Altona Meadows Library and Learning Center group learning center point .

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Altona Meadows Library and Learning Centre – community learning hub. Overview and FAQ’s. Space? 1397sq m over two floors with optimum disabled access including a lift Collection size? Only 20% larger - 25k but much larger emphasis on electronic access
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Altona Meadows Library and Learning Center – group learning center point

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Overview and FAQ\'s Space? 1397sq m more than two stories with ideal impaired get to including a lift Collection measure? Just 20% bigger - 25k yet much bigger accentuation on electronic get to Integrated Community Center/Neighborhood House Commitment to deep rooted group learning supports rationality Opening hours? Mall hours 9am – 8pm most weekdays, and open both Sat and Sun what number staff ? EFT 5.5 Library + Community Center staff Cost? $4.2 million + $250,000 for materials Technology? RFID innovation, sight and sound, video observation, multi-channel publicizing

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Altona Meadows Library and Learning Center March – June 2005 March – June 2006 % Inc Customer Numbers 24588 71,244 289% Loans 44,950 93,423 208% New borrowers 287 1,261 439% Internet get to 1,341 5,002 373% Program Sessions 40 163 401% MISSION STATEMENT Hobsons Bay Libraries will be a Gateway to information, deep rooted learning, expanded open doors and social support for all in Hobsons Bay. Data is the money of vote based system. — Thomas JEFFERSON (1743-1826)

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Design Brief Community\'s shared "lounge room "

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Design Brief Reflect nearby group needs Family Learning Culturally different Need to enhance instructive open doors

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Design Brief Best practice handicap and family get to standards embraced Braille signage, lift, directional markers

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Design Brief Green standards received all through Use of regular light Reduced vitality utilization

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Design Brief Innovative utilization of innovation to upgrade get to and benefit conveyance

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Design Brief Concept of the "subterranean insect cultivate" –sense of being outside and looking in - What\'s going on in there? Could I come in? – empowering – inviting!

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What has functioned admirably for the group - Vision of a consistent approach Creation of protected, agreeable and inviting environment – formal and casual group spaces Location in an action hub –the neighborhood caught up with mall Use of normal light and a lively shading plan Use of RFID – dramatically increased limit with simply over twofold the staff The number and assortment of projects offered Improved profile of library administrations inside community and Council

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Technology RFID Security framework inbuilt Reduces manual taking care of – 3-6 things at once Enables ability to handle vast volumes of material and clients Possibility for less demanding stock support Attraction of giving the group driving edge innovation

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3M Why 3M? Organized execution accessible to enable entire of administration move in our time. Double standardized tag and label Compatibility to existing library framework Leasing alternative, moderate Tag toughness and cost

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Planning Council duty Financial courses of action by means of outsider Insurance Negotiated with Council IT Implementation Testing with Library framework merchant and IT Testing for similarity inside Citrix environment Looking at other working destinations to build up clear picture of necessities both staff assets and equipment

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3M RFID What has functioned admirably with RFID Implementation was speedy and simple. Worked in under perfect system environment Ease of utilization for both staff and clients Graphics and sound Languages Tagging, programming and the simplicity of change

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3M RFID What has functioned admirably with RFID Use of volunteers for transformation - 16k things from existing accumulation in addition to 5k of new things in 3 weeks Staff bolster ready to create staff champions with new staff Not seen as a cash sparing activity Self serve – 40%

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