Air Checking Is Cleaning Our Town.

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A residential community in the Cascade's foothills Mountains between ... commercial ventures. Known for our Bluegrass and Classic Rock Festivals. What's more, lovely landscape! ...
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Air Monitoring Is Helping To Clean Our Town Students point of view of Local Air Quality

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Where Is Darrington? Populace 1,200 A residential community in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains amongst Seattle and Canada Rural environment, logging and timber ventures. Known for our Bluegrass and Classic Rock Festivals.

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And excellent landscape!

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Darrington But the encompassing mountains can bring about air quality issues.

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Darrington High School Student body < 300. Science Club-an assorted gathering Today… … . What we\'ve realized as a consequence of this work.

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Continuous fine Pm Nephelometer Aethalometer Air Monitoring at DHS

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So how is our air quality? Great in the late spring. Exhaust cloud and Ozone not an issue. In the winter… … ?

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Wood smoke in Darrington

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Air Stagnation in Darrington

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Comparison to Marysville

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Air Quality Days The great and the awful

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Do we abuse the NAAQS?

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Annual Average

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What we have learned… We have issues!

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Our issues are… Darrington has a contamination issue Residential wood blazing Potential infringement of EPA gauges Changing our practices will be a test. Decreasing wood smoldering will adjust the issue.

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What have we learned and by what means would we be able to have any kind of effect Pollution is an issue in Darrington. Particularly from wood blazing Not from the Mill We can\'t change the climate however can change ourselves.

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Science Club In Action

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What\'s going on now Our town is building up a project to supplant wood smoldering gadgets. Our science project is presently concentrating on air quality matters. We are attempting to get more individuals to see the advantages of cleaning our air. Consistently now we hope to see what is truly happening.

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Our educator\'s point of view Science project and group benefits Ties with Biology and Earth Science subjects Students make more extensive associations and significance to their own lives and families\' wellbeing another consciousness of air poisons The open door for understudy learning in numerous orders

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Thanks! It would be ideal if you visit us at the notice session for inquiries and more data!

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Poster items

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Less than a large portion of the 24-hour standard of 65 µg/m 3

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Air Quality and Meteorology When there is awful climate the contamination gets to be caught in our valley.

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Human conduct and the Weather People carry on contrastingly as the climate changes Winter wood blazing This adds to air contamination particularly when the climate is stagnant Results affect our personal satisfaction

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Temperature Inversions and Air Stagnation What does temperature do with rise? What is a Temperature Inversion? What part does Temperature play in Air Quality

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Pollution is blended out Normal conditions Temp Decreases With rise

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Temp Increases with rise then reductions Top of reversal

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New Weather items for Darrington

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Darrington Special Weather Tools

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Darrington Special Weather Tools

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