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Niagara Falls, NY. Washington. D.C. Columbus. GA. COD eMPN and Ancillary ... COD will never again be initiating the accompanying usefulness for the 2004-2005 ...
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Direct Loan Day Edits and Options

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Niagara Falls, NY COD School Relations Center (ACS) Washington D.C. COD Operations and Systems Management (Accenture) Columbus GA Montgomery AL COD System Hosting and Output Services (TSYS) COD eMPN and Ancillary Services (EDS)

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In this session… 2004-2005 Processing Changes Update Direct Loan Options MPN Processing COD and DLSS Top Direct Loan Edits Common Direct Loan EDExpress Edits

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2004-2005 Processing Changes Update COD will never again be founding the accompanying usefulness for the 2004-2005 honor year: Campus-Based handling School Report Options through the COD site Campus-Based Due to criticism on the proposed Campus-Based usefulness for the 2004-2005 grant year, improvements to Campus-Based usefulness are currently being investigated. The usage of Campus-Based handling has been put off pending further dialog of Campus-Based outline necessities. School Report Options COD won\'t give improved School Report Options. Current COD preparing will keep on allowing for the determination of constrained report conveyance, sort, and configuration choices by means of the web and by reaching Customer Service.

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Making COD work for you! Direct Loan Options

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Current School Report Options Direct Loan Reports The accompanying reports can be shown on the COD site by tapping on the Services tab. These reports are consequently sent to the schools SAIG letter box: 30 Day Warning Report Pending Disbursement List Report Funded Disbursement List Report Duplicate Student Borrower SSN/DOB/Name Change Report Format and conveyance alternatives for the above reports can be adjusted by getting to the Report Selection join on the School Summary Information Screen. Organization and conveyance adjustments for the SSN/DOB/Name Change Report must be made by reaching Customer Service.

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Report Selection Modify organization and conveyance choices utilizing the Report Selection screen on the School Information tab

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School Options Information COD Web Site The School Options Information page on the COD site empowers schools to change their inclinations for the accompanying choices: Web Activity Response: \'Y\' demonstrates reactions by means of the SAIG letter box Promissory Note Print: \'Y\' shows COD prints Disclosure Print: \'Y\' demonstrates COD prints This page additionally shows those alternatives set in COD by FSA. In the event that you feel one of the accompanying choices ought to be changed, please contact COD School Relations: Promissory Notes Type Disbursements Funded without Accepted Pnote Reason Code COD Automatically Generates Payment to School Based on Disbursements

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School Options Information Choose to get reactions from web action Indicate whether you or COD will print MPNs for borrowers Indicate whether you or COD will print Disclosure articulations

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School Options Information

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Common Record Response Options Schools can get either a Full Response or a Standard Response to Common Records submitted to COD through clump preparing. A Full Response contains all the first labels sent by the School and the majority of the rejected information components and reason codes. A Standard Response contains just the rejected information components and reason codes. The default reaction is the Standard Response. Note: EDExpress clients will dependably get a Full Response. Schools can choose to get a Full Response by presenting the Full Response Code tag on every Common Record accommodation.

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Common Record Response Options For web movement, Full Participant schools can get a reaction by means of their SAIG letter box or through the web. All web action reactions are Full Responses. The default reaction is a web reaction. Schools that might want to get a web movement reaction by means of their SAIG letter box can change their web reaction choice on the School Options Information site page.

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MPN Processing

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MPN Processing Then and Now * PLUS eMPN was executed in April 2003 2002 2003 eMPN handling represents 42% of promissory note preparing in 2003!

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MPN Processing Paper Processing Paper MPNs are handled in Montgomery, AL. Overnight, Express, or Certified Mail: Common Origination and Disbursement 474 South Court Street, Suite 400 Montgomery, AL 36104 Regular Mail: Common Origination and Disbursement P.O. Box 5692 Montgomery, AL 36103

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MPN Processing Paper Processing After the MPNs are gotten, the delivery show is checked on and the MPN is imaged into the framework MPN Imaging Paper MPNs are examined into the framework inside 3 business days. Shipping Manifest Review Occurs after effective MPN imaging. Show audit can take up to 10 business days amid pinnacle handling.

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MPN Processing Transmitting Data to COD Certain information components are accumulated electronically into an information record amid imaging of the paper MPNs. Key information components include: SSN Name Date of Birth This information, alongside comparable eMPN information, is transmitted to COD in a constant way. COD uses these information components to interface the MPN to a honor and after that sends a MPN affirmation by means of your SAIG letter drop.

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MPN Processing Linking Borrower identifier data on the honor and the MPN must match all together for the recompense and MPN to connect. A grant is connected to a MPN utilizing the accompanying information components: SSN Date of Birth First two characters of the borrower\'s first name OR initial two characters of the last name if the main name is clear Schools ought to remind borrowers that they should list the same identifier data (i.e. complete formal name) used to record the FAFSA on applications for a wide range of monetary guide.

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MPN Processing Linking Awards and MPNs that don\'t connect result in a deferral between the time a record is prepared in COD and the time it is adjusted at DLSS. Normal case of befuddled borrower identifier data: Identifier data on the MPN First Name: Wi lliam Smith SSN: 111222333 Date of Birth: 1985-07-16 Identifier data on the honor First Name: Bi ll Smith SSN: 111222333 Date of Birth: 1985-07-16

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MPN Processing Linking The accompanying are extra case of jumbled identifier data: Transposed First and Last Names Transposed character in SSN Typo or missing character in DOB First starting accommodated First Name Punctuation characters in First and/or Last Name Example: Origination: O\'Riley MPN: OR COD is as of now creating improved MPN and recompense coordinating criteria to reduce these connecting issues.

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MPN Processing Status of a MPN Status of a MPN can be kept an eye on the COD site : Paper MPNs Schools can check the status of a MPN before getting the show. Before checking the status, permit adequate time for mail conveyance of the MPN in addition to three days for the handling of the MPN.

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MPN Processing Status of a MPN eMPN data is transmitted to COD for the duration of the day. Schools can check that the eMPN application procedure was effective at the accompanying site: Select \'MPN Review\' and enter candidate\'s SSN and Date of Birth. If you don\'t mind contact COD School Relations if the eMPN procedure was effective and you didn\'t get an affirmation.

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MPN Processing Error Processing All paper MPN information is approved twice preceding presenting the information to COD to link to a grant. Manually written MPNs increment the likelihood of experiencing blunders and/or connecting issues. Lawfully adjusted information on the MPN ought to be checked against the recompense information in COD before presenting the MPN for preparing. MPNs that have invalid adjusted information will be returned for rectification, or if another MPN is required.

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MPN Processing Missing a MPN? When COD is told of a missing MPN affirmation or an unlinked grant for which a MPN was presented, the accompanying moves are made: Mail receipt and conveyance is followed Data in COD is checked on Data in the imaging frameworks is audited MPN stockpiling vault is looked Please advise COD School Relations in the event that you trust a MPN has been lost.

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MPN Tips Have more inquiries? For more data concerning MPN handling contact COD School Relations or reference the Direct Loan Bulletins on IFAP. COD School Relations Email Call 1-800-848-0978 for Direct Loans DL Bulletin DLB-04-03: Summary: Processing of Paper and Electronic Master Promissory Notes

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COD and DLSS What has been going on as of late in the background?

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COD Delays in Getting Records to DLSS Delays with payment data showing up in DLSS regularly happen because of: User Error COD Exception Issues User Error If the identifier data recorded on the FAFSA contrasts from the identifier data recorded on the credit application, the grant and MPN won\'t interface. Unlinked grants delay records from being overhauled at DLSS. Schools may neglect to set the Disbursement Release Indicator to genuine. Along these lines, COD considers the payment to be an expected dispensing as opposed to a real payment and does not send the data to DLSS.

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COD Delays in Getting Records to DLSS Resolved COD Exception Issues: COD was posting old identifier data on payment sent to DLSS after there had been a SSN change for the borrower. COD was not ready to coordinate the right identifier data on a PLUS recompense with the right identifier data on the PLUS MPN. COD was endeavoring to connect sponsored and unsubsidized grants with PLUS MPNs.

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Pending Bankruptcy When DLSS is informed of a pending liquidation application, DLSS instantly quits handling the influenced loan(s). COD plays out the accompanying endless supply of a pending insolvency from DLSS: I

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