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How to Win with Danaher Motion!. AHTD Symposium - Micron. April 4-5, 2006 Howard Horn. History of Micron . Founded in 1952 Specialized in high precision gears for major aerospace guidance/navigation instrument manufacturers.
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Instructions to Win with Danaher Motion! AHTD Symposium - Micron April 4-5, 2006 Howard Horn

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History of Micron Founded in 1952 Specialized in high accuracy gears for real aviation direction/route instrument makers. Effectively developed to completely coordinated building outline and assembling organization 1970 - 1980\'s Global administration in adapted resolver position criticism transducers. Accentuation on machine instruments and mechanical autonomy ventures. Extended product offering to give restorative and power transmission arrangements. 1990\'s Revolutionized movement control with presentation of True Planetary* gearheads . Joined Thomson Industries family in 1995. "One Stop Shop" for exactness direct and revolving movement control needs. 2000\'s Upgraded all True Planetary gearheads to be Redimount consistent Over 50 years of assembling knowledge in Motion control items Joined Danaher Motion in 2002 as COE of Gearing Technology.

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Why Use Micron Gearheads? Unmatched Product Breadth Micron fabricates the biggest choice of Planetary Gearheads on the planet. More than 1000 size and proportion blends settle on Micron the gearhead of decision at both Distributors and OEMs. The True Planetary Advantage All of the gearheads made at Micron are 100% planetary for higher torque limit and accuracy. The Helical Advantage Micron\'s UltraTRUE outline makes the Planetary favorable position one stride promote. The apparatuses are in a planetary introduction however are cut in a helical profile for higher torque and exactness abilities as well as smoother, calmer operation. RediMount System Micron utilizes the most adaptable mounting framework on the planet. The RediMount framework is a mistake free, three stage mounting framework who\'s measured plan permits the gearhead to be loaded independently. Speediest Delivery Micron has 24 Hour conveyance accessible through the Gearhead Express program on the most prominent sizes and proportions. Standard Delivery is 1 week on in-line and 2 weeks on R/An Ease of Customization Although Micron\'s standard list item gives you more than 1000 selections of sizes and proportions, we don\'t stop there. We invite adjustment solicitations to existing outlines and "white sheet of paper" custom open doors.

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Unmatched Product Breadth Precision - 13-18 bend min kickback EQ Series NemaTRUE 90 NemaTRUE Plus High Precision - 8 curve min backfire DuraTRUE 90 DuraTRUE 90 Dual Shaft DuraTRUE 90 Hollow Shaft Ultra Precision - 4 circular segment min kickback UltraTRUE 90 EverTRUE ValueTRUE 90

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The Helical Advantage All Helical Gearheads are not the same! Expanded Contact Ratio: The contact proportion is characterized as the quantity of teeth in work at any given time. The expanded contact proportion from goad to helical outfitting will bring about the accompanying: 30-half more torque limit than goad sort planetary equipping. Expanded load sharing which will bring about longer life. Whisper calm and smoother operation. Bring down Backlash (2 curve min demon). Average contact proportion for identical goad equipping is 1.5 Contact proportion for helical outfitting is 3.3 (more than 2X) Helix Angle Micron: 15 degrees Competition: 12 degrees

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RediMount Mounting System For use on ALL of Micron\'s Planetary Gearhead Product Lines. 1-Slide the gave bushing into the center point and adjust the opening in the bushing with the space in the center point. 2-Rotate the center to adjust input lodging access opening with the center point bracing jolts. 3-Slide your engine into the gearhead and jolt together. Must be mounted in an engine shaft vertical up position for concentricity. Engine Gearhead Sleeve Input lodging access openings

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RediMount Advantages Micron\'s inventive RediMount framework gives mistake free establishment to any engine. Each Redimount pack is engine particular - not gearhead particular & is totally separate from the gearhead This permits the accompanying: Changing engines in the field effortlessly Each particular unit can mount to any Thomson Micron gearhead inside similar casing size Mounting units can be loaded independently which makes conceivable Micron\'s GEARHEAD EXPRESS Program – 24 Hour Delivery

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Fastest Delivery! Lead Times Standard In-Line Gearheads: 1 weeks Standard Right Angle Gearheads: 2 weeks Gearhead Express: 24 Hour Delivery (10% Premium) Over 44 Size And Ratio Combinations In Stock And Available for Immediate Delivery DuraTRUE Size 60,90,115,142 (3:1, 5:1, 10:1, 15:1, 30:1) UltraTRUE Size 60,75,100,140 (5:1, 10:1, 25:1) NemaTRUE Size 23, 34, 42 (3:1, 5:1, 10:1, 25:1)

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NemeTRUE (English & Metric) 5 Available Frame Sizes Size 17, 23, 34, 42 & 56 2 Front Face Mounting Options English NT17/NT23/NT34/NT42/NT56 Metric NT60/NT90/NT115/NT142 Select Ratios in Stock for 24 hr shipment (3:1, 5:1, 10:1, 25:1) RediMount System obliges any engine Exact proportions from 3:1 to 100:1 13 bend minutes of kickback Lifetime greased up 1 Week Delivery

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NemaTRUE 90 (Right Angle) 3 Available Frame Sizes Size 23, 34 & 42 RediMount* framework suits any engine True Planetary* & PowerTRUE* outfitting Exact proportions from 1:1 to 500:1 13 curve minutes of backfire Lifetime greased up 90% effectiveness 2 Week Delivery

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DuraTRUE (Inline) 4 Available Frame Sizes DT60, DT90, DT115 & DT142 RediMount* framework suits any engine Select Ratios in stock for 24 hr conveyance (3:1, 5:1, 10:1, 15:1 & 30:1) Exact proportions from 3:1 to 100:1 8 circular segment minutes of backfire Lifetime greased up True Planetary Gearing 90% productivity 1 Week Delivery

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DuraTRUE 90 (Right Angle) 4 Available Frame Sizes with 4 arrangements DTR60, DTR90, DTR115 & DTR142 DTRS60, DTRS90, DTRS115, DTRS142 (Slim Line) Hollow & Dual Shafted Designs RediMount* framework gives blunder free establishment to any engine True Planetary* & PowerTRUE* adapting Exact proportions from 1:1 to 500:1 8 bend minutes of kickback Lifetime greased up 90% proficiency 2 Week Delivery

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UltraTRUE (Inline) 8 Available Frame Sizes UT006/UT075/UT090/UT010/UT115/UT014/UT018/UT022 Helical Crowned True Planetary Gearing RediMount framework gives mistake free establishment to any engine 24 hour Delivery Available in select proportions for size 6, 7.5, 10 and 14 (5:1, 10:1, 25:1) Exact proportions from 4:1 to 100:1 4 bend minutes of backfire Lifetime greased up 92% proficiency 1 Week Delivery

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UltraTRUE 90 (Right Angle) 7 Available Frame Sizes UTR006/UTR075/UTR090/UTR010 UTR115/UTR014/UTR018 Helical Crowned True Planetary Gearing & PowerTRUE Gearing RediMount framework gives mistake free establishment to any engine Exact proportions from 1:1 to 50:1 4 circular segment minutes of backfire Lifetime greased up 95% effectiveness 2 Week Delivery

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New Product Releases Micron\'s EverTRUE Continuous Duty Gearhead – Now Available Features and Benefits Available in 100m 140 and 180mm Specifically intended for day in and day out persistent running applications 3 times (30,000 hours) benefit life Higher efficiencies (3-6% change) Lower working temperatures (140F at 3000 Rpm) 14% not exactly Industrial standard 4 curve minutes of backfire 20% decrease over Industry standard Redimount engine mounting framework Mounts blunder allowed to any servo in 3 simple strides Delivery: 2 weeks on all sizes and proportions - COMING IN Q3 - EverTRUE Right Angle

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New Product Releases Micron\'s ValueTRUE NEW – Low Cost Helical Gearhead Prototypes Available Now – Literature in mid April Features and Benefits 8 Available Frame Sizes: 60mm to 220mm. Inline and Right Angle Helical Crowned True Planetary Gearhead 90% of the execution at around 60% of the cost! Cost aggressive with lower cost rivalry. Ultra Precision Backlash: 4 circular segment min Redimount consistent.

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Competitive Comparison Lubrication Many of our rivals grease up their gearheads with oil and require upkeep. All of Micron Gearheads are greased up for life with no support required and no sympathy toward spillage. Contenders that utilization oil: Alpha, Neugart and Bayside (PS/RS) Heat-Treat Process Several of our rivals utilize a synthetic warmth treat handle called plasma nitride that solidifies the riggings to a profundity of .001". Micron\'s UltraTRUE and ValueTRUE riggings are callous to HRC60 and have a hardness profundity of .030". That is 30 times that of the opposition. Micron additionally re-machines those riggings to take out any distortions brought about by the warmth treat handle. This would be difficult to do with a plasma nitride equip since the thin layer of hardness would be evacuated. This "hard shell" over a delicate apparatus won\'t hold up to the pinnacle torque of a callous rigging. Contenders that utilization plasma nitride: Apex, Bayside

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Competitive Comparison (cont) Superior Helix Angle Micron\'s UltraTRUE and ValueTRUE helical apparatuses are cut at a point of 15 º . The greater part of our rivals that offer helical outfitting cut their riggings at a point of 12 º . Actuality: The higher the helix point, the more teeth in work at any given time. This 25% expansion in the helix point brings about a 17-20% increment in torque limit and smoother and calmer operation. This better helix edge additionally offers over a 40% expansion in torque limit when thought about than straight cut goad gears. Contenders that utilization a 12 degree helix point: Alpha, Bayside, Apex, Stober Competitors that utilization straight cut planetary apparatuses: CGI, Gam, Neugart Mounting All of Micron\'s gearheads utilize the creative RediMount framework. The RediMount is a simple, mistake free, three stage mounting framework whose secluded outline permits mounting packs to be changed in the field or loaded independently. Additionally, numerous contenders utilize one and only screw to clasp to the engine shaft. The RediMount utilizes two screws for a higher clipping power and dispensing with the sympathy toward slippage. Contenders that have engine particular gearheads: Alpha, Bayside, Gam, Neugart, Stober,

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