Agritourism in Colorado : The Guests, the Financial matters and the Open doors.

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Outside entertainment (angling, chasing, untamed life photography, horseback riding) ... Of Wine and Wildlife: Assessing Market Potential for Colorado Agritourism ...
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Agritourism in Colorado : The Visitors, the Economics and the Opportunities Dawn Thilmany & Martha Sullins Colorado State University Extension Department of Ag & Resource Economics March 2007 Photo: Tammy Mattics Photo: Randy Mills Photo: Pat Martin Photo: Joel Boymel

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Growing Agritourism in Colorado Understanding the scene Producer stock, 2005 – Colorado Dept of Agriculture Agritourism registry on-line, 2007 – Colorado Dept of Agriculture Producer stock, 2007 – Colorado Dept of Agriculture & CSU Photo: Nat Coalson

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Growing Agritourism in Colorado Understanding Colorado\'s agritourists" Consumer study, 2007 – Colorado Dept of Agriculture & CSU Photo: Karen Seim

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Growing Agritourism in Colorado Supporting organizations & groups 3 maker workshops (Steamboat, Akron) 2 planned workshops (La Junta, Cortez, Delta) Numerous people group outreach presentations 4 actuality sheets and more to desire tech. asst. Photograph: Mary Erlenborn

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In Colorado, agritourism incorporates: Outdoor amusement (angling, chasing, untamed life photography, horseback riding). Instructive encounters (ranch and cannery visits, cooking classes, wine sampling, steers drives, ranch work). Excitement (harvest celebrations, corn labyrinths). Cordiality administrations (homestead and farm stays, guided visits, supplier administrations). On-ranch direct deals (u-pick operations, roadside stands). Off-the-homestead direct deals (ranchers\' business sectors, region and state fairs, unique occasions). Photograph: Jim Deeds Photo: Tina Beedy Photo: Carol Lauer Photo: Susan Hickel

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Why is agritourism essential? The travel and tourism industry has turned out to be progressively imperative in the Intermountain West: 90% of aggregate occupation in a few provinces is in the business A sum of 106 Western rustic regions had more than 1,000 travel and tourism employments in 2000 Ag pay & broadening: $10.1 million in recreational administrations in 2002 Moffat had most elevated recreational salary at $1.3 million (63% of aggregate homestead pay) Tourism as Ag Industry Education/Promotion Tool!! Source: Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, Economic Review, 2003; USDA Census of Ag., 2002.

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Targeting voyager sections "Group" guests by like qualities Planning Mode of travel Activities picked Expenditures, and so on. Less demanding to create durable promoting techniques than for "normal" explorer We can characterize them… … .focus on those with most noteworthy potential … ..and make proposals

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Agritourism guests by bunch Out-of-State Activity Seekers 97% out of state +970,000/year Spend $228/day * Mostly impromptu Family Ag Adventurers 76% out of state +4.5 million/year $153/day *plan for agritourism; travel long separations Loyal CO Enthusiasts 62% in-state +3.6 million/year $110/day *diverse agritourism exercises; return frequently Visitorship in light of appraisals of 13.1 million agritourists going to Colorado in 2006.

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Agritourism guests by bunch In-State Explorers 62% in-state +3.9 million/year $132/day *least keen on agritourism however culinary occasions might be key Accidental Tourists 65% out of state 424,000/year $87/day *no relaxation arranging

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Economic commitment Overall, 13.2 million guests occupied with some agritourism in 2006: Total commitment to economy assessed at $2.2 billion with $1.26 billion in direct movement $1.7 billion from out of state  greater effect 14% of aggregate tourism by CTO gauges 14,665 in direct job (7% of tourism) Will these numbers be kept up or develop in 2007 and past? Photograph: Spencer George

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Looking ahead to… Partnerships & systems Of 398 in-state; 500 out-of-state explorers. Numerous reactions given 54% utilized 1 data source; 18% utilized 2 sources; 11% utilized 3 unique ones.

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Looking ahead to… Community-level contemplations Ave. fulfillment w/activities=1.58 (scale 1-5); less fulfillment w/some base No. times said over all respondents

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Planning for… Producer concerns Source: 2007 Producer Survey, Colorado Dept. of Agriculture. N=91

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Challenges Shifting guests from impromptu to arranged agritourism Increases uses at neighborhood level Rounding out outings: 87% of all explorers were fulfilled by their visits But 13% would have loved more agritourism and different exercises to round out their excursion; would have paid for it Creating impression that Colorado is a "decent esteem" trip for them, particularly those with substantial cost to travel Especially those for whom CO is a major, arranged cost on relaxation Improving tourism foundation for agritourism Tying more on-homestead & farm exercises to sustenance situated occasions Directional signage to make voyagers more mindful & coordinated Interpretative signage for those needing an instructive affair

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Partnerships to Address Cha llenges Colorado Tourism Office Expand data and advancement through these mainstream arranging assets Colorado Department of Agriculture Directories, MarketMaker Other Partnerships USDA Rural Development programs, Division of Wildlife, County Ag Boards and Economic Development organizations

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Colorado Farm Fresh 24 th Edition New! Agritourism Activities Over 100 homesteads that offer direct to open 90,000 duplicates dispersed statewide

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New Resource for Promotion Market Maker is a free apparatus to: Help Consumers discover Producers Help Producers Promote their Operations and Products Assess the nourishment and agribusiness of a region: Providing a stock and incredible systems administration asset

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Search Example Can zoom into or out of a zone… . Influences databases and catalogs

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Promotion Possibilities MarketMaker is coming to Colorado!! Joint effort of CDA and CSU Extension We will add the agritourism index Important to get everybody\'s data Develop your Web nearness now Other Features Buyers/dealers discussion More inquiry abilities

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More Details

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Who are Colorado\'s "agritourists?" The Average Traveler to Colorado agritourism in 2005-06 57% out-of-state (AZ, NM or UT), fluctuates by locale 37% had earnings over $75,000/year while just 12% earned under $30,000/year 46 years of age and 73% wedded: 20% guardians w/kids under 6; while 22% have children 6+ years of age; 15% are resigned couples; 28% are more youthful couples, no children 15% are singles 90% recognized themselves as White (7% of these Hispanic) How can this influence your promoting methodologies?? Compares to different studies on general & legacy voyager attributes

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Resources Fact sheets at Of Wine and Wildlife: Assessing Market Potential for Colorado Agritourism Colorado\'s Agritourists: Who are the Adventurers, the Seekers and the Explorers? Agritourism in Colorado: A Closer Look at Regional Trends Web website

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What are explorers spending? * Significantly diverse at a 95% certainty level.

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