African Americans and Alternative Therapies .

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African Americans and Alternative Therapies. Folk Medicine & Folk Practices Home Remedies Religious Practices Yvonne Eaves, PhD, RN Assistant Professor. The Interrelationship of Culture, Health, & Illness. Health care beliefs and practices are: diverse & complex
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African Americans and Alternative Therapies Folk Medicine & Folk Practices Home Remedies Religious Practices Yvonne Eaves, PhD, RN Assistant Professor

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The Interrelationship of Culture, Health, & Illness Health mind convictions and practices are: differing & complex cross ethnic, social, & social limits Culture impacts people\'s desires & observations about wellbeing, sickness, and malady Cultural qualities impact how people adapt to ailment, ailment, & stretch

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What is African American (Black) Folk Medicine? Faith in otherworldly strengths Health & ailment saw as either normal or unnatural Self-mind rehearses that may incorporate the joining of ceremonial practices with restorative cures (e.g. moving, droning, kneading with treatments, ingesting herbs)

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Origins of African American Folk Beliefs Traced back to 1619 when slaves were brought into the U.S. Slaves favored self-treatment or treatment by companions, more seasoned relatives, or invoke specialists Origins in West Africa Religion intertwined into human services convictions and practices Influenced by convictions created in Haiti, Jamaica, and Trinidad

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Folk Beliefs Healing properties of specific herbs and flavors Supernatural powers View of wellbeing and ailment

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Influences on African American Folk Beliefs and Folk Medicine Historical Societal; socio-political Economical Educational Familial Geographical

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Health normal great reward (God) Illness unnatural underhandedness (spell, fiend) discipline (God) Dichotomy of Health & Illness in Folk Beliefs

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African American Folk Practices and Practitioners Granny Spiritualist Voodoo minister or priestess

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Witchcraft: An Alternative Form of Folk Medicine Belief that witchcraft can be utilized to treat ailment/infection and to deliver ailment/sickness Premise: there are a few people who have the capacity to prepare the powers of good and fiendishness. Such capacities depend on the guideline of thoughtful enchantment.

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Witchcraft: An Alternative Form of Folk Medicine (contd.) Premise of Sympathetic Magic everything in the universe is associated there is an immediate relationship between\'s the body and strengths of nature comprehension these associations helps a person in the translation and control of occasions

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Two Types of Sympathetic Magic Contagious physically associated items can never be isolated any activity against the part constitutes an activity against the entire Imitative Premise: "like takes after like" a man will impersonate the craved conduct or accomplishment

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Healing as a Gift from God 3 Levels of Healing (Flaskerud & Rush, 1989) Persons who took in their specialty from others (a grandma, a neighbor; a nursing or restorative school) Healers on whom God has presented the endowment of recuperating amid a religious ordeal. People conceived with the force of curing. God\'s sign is on such people at the season of birth.

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Home Remedies Used for the most part for intense and incessant sicknesses/conditions May be utilized for wellbeing advancement or ailment avoidance herbs, flavors, nourishments, teas, salves, liniments,

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African American Religion & Church Services Spirit Possession Healing Services Prophecy Spiritual Churches of New Orleans (1920s - 1930s)

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Pertinent Research AIDS and Traditional Health Beliefs and Practices of Black Women (Flaskerud & Rush, 1989) Use of Complementary & Alternative Medicine among African American and Hispanic Women in New York City: A Pilot Study (Cushman, Wade, Factor-Litvak, Kronenberg, & Firester, 1999) Religion/Spirituality and Health Among Elderly African Americans and Hispanics (Stolley & Koenig, 1997) Biofeedback & Relaxation in Blacks with Hypertension: A Preliminary Study (Harrison & Rao, 1979)

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Pertinent Research A Progressive Relaxation Intervention at the Worksite for African American Women (Webb, Smyth, & Yarandi, 2000) Ethnomusic Therapy and the Dual-Diagnosed African American Client (Camphina-Bacote & Allbright, 1992) Acute Renal Failure from Herbal and Patent Remedies in Blacks (Gold, 1980)

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Implications Practice Education Research

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