African Financial Standpoint 2007.

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Sao Tome et principe. Mauritius. Comores. Cape verde. Benin. New in 2008: ... Similar, avant-garde and forward-looking apparatus. Observing advancement towards MDGs of ...
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African Economic Outlook 2007 Measuring the Pulse of Africa 8 December 2007 Africa EU Summit Louis Kasekende Chief Economist , African Development Bank Javier Santiso Chief Development Economist , OECD Development Center

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T he African Economic Outlook Project 1 2 Africa \'s Economic Performance 06/07 : Multifaceted Growth 3 Measuring The Pulse of Africa

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UNECA Africa, EU, OECD: a novel association AEO Lead accomplice Junior accomplice s Consultants, research organizations … Experts Network Main F inancial Partner

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An inventive item AEO Comprehensive, autonomous investigation Sh ort-term macroeconomic conjectures Special yearly center 2003: Privatization 2004: Energy 2005: SMEs 2006: Transport 2007: Water and sanitation 2008: Technical & professional preparing Overview & yearly topical center Comparable nation sections Statistical attach and pointers

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Tunisia Morocco Algeria Libya Egypt Mauritania Niger Mali Senegal Chad Sudan Eritrea Gambia Guinea-Bissau Burkina Faso Djibouti Guinea Nigeria Ethiopia Sierra Leone Côte d\'Ivoire Togo Central African Republic Ghana Liberia Cameroon Somalia Equatorial Guinea Uganda Congo Gabon Kenya Rwanda Dem.Rep . Congo Burundi Tanzania Angola Malawi Zambia Mozambique Zimbabwe Madagascar Namibia Botswana Swaziland Lesotho South Africa Coverage 2007: 31 African nations AEO New in 2008: Cape Verde Liberia Libya Equatorial Guinea Cape verde Benin Sao Tome et principe 91% of GDP 86% of populace AEO 2007 Comores Mauritius

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T he African Economic Outlook Project 1 2 Africa \'s Economic Performance 06/07 : Multifaceted Growth 3 Measuring The Pulse of Africa

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Africa proceeds with enduring development Growth In 2006, genuine GDP development surpassed 5% for the third sequential year Africa Growth is turning out to be more wide based: 23 nations accomplished GDP development rate of above 5 % in 2006 15 nations accomplished GDP development rate between 3% to 5% in 2006 Total OECD Source : AfDB/OECD

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The product blast: a key part Growth Global ware costs 2001-2007 Source : World Bank

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Vibrant and Stable in oil-creating nations Growth 26.9 % Source : AfDB/OECD Source : AfDB/OECD

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Gaining force in oil-bringing in nations Growth Source : AfDB/OECD (%)

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The prizes of monetary change Growth Africa: expansion and financial adjust ( 2000-2006) Public back administration is by and large great and enhancing Greater macroeconomic soundness achieved : Fiscal adjust is sure Inflation is steady Source : AfDB

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Improved financial administration Growth Source : AfDB

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Fewer slugs , more votes Governance Presidential decisions in 2006 Benin Cape Verde* Chad DRC* Gambia Madagascar Sao Tome et Principe* Seychelles Zambia* Uganda *Parliamentary races likewise *Weighted entirety of occasions

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MDGs : moderate advance regardless of development Governance

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Over the «  bump  » of obligation alleviation Aid Source : OECD

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Aid ODA & obligation help have empowered development … however help is as yet missing the mark concerning Gleneagles duties of multiplying help to Africa by 2010 … there is minimal new guide past obligation help and philanthropic guide

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Oil exporter & shippers: unique ways? Standpoint Fiscal Balance Growth Oil and Mineral exporters Challenges: Capitalize on bonus picks up Maximize overflow to rest of the economy Avoid Dutch Disease Oil shippers Challenges: Contain inflationary weight Finance augmenting exchange shortfall Streamline spending to organize destitution decrease Trade Balance Inflation Source : AfDB/OECD

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T he African Economic Outlook Project 1 2 Africa \'s Economic Performance 06/07 : Multifaceted Growth 3 Measuring The Pulse of Africa

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An African/European association AEO A Maturing Relationship An EU/OECD activity with the African Development Bank Combining OECD approach (best practice, peer audit) and AfDB local mastery 2008: AfDB assumes control as lead accomplice An instrument for business, fund & arrangement on-screen characters Expanding nation scope Improved displaying, figures & pointers Feeding into the strategy making process Supporting operational exercises Increased co-operation with neighborhood establishments

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Comparative, a la mode and forward-looking device Monitoring progress towards MDGs of African nations: 31 nations in 2007 and 35 in 2008! Sound Statistical examination and information calculation Original pointers (political inconveniences, expansion) and full scale gauges New foundation inquire about: Working papers on political markers, privatization, and so on. Investigating significant topics for Africa improvement Previous years: privatization, vitality, SME financing, transport, water AEO 2008: "Specialized Skills Development in Africa " Deeply established in African substances Network of nearby specialists, consistent exchange with partners Quality companion survey including AfDB nation and division market analysts An imperative apparatus AEO

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A solid African voice in strategy discourse AEO Promoting open verbal confrontation on monetary arrangements At national level (African approach creators) At territorial and mainland level (contribution for African Peer Review Mechanism) Building pointers following fundamental APRM regions of center Promoting best practice and lessons learned through experience Supporting the International Dialog on Africa\'s Development Monitoring limit working in framework, exchange, organizations Monitoring approach changes, money related streams for advancement Millennium Development Goals Monitoring progress in 31 nations in 2007, 35 in 2008 AEO, a joint AfDB/OECD/UNECA commitment to Goal 8

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Net Progression in Media Impact AEO Citations in standard media Source : OECD

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Practical association in arrangement results AEO The AEO adds to the issues bantered at today\'s EU-Africa Summit Water Inefficiencies not in assets, but rather in administration Transport Infrastructure Reverse disregard through vital PPP ventures drawing on outside subsidizing Energy Coordination of provincial vitality speculation structures SME financing Facilitation of SME-business benevolent situations

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Questions for the Summit AEO How can the African Economic Outlook create African economies? By what method can the AEO add to fortify the co-operation amongst Africa and Europe? In what capacity can African information all the more adequately into the AEO procedure?

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