Akiak A Tale from the Iditarod .

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Akiak A Tale from the Iditarod. By: Robert Blake Presented by: Sharon Coffield. Characters. Akiak-Main Mick Other dogs on the teams Willy Ketchum. Setting. Alaska Anchorage to Nome. Main Idea.
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Akiak A Tale from the Iditarod By: Robert Blake Presented by: Sharon Coffield

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Characters Akiak-Main Mick Other canines on the groups Willy Ketchum

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Setting Alaska Anchorage to Nome

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Main Idea Akiak is the lead puppy in the Iditarod race and is harmed. He was harmed and was deserted to show signs of improvement. He returned to complete the race with his group.

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Problem The issue is when Akiak harms his paw and must be abandoned to show signs of improvement.

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Solution Akiak did not have any desire to be abandoned so he discovered out of the vet. He kept running past every one of the men and after that joined his group again to complete the race.

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Reflection/Meaning of the Story I think the importance of the story is that you ought to never surrender and complete what you begin. Akiak demonstrated this in the story by returning when he was harmed to complete the race. When I was playing ball I fell and "ate it" before everybody. I was SO humiliated in any case, I got move down and continued playing until the quarter was over. I felt incredible after the diversion was over that I completed what I began!

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Comprehension Questions 1. Why did Akiak need to be abandoned? 2. Why do you think a man opened the entryway for Akiak? Would you have done likewise? 3. At the point when Akiak discovered Mick and the group why did she ride in the sled?

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