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Amate Bark. Paper of the Otomi Indians. Bark paper, papal amate, is produced by hand in the state of Puebla by Otomi Indians using bark from the mulberry or fig trees. The mulberry tree creates off-white paper, while the fig tree creates much darker paper.
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Amate Bark Paper of the Otomi Indians

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Bark paper, ecclesiastical amate, is delivered by submit the condition of Puebla by Otomi Indians utilizing bark from the mulberry or fig trees. The mulberry tree makes grayish paper, while the fig tree makes much darker paper.

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This bark paper is bubbled and drenched overnight until sufficiently delicate for the filaments to pull separated. It is then beat utilizing a rectangular shake with finger grooves until the filaments of the mash intertwine and are uniformly spread out fit as a fiddle the paper-creator needs .

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Let\'s make an Example Write your name on the paper. Disintegrate the paper. Squish it without tearing. Paint ink wash to look like the bark surface when it dries.

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How did the Otomi\'s utilization their paper? In the get-go: -garments -record keeping

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Amate Cutouts The symmetrical set patterns are for otherworldly purposes. - ensure crops -frighten off malice -monitor homes -bring great wellbeing

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Amate Cutouts The Otomi likewise utilized the set patterns as tokens of gratitude to the Earth for a decent yield.

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Amate Characteristics What do we see about the plans?

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Amate Characteristics Amate Cutouts are: Symmetrical Stylized outline Human structures that speak to the spirits Nature shapes that are essential: plants, creatures, fowls

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Amate Bark Painting

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Paper was sacrosanct to both the Mayans and the Aztecs. It was the medium on which their history and disclosures were chronicled.

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The Otomi individuals offer their paper to neighboring groups.

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The Nahua The paper discovers its way to the Nahua Indians of Southern Mexico who have exceeded expectations for a few eras at painting splendid town and untamed life scenes on the hand-made paper.

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Much of the amate paper goes to towns in the condition of Guerrero where artisans who once embellished stoneware now paint innovative scenes of regular day to day existence, whimsical fowls, creatures and blooms on this extraordinary paper.

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What do we see? - Subjects from nature birds, creatures, plants - Ornamentation/Stylization Pattern Bright Colors

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