AgIT Overhaul December, 2006.

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AgIT Upgrade December, 2006 Welcome and Plan Desktop IP Camcorder Establishments Microsoft Office Communicator IE 7, Microsoft Vista, Microsoft Office 2007 Lease Overhaul AgIT Occasion Hours Questions Move Call for inquiries Email to amid session
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AgIT Update December, 2006

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Welcome and Agenda Desktop IP Video Camera Installations Microsoft Office Communicator IE 7, Microsoft Vista, Microsoft Office 2007 Lease Update AgIT Holiday Hours Questions Roll Call for inquiries Email to amid session

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IP Video Installation Preparation Our new camera(s) arrived, what now? OR Scheduling the establishment Will be booked 1-2 weeks ahead of time The Installation Initial establishment will take 30-45 min, then 15 min for every staff part who will utilize camera Requires vicinity of every camera client

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Microsoft Office Communicator Secure distinct option for: AOL Instant Messenger MSN Messenger Yahoo Messenger, and so on Allows correspondence with other staff in Extension and College of Agriculture Stays inside of Purdue system

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Microsoft Office Communicator Use with earphone & amplifier set up of long separation phone in system Network is Extension and College of Agriculture Use with new IP Video camera for point to point “meetings” in system

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Internet Explorer 7 Download included in redesigns on Microsoft site if upgrading your home PC You can decide to download and introduce or not Being tried broadly on grounds now Not completely perfect with every momentum site Particular issues with locales utilizing falling templates Outlook Web Access (OWA) SAM uses falling templates.:

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Windows Vista will be default OS on home machines acquired mid 2007 Leased machines will keep on running on Windows XP AgIT will change OS to Vista strictly when testing on our framework No progressions will be made amid or quickly before reasonable season

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Office 2007 Office 2007 will be default on home machines obtained w/Office mid 2007 Leased machines will keep on having Office 2003 Office 2007 and prior versions…. 2007 recoveries with .docx augmentation which is contradictory with 2003 and more established. Can utilize “save as” and save in 97-2003 configuration Can download peruser Important to the individuals who convey records in the middle of home and work.

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Office 2007 AgIT will start testing Office 2007 after the year\'s first Internal testing will be first Extension workplaces to be test locales will be selected early ‘07 AgIT will relocate to Office 2007 on every single upheld machine in 2007 Migration not liable to happen until after 2007 County Fair Season

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Lease Update Current request has been sent to Gateway Expect new PCs to start landing in 3-4 weeks Printers may start touching base when 2 weeks Same procedure as late rent process for booking introduces Fax pressing rundown to AgIT contact to calendar introduce

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Network versus non-bolstered printers Several areas have bought printers with end of year monies “Supported” printers are those which permit AgIT to oversee them remotely Typically printers on the lease printers list Only bolstered new speck framework printer is the Epson LQ590 All others will be setup for individual machines in the workplace instead of put on the system

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Extension Database All 92 provinces have been upgraded to most flow rendition Reminder – when asked to “sync” dependably do as such Never store some other records on the “L” drive Training 12/14 at 2 pm – see Richard’s email Topic: Online Enrollment Documentation will be accessible online Educators can utilize the “view only” secret word to get to data in ED without the alternative to roll out improvements

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AgIT Holiday Hours AgIT watches University Holidays AgIT will be Closed: December 19 from 11:30 – 1:30 for Ag Administration Building Holiday Luncheon December 20 8 am to 11:00 am for AgIT December Staff Meeting December 22, December 25, December 26, January 1 – Holiday Break January 15 – Martin Luther King Holiday AgIT Hours are 7:30 am to 5:00 pm every other weekday

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Useful Links AgIT Webpage: Help Page: Purdue page: web access:

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Thanks and Questions Thank you for taking part in this IP Video session Roll call for Questions Email inquiries to

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Happy Holidays! Merry C

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