Affirmations 2010 Redesign.

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Confirmations 2010 UPDATE Margaret Price Senior Admissions Manager Maxine Hughes Medical Selections Officer Carolyn Gardiner Admissions Officer/GUESTS Coordinator Cricos Provider Code 00233E

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Session Outline Contact Details – Key Student Administration Staff Student Statistics to sum things up Summary of Offers made – Admissions 2010 Admissions Bonus Scheme 2011 Program Changes, New Programs Griffith University Early Start to Tertiary Study (GUESTS) Program Selection for Bachelor of Medical Science – Nathan & Gold Coast Selection for Oral Health Programs 2011 Questions Admissions

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Key Student Administration staff Admissions

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Griffith University Student Statistics Students altogether: Nathan 13,350 Mt Gravatt 4,250 Gold Coast 15,420 Logan 2,570 South Bank (QCA & QCGU) 3,240 Off Shore 1,460 - - - - - University Wide 40,290 Admissions

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Total QTAC Applications at Major Offer Round Admissions

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Summary of Offers Made - Admissions 2010 (1..) Admissions

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Summary of QTAC Offers Made – Admissions 2010 (2) Admissions

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Griffith University Median OP offer scores in the QTAC Major Rounds for 2003 – 2010 Admissions

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Griffith University Bonus Admission Scheme Griffith University perceives that there are a few subjects and studies attempted by secondary school understudies that require an abnormal state of aptitude and learning and that better get ready understudies for the thoroughness and differences of tertiary study. Operation qualified understudies (or comparable interstate understudies) effectively finishing selected subjects or studies will consequently be conceded reward confirmation positions when applying to learn at Griffith University. The reward affirmation plan applies to the accompanying subjects or study: * A greatest of 5 reward confirmation positions will be connected. # Griffith University runs various projects off grounds or in secondary schools which are esteemed what might as well be called GUESTS, these incorporate however are limited to Griff Eng, GriffChem, GriffPhys, Whites Hill State College Marketing Course (GriffHealth, GriffBio will likewise apply once they begin). Programs avoided from the Scheme are: Bachelor of Medical Science (MBBS Provisional Entry for School-Leavers) 228272, 233422, 283303 and Bachelor of Oral Health in Dental Science 233812, 283312. Confirmations

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Program Changes 2010 (1..) B Engineering (Advanced with Honors) Has had a name change to: 228732/234922 B Engineering (Advanced Studies) Bachelor of Business (Event, Hotel, Real Estate and Property, Sport, Tourism) This degree has been supplanted with the accompanying passage focuses: 227801/235031 Bachelor of Business (Event Management); (Sport Management) 222971 Bachelor of Business (International Tourism and Hotel Management) 227811/235041 Bachelor or Business (Real Estate and Property Development) 235011 Bachelor of Business (Hotel Management); (Tourism Management) Admissions

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Program Changes 2010 (2..) Griffith Business School Double Degree Program This project has been supplanted with the accompanying section focuses: 227681/231891 B Business/B Commerce 227701/235001 B Business/B Business (Hotel, Tourism, Event, Property and Sport) 227681/231901 B Business (Hotel, Tourism, Event, Property and Sport)/ B International Business 227661/231871 B Commerce/B International Business 227671/231881 B Politics, Asian Studies and International Relations/ B International Business Admissions

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Program Changes 2010 (3) B Education-Secondary (Mt Gravatt) – * new passage focuses 223162 B Education Secondary (Drama) 223132 B Education Secondary (English) *New 223742 B Education Secondary (Graphics) *New 223322 B Education Secondary (Health and Physical Education) 223102 B Education Secondary (Industrial Technology and Design) * New 223122 B Education Secondary (Mathematics, Science or Computing) 223762 B Education Secondary (Music) *New 223752 B Education Secondary (Social Science History or Geography) * New 223732 B Education Secondary (Visual Art) *New Admissions

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New Programs for 2010 (1..) New Business degrees 227711 B Business-Fast Track - Nathan 227721 B Commerce-Fast Track - Nathan New joined Business degree programs: 227731/235051 B Business/B Communication - Nathan, Gold Coast 227741/235061 B Business/B Journalism - Nathan, Gold Coast 235071 B Business/B Digital Media - Gold Coast 227751 B Business/B Design - Nathan/QCA Admissions

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New Programs for 2010 (2) 233362 B Social Work - Gold Coast 234381 Bachelor of Business Information Systems - Gold Coast 233862 B Medical Laboratory Science - Gold Coast (4F) Prerequisites: English (4,SA); Maths B (4,SA) Recommended: One of Biology, Chemistry or Physics 21223 Diploma of Languages - Nathan Admissions

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