Advancing the Lives of Seniors Together.

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With speakers: wellbeing projects, planting, travel, family history, history (counting town ... Might 2 Container Gardening. All workshops are free, however you should ...
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Enhancing the Lives of Seniors Together Elizabeth Bufton Janet Graham Heather Kenehan

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What we will finish today? Our normal clients – who are they? What does a senior focus resemble? What does a library resemble? Associations: what does it mean? At the point when do we program freely? Program thoughts you can truly utilize Untried projects from different spots Inviting, developing and utilizing volunteers Some helpful books and sites

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Our Common Customers Which eatery today evening time? Corner Gas Go away I would prefer not to fill our your poll! Earth Muffins Love sports, detest doing them Love sports, love doing them I cherish books

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Senior Center What does a senior focus look like at this point? More than only a spot to play cards What do more seasoned grown-up focuses offer? Center is on dynamic living Offer an assortment of wellness, games, mental and social wellbeing exercises Partner with outside offices Offer travel and theater

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Senior Center (cont\'d) About 20% of Seniors going to focus fall outside the 65 - 75 age section Outreach program for slight seniors Bring them into senior focus month to month Goal: keep seniors dynamic, fit and socially associated

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The Library What does a library look like at this point? More than just fiction - numerous seniors don\'t understand libraries have motion pictures, music, book recordings, and databases What can a library sensibly offer? Projects to help seniors use ALL our assets including online databases Special interest instructive projects that are fun, low readiness and minimal effort Number of projects offered relies on upon spending plan, rooms and staffing

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The Library (cont\'d) Ask specialists to present workshops - either volunteer or hierarchical agents (Library does not permit attempts to make the deal) Set parameters – Barrie does not offer refreshments as have nearby bistro. Going to Library Service volunteer model VLS utilizes volunteers to convey pre-chosen things; collaboration between Info & Circ administrations Goal: improve senior proficiency and long lasting learning

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Partnership Overview Getting prepared for associations Competing requests Educational and recreation exercises Who does what? At the point when do you copy administrations? At the point when do you practice? Utilizing our assets all the more adequately Reservoir of abilities Using studies An organized and successful arrangement

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Competing Demands Same seniors Can just go to one system at once Same "expense pot" We are both financed essentially from duties Sometimes same moderators Polar bear man, Alzheimer\'s Society Senior Center must make back the initial investment, both need minimal effort or no cost programs when conceivable Varying administration limits Barrie/Oro, Barrie/Springwater

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Education and Leisure What we do relies on upon our: offices, aptitude, and command Goals Recreational, social, instructive Planning ahead is important for our media Senior focus: 6 – 8 months ahead Library: 3 – 6 months ahead Duplication required when extensive interest

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Using Our Resources What we have Demand and time Budget, client charges if gathered Skills, experience, and learning of staff What is accessible in the group Interagency learning Local specialists: school/college, volunteer Grants – some fundamental thoughts Senior Secretariat (Ontario) New Horizons For Seniors (Federal)

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Partnerships - Surveys – both a gift and a condemnation Need to be painstakingly arranged Contain organized and open inquiries Must be short and clear Reach both system clients and non clients Use studies as an aide and not a flat out Patron may react to attempt to satisfy you Patron premiums and times accessible may change Read a book or study different overviews 1 st

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Partnerships programs that work for us Seniors Directory Information focus is in Library so they help with catalog things important to seniors In participation with nearby daily paper – ease Seniors Fun Day Interagency yearly venture – 3 styles to date Entertainment, Senior Idol, Speed friendshipping Book Clubs offered in both areas because of space and time limitations Library permits more youthful grown-ups to join too

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Partnership programs (cont\'d) Internet Courses Short courses (1-2 lessons) offered free by Library staff so library clients can use PCs and online assets at library 10 week paid courses (word, power point, email) offered to help seniors get to be proficient about innovation – educators paid by City Advertising Utilize every others notice loads up and sites Be a get point for every others pamphlets Referrals and verbal

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Non-collaborated Programming Library programs that worked previously: With speakers: wellbeing programs, planting, travel, parentage, history (counting town messenger), writer visits With staff: web, perusing challenges, sudoku, scrabble, book talks (history, puzzle) Library programs that did not work for us: Adult summer perusing, general book talks, video programs without speaker, jazz

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Health Series Maximize your great wellbeing by going to the Presented by wellbeing experts on chose Tuesday Mornings at 10:00 a.m . amid the winter Tuesday , January 24 , 10:00 – 11:15 a.m. How would you know whether a relative is encountering typical memory misfortune , or is in the early phases of something more genuine? Laura Lynn Bourassa of the Alzheimer Society of Simcoe County will talk on this subject. Tuesday February 21 , 10:00 – 11:00 a.m Alison Liikane, and different individuals from the RVH Healthy Aging Program will display data on falls counteractive action, medicine use, hydration, activity, and nourishment. Take in tips on staying solid from the aces at RVH. Tuesday, March 21 , 10:00 – 11:00 a.m. Would you be able to recognize the indications of early listening to misfortune ? Figure out how to perceive the signs and the adjustments you can make at home or all over the place on the off chance that you, or a friend or family member, has a listening to issue. Jo Wagg of the Canadian Hearing Society will likewise talk about when somebody may require a listening device.

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GET GROWING WITH THE MASTER GARDENERS at Barrie Public Library - our sixth season. All workshops will be held: in the ANGUS ROSS ROOM Tuesday Mornings 10:00-11:00 a.m. April 3 Water Wise Gardens – do less watering April 24 Gardening in Shade & Part Shade Wednesday Evenings 7:00-8:30 p.m. April 18 Pruning May 2 Container Gardening All workshops are free, however you should enroll as patio nursery points are of awesome interest & we have restricted space. If it\'s not too much trouble register for every workshop you wish to go to by calling 728-1010; press 5 for project enlistment & listen to cultivating choices. Enlistment starts by telephone on March 19

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The Invisible Web Sudoku For Adults Do you Sudoku? Go along with us and figure out how to do 4, 6 and even 9 square Sudoku confuses with words and numbers. A bent for math or numbers is a bit much – only a readiness to have a great time! Sudoku guidelines are anything but difficult to learn. The more riddles you do the better you get to be. Give us a chance to demonstrate to you some incredible tips and easy routes.. However, be cautioned: Sudoku riddles can be addictive! This project is for grown-ups. Wednesday Nov 28 th @ 2:00pm Learn how to get to ebooks, daily paper and magazine databases, downloadable book recordings, and online reference books from the Library\'s site. Utilize the Community Information Database and Calendar to get some answers concerning group gatherings and occasions in Barrie. Thursday March 6 7:00 to 8:00 p.m.

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Around the World in a hour held in the Angus Ross Room Include logos/visuals for every arrangement Get the Basics on utilizing the Internet

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Senior Center Programs that would work in a Library Play perusing met week by week to peruse radio plays yet insufficient men for male parts.  Recommend it as a fleeting project, meeting more than once month to month for 6 months. Attempt to enroll a few men. Show bunch met for 6 months to a year and performed just for themselves some short plays.  Need plays with few props and little set prerequisites.

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New Opportunities – ease programs Volunteer pool Current occasions examination bunch Collaboration with going to library administrations and benevolent going by projects Series offered at both areas Live perusing of books

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Innovative models that have worked somewhere else Lecture: 3 rd age learning Partner with school or college Intergenerational programming Combining your productions The enormous occasion: Information fairs This is something we are progressing in the direction of in our interagency bunch. The offer will be both to seniors and to their grown-up youngsters.

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Our Common Volunteers Who is volunteering and what do they need? Volunteers are changing Most don\'t need dull assignments Want to set their own particular days/times they will work Episodic volunteers Special occasions like fun day For one speaker in an arrangement (yearly responsibility) Locating Speakers Contact nearby non-benefit bunches Network with staff, companions, and supporters

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Print and Web Resources Honnold, RoseMary & Saralyn A. Mesaros. Serving Seniors: a how to do it manual for curators. New York: Neal Shuman Publishers Inc, 2004. Mates, Barbara T. Programming and Services for Your 55+ Library Customers. Chicago: ALA, 2003. A Portrait of Seniors in Canada Report (2006 Stats Canada) or seniors\' secretariat

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Print and Web Resources (cont\'d) (Go to the connection, Seniors, on the landing page for a report on ceaseless learning, work and investment in the public arena). www.oacao.or

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