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The aurora borealis ( Aurora Borealis) speaks to the excellence and puzzle of our characteristic world. The mountain is an outline of Denali. ...
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AIANEA - APIO Employee Training Conference Anchorage, Alaska August 14 - 18, 2006 Conference Logo Representation of Alaska The huge scoop and north star (Alaska State Flag, outlined by an Alaska Native secondary school student).  The aurora borealis ( Aurora Borealis) speaks to the excellence and riddle of our characteristic world.  The mountain is an outline of Denali. It speaks to the wilds and toughness of Alaska. The waterway with salmon returning.  It speaks to NRCS\' responsibility to preservation and it additionally speaks to the Native people groups of Alaska connection with nature and their reliance on salmon. 

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AIANEA and APIO 2006 Joint Training Session Diversity of our representatives and information picked up via preparing are two variables which keeps NRCS the best Federal organization in the USDA. The AIANEA and APIO representative affiliations will meet mutually in an instructional meeting. The teachers are either NRCS workers who are at the bleeding edge of this information or outside instructors known and regarded for their abilities. The greater part of the instructional meetings will be relevant to the kind of work done by most by far of representatives.

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Alaska is a distant spot, Where mountains rise and fall.

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With numerous an ethnic race, And the waterways send their call.

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Its lavishness welcomes you to come, With camera, family and companion.

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The excellence abandons you numb, The grand vistas never end.

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Come and see what you need, To be superior to anything you are.

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Learning you should yield, Will help you turn into a star.

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So under the long summer\'s sun, And the gleaming Northern Lights,

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Just think about the learning fun And your freshly discovered working bytes .

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Do you truly require a reason, To see new terrains and appearances?

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Come, be a piece of the NRCS team, And go along with us in newly discovered spots.

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