Air transportation in Lithuania .

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There is a finished arrangement of avionics related organizations in Lithuania having plausibility to ... BRIEF HISTORY (1950-1990) A. Gustaitis Aviation Institute is the primary aeronautical ...
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Prof. Dr. Habil . Jonas Stank ū nas Co-creator s : Eng . K ę stutis Leonavi č ius Eng. Virgilijus Kaminskas Eng . Stasys Skalskis Eng. Vytautas Ma č iulis Vilnius Gediminas Technical University A. Gustaitis Aviation Institute Aeronautics in Lithuania –Education , Research and Industry

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VILNIUS GEDIMINAS TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY Antanas Gustaitis Aviation Institute Faculty of Architecture Faculty of Business Management Faculty of Civil Engineering Faculty of Electronics Faculty of Environmental Engineering Faculty of Fundamental Sciences Faculty of Transport Engineering Faculty of Mechanics

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ANTANAS GUSTAITIS AVIATION INSTITUTE Aviation Technologies Department Aviation Mechanics Department Avionics Department Aviation Research Laboratory Flight Training Unit Air activity Control Training Unit

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ANTANAS GUSTAITIS AVIATION INSTITUTE Electronics Aviation Mechanics Automation Aircraft Piloting Air Traffic Control Aviation Business Management

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Aeronautics in Lithuania – Education Research and Industry STRUCTURE OF AVIATION IN LITHUANIA 14 pros 2 planes 220 masters 21 plane 1974 experts 560 planes

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STRUCTURE OF LITHUANIAN AVIATION INDUSTRY PRODUCT . Outline RESEARCH LEARNING STATE ORG. Open ORG. REPAIR Helisota Termikas AviaBaltika "Sportine aviacija" "Helisota" VGTU AGAI LAF VGTU AGAI KTU CAA LAPIA LAK MANUF ACT. Sportine Av Helisota OVERHA UL LAL TC Aeronautics in Lithuania – Education Research and Industry LITHUANIAN AVIATION INDUSTRY There is a finished arrangement of avionics related organizations in Lithuania having possibilit y to create, make and repair light and medium size flying machines .

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Aeronautics in Lithuania – Education Research and Industry BRIEF HISTORY (1920-1940) History of assembling Lithuanian light planes began after WWI, when independe ce of the Republic of Lithuania was restored. There is a rundown of a few planes composed by well known pre-war aeronautical originators: J. Dobkevichius warriors Dobi-1, Dobi-2, Dobi-3 (1922-1925) B. Oshkinis essential lightweight planes T-1, T-2, MO (1930-1935) B. Karvelis sport lightweight planes BK-1, BK-2 (1938-1940) A. Gustaitis recon n aissance and assault planes ANBO-I, ANBO-II, ANBO-III , ANBO-I V, ANBO-41, ANBO-V, ANBO-VIII (1925-1939)

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Aeronautics in Lithuania – Education Research and Industry BRIEF HISTORY (19 50 - 19 90 ) Specialized in manufactur e of light and game planes, Lithuania was the main spot in previous SU where current composite lightweight planes were created and produced. LAK-9,10,12,15 Lietuva Open class lightweight flyer 1972-199 0 LAK-11 Nida 15 m class lightweight plane 1977-1985 LAK-14,16 Strazdas Primary lightweight flyer 1980-1996 LAK-5,8 Nemunas Two-place motorglider 1975-1985 BRO-9,11,16,17,21,23 Ultralight planes 1954-1985

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Aeronautics in Lithuania – Education Research and Industry AERONAUTICAL RESEARCH FIELDS A. Gustaitis Aviation Institute is t he principle aeronautical exploration focus in Lithuania. The m ain examination fields are as recorded: Low speed streamlined s 3D plan m etho d s Satellite based innovations in flying Measurement in flying Aviation drug Technical diagnostics and non-dangerous testing & support Aviation and geodesy Analysis and advancement of UAV (wellbeing and security, air activity mix issues) On-g round and in-flight testing (in participation with Sportine Aviacija organization)

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Low speed optimal design Aerodynamic exploration works began at Sportine Aviacija processing plant 30 years prior are being proceeded at the A. Gustaitis Aviation Institute : Low speed airfoils innovative work for game and light planes. Nonlinear streamlined of a limited traverse wings. PC based wind current demonstrating.

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3D outline techniques Digital 3D plan strategies for complex air ship surface models utilizing cutting edge CAD-CAE programming: Development of advanced 3D models of plane structure utilizing spline (NURBS) bends and surfaces Mediun and abnormal state CAD-CAE programming application for improvement of complex plane surface models Analysis and choice of various techniques for 3D shape demonstrating

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Satellite based advances in flying Application of differential GPS for route and airport regulation GPS estimations for Swed ish and Lithuanian examinations of the Earth center developments Producing and transmission of DGPS remedies for landing flying machine. Utilization of satellite based advances to flight security. GPS for unmanned air vehicles (UAV) on the way route.

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Measurements for flight Multipurpose utilization of revolving encoding Two-dimen s ional utilization of rotating encoders for direction following and estimations in ILS Two-and t hree dimen s ional estimations for aeronautics purposes combin ed with GPS gadgets On-ground estimation in avionics industry.

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Aviation medication Research of pilot working conditions and psycho/physiological changes at work. Assessment of impact of working conditions on wellbeing and working limit. Choice of prophylactic intends to enhance working conditions, working limit and wellbeing. Non-obtrusive estimation of hearth work, blood course and thickness parameters by ultrasonic techniques in flying.

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Technical Diagnostics and Non-Destructive Testing & Maintenance Visual Testing (JAR-145 endorsement No F-31/E) Borescopes, Fiberscopes, Microscopes, Optical Micrometers, photograph and video recording Eddy Current Testing (JAR-145) Surface and subsurface braking blemishes, electrical conductivity test, c oating thickness estimations Magnetic Particle Testing (JAR-145) Fluorescent ink, UV dark lightning, all magnetiz ing strategies Ultrasonic Testing An output, thickness gages, composite materials testing Penetrant Testing (JAR-145) Fluorescent and unmistakable color penetrants, affectability level 3 Maintenance

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Aviation and geodesy Geophysical displaying of Lithuanian landscape. Change of the overall geophysical model. Examination of territorical geoid in Lithuania. Attractive field research in Lithuanian domain, investigation of the geodynamic procedure es . Improvement of national GPS, gravimetric and vertical geodesic system.

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Analysis and advancement of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) UAV\'s (Unmanned Air Vehicles) are a standout amongst the most point of view sorts of light plane structures to create, make and use (for common or/and barrier purposes) in Lithuania. UAV and MAV air movement incorporation issues (wellbeing and security, airport regulation)

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Aeronautics in Lithuania – Education Research and Industry NEW PROJECTS – LIGHT AIRPLANES Some of the new test planes outlined at Antanas Gustaitis\' Aviation Institute : We have a probability to utilize current CAD-CAE PC programming (Mechanical Desktop, CATIA, ANSYS and so on.) and intense Pentium 4 and RS6000 PCs.

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Aeronautics in Lithuania – Education Research and Industry MODERN LIGH T AIRPLANES FROM LITHUANIA - LAK-17 Prienai Sportine Aviacija organization has planned a standout amongst the most developed lightweight planes – LAK-17 . It is 15 - 18 m FAI class lightweight plane of carbonfibre structure and present day laminar wing area created in Lithuania. Its alteration LAK-19 (standard FAI class lightweight flyer ) was introduced in 2001.

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Aeronautics in Lithuania – Education Research and Industry MODERN LIGHT AIRPLANES FROM LITHUANIA – LAK-X Helisota Ltd from Kaunas is trying its light JAR-VLA class mentor LAK-X. It is a present day composite two spot plane with exceptional flight qualities and low fuel utilization. There are two primary changes of the plane with decision of two motors (95 or 125 hp).

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Aeronautics in Lithuania – Education Research and Industry NEW PROJECTS – UL SYSTEM FOR TRAINING PRIMARY TRAINING SYSTEM USING U L AIRPLANES UL coach Profession Developed at AGAI Made in Lithuania Primary lightweight plane UL preparing lightweight plane Sport Hobby The underlying flight preparing framework utilizing ultralight flying machines (lightweight flyers and planes) is assigned to advance proficient, game or leisure activity pilot \'s vocation .

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Aeronautics in Lithuania – Education Research and Industry NEW PROJECTS – UL AIRPLANES DEVELOPMENT Full cycle of air ship structures advancement – building the wing for the UL plane: Research Design Production Testing

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Conclusions There is very much created arrangement of aeronautical examination and industry foundations in Lithuania, skilled to create, assemble and redesign cutting edge light and medium size air ship. It empowers Lithuania succesfully incorporate into the global aeronautical movement. The fundamental aeronautical exploration association of Lithuania – A. Gustaitis Aviation Institute is a dynamic member of European Framework Programs 5 (UAV-NET) and goes for extending its action at the Framework Programs 6.

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Express of interest Low speed streamlined features 3D outline techniques Satellite based advances in flying Measurement in aeronautics Aviation pharmaceutical Technical diagnostics and non-damaging testing & support

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Express of interest Aviation and geodesy On-ground and in-flight testing (in collaboration with Sportine Aviacija organization) Analysis and improvement of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Practical preparing of pilots Development of useful abilities of air movement controllers Courses of aptitudes change

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ADDRESSES VILNIUS GEDIMINAS TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY Sauletekio al. 11, LT-2040 Vilnius, Lithuania Tel: 370 5 2 700115 fax: 370 5 2 700114 email: Rector: Prof. Dr Habil. Romualdas GINEVIČIUS Internet: ANTANAS GUSTAITIS AVIATION INSTITUTE Rodūnės kelias 30, LT-2038 Vilnius, Lithuania Tel/fax 370 5 2 329321 email: jonas.stankunas@ai.vtu

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