Promote and give solid school dinners, for example, empowering the utilization of foods grown from the ground; Create sound situations and surroundings for youngsters by: Enacting laws or regulations overseeing tobacco, liquor, and medications (in schools, in the city, out in the open spots, in government structures, and so forth.); Create or enhance group entertainment ranges or spaces where kids and families can cooperate, work out, and play sports.

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HEALTH TOPIC FACT SHEETS (cont.) Reference Materials: Myers, R.G., 1993, PAHO. Investigative Publication # 545 “The Twelve Who Survive”. Washington, D.C. Establishments for Formulating Policies for Children, Youths, and Women. Kingston, Jamaica, October 9-13, 2000. Site pages :

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Safe Motherhood Sexual and Reproductive Health of Children and Families Adolescent Health and Development Health-Promoting Schools Older Adults and Their Families Breast-Feeding and Supplementary Feeding Promoting a Healthy Diet Food and Nutrition Security Promoting Active Living Mental Health Prevention and Control of Smoking Alcohol Consumption Control in Youths Human Rights Development of Human Resources Health Systems and Services Development Essential Drugs, Technology, Laboratory, and Blood Services Public Policies and Health Women, Health, and Development Environmental Quality Healthy Work Environments Basic Sanitation Non-Communicable Diseases Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) and AIDS Dengue Prevention and Control Expanded Program on Vaccines and Immunization Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Relief Health Topic Fact Sheets

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INTERNATIONAL AGREEMENTS, DECLARATIONS, AND CONVENTIONS Mexico Ministerial Statement for the Promotion of Health Medellin Declaration Commitment of Monterrey Boca del Rio Agreement Declaration of Guatemala American Convention on Human Rights (Treaty of San Jose) Additional Protocol to the American Convention on Human Rights in the Areas of Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights (Protocol of San Salvador) United Nations Convention on the Child\'s Rights

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BOOKMARK Each of the Essential Elements of the HMC Strategy is recorded as an indication of what will help to guarantee the foundation and support of the Strategy

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BROCHURE Components of the Guide Essential Elements Phases of the HMC Strategy Health Topic Fact Sheets

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