All that You Generally Needed to Think About Catreqs Yet Were Hesitant to Inquire....

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Dates for Movies. For a DVD or VHS recording you are indexing the thing close by. ... not the date the substance was initially demonstrated as a film or TV program. ...
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All that You Always Wanted to Know About Catreqs But Were Afraid to Ask... Displayed by The Technical Services Committee of the EIN User\'s Group 10/05/2005

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Introduction Susan Hudak (CLP)

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General Catreq Tips and Trouble Spots Tracy Ortman (EIN) Donna Hedge (EIN)

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Expediting the Process Here are several tips for enhancing your catreqs. Clearing up these hazy areas implies less time investigating catreqs for everybody.

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Publication Numbers Any numbers you find on your thing are constantly exceptionally supportive. If you don\'t mind don\'t hesitate to include the same number of these (ISBN, UPC, Manufacturers #s) as you feel great with. You can put any number in the 500 field.

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Edition Statement (250) A version is not the same thing as a printing. Printing data does not have to go in the version articulation. In the event that there is no release proclamation on the verso then leave the 250 clear. In the event that there is a version explanation elsewhere on the thing, place it in a note letting us know where you found the data.

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Publisher (260) Please utilize the distributer on the cover sheet of the thing in the event that one is recorded. The cover sheet frequently records the engraving of the distributer of a thing. The engraving is the thing that you need to use in the 260. In the event that you think it is critical to have both recorded or are not certain which is the right distributer, then place one in the 260 and the other in a 500 and let us know where it was found on the thing.

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Dates for Movies For a DVD or VHS recording you are indexing the thing close by. You need to utilize the dispersion date for the DVD or VHS recording, not the date the substance was initially appeared as a motion picture or TV program.

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Screen Formats A film may list that it is widescreen or full screen. It might likewise utilize one of these terms or perspective proportions. Widescreen may likewise be indicated as 1.66:1, 16:9, 1.78:1, 2.35:1 Full screen may likewise be meant as 4:3, 1.33:1 Films may likewise be letterboxed If you are not certain if a film is full screen or widescreen, you can put the perspective proportion in a note field for us to explore.

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Too Much is Better than Too Little You can simply put any additional data in the note (500) field. We would preferably have an excessive amount of data than too little.

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Information Requests from the Database Group Please recollect, in the event that we get in touch with you for extra data it doesn\'t as a matter of course mean you have made a mistake. It just implies that there is something that should be cleared up in the record we have found.

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CD-ROMS Jimi Huttenhower (Bethel Park)

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CD-ROMS The main hotspot for indexing CD-ROMs and PC plates is the title screen. Regularly however, the title is from the CD-ROM or PC circle name. Continuously, make a note in the index record indicating what was picked as the central source, e.g., Title from title screen or Title from mark on circle. You can some of the time attempt to see the cd rom yet heading off to the begin catch and going to run capacity.

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CD-ROMS 1. Material sort "m" for electronic asset 2. 020 ISBN # If there is one 3. 245 (title) General material designator (GMD) for CD-ROMs and PC circles is ‡h[electronic resource] The 245 title is taken from the main source as demonstrated previously. Title varieties regularly show up in going with material, and so on. These ought to be included as a 500 field.

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CD-ROMS 4. 300 (physical portrayal range) The physical unit for the CD-ROM is PC optical circles The ‡c is dependably 4 3/4 in. 5. 500 (Notes field) This field ought to incorporate framework prerequisites, the variant of the album rom, going with material, production numbers, arrangement data, and some other essential focuses about the compact disc rom.

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Books on Cassette & The Library Edition Statement Nancy Henderson (McKeesport)

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Books on Cassette MATERIAL TYPE i Spoken tape LCCN 010 skip ISBN 020 10 digit ISBN goes here. On the off chance that there is a 13 digit ISBN, you can include another 020 field and place it in also. Creator 100 Last name, First name.

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Books on Cassette TITLE 245 Title here. Try not to utilize introductory articles (an, a, the) EDITION 250 Abridged ed. on the other hand Unabridged ed. (on the off chance that known) PUBLISHER 260 Place :|bPublisher, |cdate. Depiction 300 Number of tapes (time if given) :|banalog, 1 7/8 ips. (tapes are constantly simple)

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Books on Cassette NOTE 500 Publisher numbers go here. You may discover these on the tapes and/or on the compartments. Some other data that you think will help the database bunch locate a decent face cloth record can be placed in a 500 field. SUBJECT 650 catreq mm/dd/yr your library\'s 2 letter INITIALS 997 your library\'s 2 letter initials took after by your initials

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Library Edition Regular edition Library release Unabridged or no version articulation "Library version" proclamation Regular cardboard container Plastic/vinyl compartment – endures longer Cost @ $30 & up Costs @ $60 & up (contingent upon # of tapes or CDs)

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Library Edition If a section is lost or harmed, merchant does not supplant part-should purchase entire thing. On the off chance that a section is lost or harmed, seller will supplant part at a sensible cost or free (contingent upon merchant\'s arrangement) ISBN number Different ISBN number

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Library Edition The distributer/wholesaler is the same. The quantity of CD\'s and Cassettes is the same. The peruser is the same. Substance is the same.

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Library Edition Technical Services Committee prescribed that there be stand out napkin record for such things. The Database Group dealt with consolidating such chin-wiper records. So now you may see two ISBN numbers in the same face cloth record, in many cases indicating two unique costs. The 250 tag will indicate "Complete ed." however not "Library ed."

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Library Edition What to do when preparing a Library release of a book recording on CD or tape: Search the inventory for your thing. On the off chance that you locate the "standard" version you may utilize it. You may include the extra ISBN number. Try not to include "Library ed." in the 250 field. Include an inside note in the ITEM RECORD that says "Library ed."

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Library Edition Use "x" for inner note, not "m" for message. Your staff won\'t have any desire to see that pop up each time a thing is looked at in or! Be that as it may, it will be useful for knowing the amount to charge a benefactor for an individual lost CD or tape.

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Library Edition If you have to do a CATREQ, do it as you typically would. Try not to include the "Library ed." in the version explanation. As above, include an inside note ("x") in the ITEM RECORD that says "Library ed."

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Books on CD & MP3 CD Lesle Dunn (Shaler)

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Books on CD MAT TYPE: n 010 |a200632549 [usually not available] LCCN 020 |a1419335154 [on packaging] ISBN 100 1 |aKing, Laurie R. [from CD surface] AUTHOR

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Books on CD 245 14 |a Locked rooms |h [sound recording]/| c by Laurie R. Lord. [from CD surface] TITLE 250 |a Complete and unedited EDITION STATEMENT 260 | a Prince Frederick, Md :|b Recorded Books, LLC ,|c p2005. Distributer INFO

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Books on CD 300 | a 12 sound circles (14 hrs.) :|b advanced ;|c 4 ¾ in DESCRIPTION 500 | an "A novel of anticipation highlighting Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes" – subtitle from compartment NOTE 500 | an Unabridged. NOTE 650 |aCatreq 10/25/05 sald 997 |asald

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Books on CD In the 500 field put the data that you would find in these fields: 024 1 |a 9781419335150 SRN (upc code) 028 02 |a 02292 |b Recorded Books [on bundle and on CD usually] PUBLISHER # 511 | a Narrated by Jenny Sterlin. Entertainer NOTE

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Books on MP3 CD MAT TYPE: n 010 |a 200632549 [usually not available] LCCN 020 |a 0792729676 [on packaging] ISBN 100 1 |a Larkin, Patrick. [from CD surface] AUTHOR

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Books on MP3 CD 245 10 |a Robert Ludlum\'s Moscow vector |h [sound recording]/| c by Patrick Larkin. [from CD surface] TITLE 250 |a MP3 CD Unabridged unique library ed. Release STATEMENT 260 | a New York :|b Simon & Schuster Audio ,|c p2001. Distributer INFO

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Books on MP3 CD 300 | a 1 sound circle (28 hrs.) :|b advanced, MP3 position ;|c 4 ¾ in. Portrayal 500 | an "A medicinal thriller" – subtitle from container NOTE 500 | a "Project requires a MP-3CD player" NOTE

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Books on MP3 CD 500 | an Unabridged. NOTE 650 |aCatreq 10/25/05 sald 997 |asald

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Books on MP3 CD In the 500 field put the data that you would find in these fields: 024 1 |a 9781587888724 SRN (upc code) 028 02 |a MPC3-CD |b Simon & Schuster Audio [on bundle and on CD usually] PUBLISHER # 511 | a Read by George Guidell. PERFORMER NOTE 710 |aLudlum, Robert. ADDITIONAL AUTHOR

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Music CDs Kathy Amrhein (Lauri Ann West)

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Music CDs The main wellspring of data ought to be the plate. On the off chance that data is not accessible on the circle, look on the going with material and compartment. Note: "Cheat Sheets" for every single material sort are accessible at

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Music CDs CDS (MAT TYPE <j MUSIC CD>) Presented in the request they are entered in the layout for a catreq. The framework will supply the suitable field label number. Pointers are not required.

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Music CDs [010] LCCN [skip] [020] STANDARD # a 10 digit ISBN number (back of compartment) 0123456789 [ genuine ISBN is 0-1234-5678

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