Aluminum Can Reusing in Fayette Area: Association Between Industry, College, State funded Schools and Group.

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Place FOR A Supportable ALUMINUM INDUSTRY A Sloan Industry Center Aluminum Can Reusing in Fayette Area: Organization Between Industry, College, State funded Schools and Group Displayed by: Dr. S. Das July 19 th 2005 A Sloan Industry Center Task
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Place FOR A SUSTAINABLE ALUMINUM INDUSTRY A Sloan Industry Center Aluminum Can Recycling in Fayette County: Partnership Between Industry, University, Public Schools and Community Presented by: Dr. S. Das July 19 th 2005 A Sloan Industry Center Project Center for a Sustainable Aluminum Industry University of Kentucky Fayette County Public Schools Lexington Fayette Urban County Government Commonwealth of Kentucky-Economic Development Cabinet Baker Iron & Metal Co. Savvy Alloys LLC. Anheuser Busch Clark Distributing Co.

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Sloan Industry Center-Synergy of Partnership Clark Distributing Co.

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Sloan Foundation Industry Centers The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Established in 1934 by Alfred P. Sloan, Jr. A Sampling of Sloan Industry Centers: Harvard Textile and Apparel Research MIT International Motor Vehicle Georgia Tech Paper Business Carnegie Mellon Steel

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Center for a Sustainable Aluminum Industry (CSAI) Founded in Jan. 2005 Funded by a few sources: Sloan Foundation Industry Centers Program A consortium of Aluminum Producers The Commonwealth of Kentucky The University of Kentucky Have about $800,000 in subsidizing for exploration throughout the following three years. Workforce in Economics, Business and Engineering are individuals from CSAI

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CSAI Research Areas Finding approaches to improve reusing rates is one of the significant center zones. The present venture will contemplate the aluminum reusing patterns in Fayette County, KY. Fayette County will be the first “recycling test lab” in the country. Consolidate “economic development” ideas into natural advantages to engage both “sandals and suits”.

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Why Aluminum Beverage Can? 1% change in reusing rate has a financial effect of give or take $12 million Trashed jars contribute about $294 million to the nation’s exchange shortage every year National Aluminum Beverage Can Recycling Rate Trends. (Source: Aluminum Association)

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Separation Process at Fayette County Recycling Facility

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Commodities Shipped from LFUCG Recycling Center (06/01/04 to 04/15/05, 10 months) (Source: James Carter, Manager LFUCG Recycling Center)

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Initiatives Underway Industry and Government Work with LFUCG, Baker Iron & Metals and Wise Alloys to track month to month aluminum can recuperation in Fayette County. Work with refreshment can merchants (Anheuser Busch, PepsiCo, Coca Cola, Clark Distributing Co.- Coors, Miller) to track number of aluminum jars sold in Fayette County. Track the genuine reusing rate in Fayette County.

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Fayette County Public Schools and University Work with Fayette County Public School Systems to advance mindfulness and recyclability of aluminum jars. Work with University of Kentucky to upgrade the reusing rate among the 18-29 years of age demographics. Coordinating reusing messages into UK 101 classes. Find and build the quantities of reuse receptacles all through UK. Working with organizations and sororities to get them included in the reusing endeavors as a feature of their city obligations. Target extraordinary occasions, for example, football games as chance to gather jars.

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Planned Path Forward LFUCG will subsidize a waste structure portrayal study in focused on ranges and demographics in Fayette County. Convey “national best practices” to the province. Use Fayette County as the nation’s first “recycling test laboratory”.

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Recycling as an Economic Development Initiatives Kentucky has one of the biggest centralization of aluminum offices in the US. Reusing of aluminum drink can is pivotal in supporting Kentucky’s aluminum industry. The greater part of Kentucky’s aluminum offices depend on auxiliary (reused) aluminum. Expanding reusing rate will develop existing employments and bring lucrative, information based occupations and current aluminum plant

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