Allegheny Power s Energy Efficiency Conservation Programs .

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Allegheny Power’s Energy Efficiency & Conservation Programs. Central PA ASHRAE Chapter Harrisburg April 20, 2010. Presentation Objectives. Program background Key dates and targets Basic program details Review PA PUC approved programs. PA Act 129: Background Information.
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Allegheny Power\'s Energy Efficiency & Conservation Programs Central PA ASHRAE Chapter Harrisburg April 20, 2010

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Presentation Objectives Program foundation Key dates and targets Basic program subtle elements Review PA PUC affirmed programs

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PA Act 129: Background Information Signed into law on October 15, 2008: Created vast Energy Efficiency and Conservation Program Applies to all EDC\'s with > 100,000 clients Requires EDC\'s to lessen electric utilization by: 1% by May 31, 2011 3% by May 31, 2013 Requires EDC\'s to diminish crest request by: 4.5% by May 31, 2013 Annual framework crest request in the 100 hours of most elevated request

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PA Act 129: Background data (cont) Smart Meter Implementation Plan documented August 14, 2009: Smart meter innovation is outfitted: Upon ask for from a client that consents to pay cost of keen meter In new building development In understanding w/devaluation plan not to surpass 15 years By January 1, 2011 (for AP) … Submit to PAPUC at least one Proposed TOU Rates

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Purpose of EE & C programs Offset expected power cost increments anticipated In PA, era rates that have been topped since 1997 terminate 1/1/2011 Customer Expectations Customers need more control over electric bills Decrease requirement for extra era and transmission lines TrAIL/PATH ventures proposed by Allegheny Power

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Completed 209,387 MWH 628,160 MWH 157 MW

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PA Act 129: Basic Program Details EE & C Plan must be savvy (benefits more prominent than costs) Programs must achieve all client classes ( private, business, mechanical & institutional) !0% of the vitality decreases must be from establishments (gov\'t, schools, colleges, & non-benefits) Program costs must be apportioned to client classes who cause the advantage Allegheny Power is liable to a punishment of $1million to $20 million for not meeting targets

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PA Act 129: Basic Program Details (cont) The cost of the general four year plan is topped at 2% of 2006 utility\'s incomes… .$94.6 million for Allegheny Power The cost of the Plan will be recuperated from clients. Rough cost is: $2.22 per 1000 kwhs for private clients $1.12 per 1000 kwhs for little estimated business $0.71 per 1000 kwhs for medium-sized business Full site dispatch of all projects by April 1 st . Site will contain all points of interest and applications for motivators

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Residential Programs

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Residential Programs (cont)

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C & I Programs

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Institutional - Nonprofit

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. It would be ideal if you get in touch with us: See Allegheny\'s Act 129 site at: and tap on the Watt Watchers logo. Select PA and Act 129 connection.

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