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The United States of America is persistently being tormented with executioner tremors, new ... In the event that you think about America, on the off chance that you think about the offspring of America. ...
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America… America

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America… America

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Intro 1 See in the event that you can detect the oddball: seismic tremors, surges, dry spells, tumor, AIDS, tuberculosis, storms, God\'s favoring, tornados.

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Intro 2 See in the event that you can detect the oddball: seismic tremors, surges, dry seasons, growth, AIDS, tuberculosis, typhoons, God\'s favoring, tornados. Obviously "God\'s favoring" is the peculiarity. However, there are numerous who might trust the whole rundown is concordant. In their lack of awareness, they surmise that the overwhelming things that are transpiring country are simply nature doing her own particular thing.

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Intro 3 You may have seen that recently there has been an expansion in Mother Nature\'s rumblings.  You may likewise know that in the most recent ten years, occurrences of malignancy in the U.S. have expanded. In 2002 there were 189,000 new instances of prostate tumor in the U.S., with 203,500 instances of bosom malignancy. Disease isn\'t our just dilemma.  Back in 1993, Americans spent a mind blowing $898 billion on wellbeing care. 

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Intro 4 We have moved from one of the most reduced baby death rates to one of the most elevated, with more than 40,000 babies biting the dust every year. The National Alliance for Mental Illness analyzed that ten million individuals have genuine long haul mental disease.  The United States of America is ceaselessly being tormented with executioner quakes, new serious maladies that are outsmarting anti-infection agents, executioner tropical storms, destroying tornadoes, cataclysmic surges, appalling dry spells, and the arrival of once "vanquished" ailments, for example, tuberculosis.

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Intro 5 The Cause? The Bible lets us know that "honesty lifts up a country, however sin is a blame to any individuals." So we should perceive how we are getting along ethically…

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wrongdoing Every 78 seconds , somebody in the U.S. is victimized; like clockwork an auto is stolen and at regular intervals, a criminal strikes. … CRIME…

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infidelity USA Today reported that fifty to sixty percent of wedded couples admit to adultery.  … ADULTERY…

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sex According to the Oklahoma State Department of Health, roughly one in five individuals in the United States, 45 million people , are tainted with the infection that causes genital herpes. … FORNICATION…

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assault A Harris survey sets the figure at 380,000 assaults or rapes that occurred in 1993. The Justice Department says that eight percent of all American ladies will be casualties of assault or endeavored assault in their lifetime. … RAPE…

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erotic entertainment UPI News, November 19, 1997 said that porn video rentals took off to 665 million in 1996, representing 13.3% of video rentals in America. … PORNOGRAPHY…

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covetousness Focus on the Family uncovered that Americans now visit gambling clubs more frequently than they go to proficient wearing occasions. On the whole, they lose in abundance of $50 billion every year to lotteries , steed and canine tracks, club, and the different other betting venues. … GREED…

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tipsiness Florida Alcohol & Drug Abuse Association appraises that the social expenses of liquor compulsion add up to $100 billion every year in lost efficiency and related wellbeing costs. … DRUNKENNESS…

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murder According to FBI measurements, more than 18,000 individuals were killed in 1997. It found the middle value of more than 20,000 every year, totaling 200,000 homicides amid the 1990s. More than 100,000 killers were never conveyed to equity. … MURDER…

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fetus removal Centers For Disease Control and Prevention reported 1,267,415 premature births in 1998. It\'s been assessed that there have been more than 40 million since Roe versus Wade. … ABORTION…

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lip service The Barna Research Group observed that sixty-two percent of Americans affirm to be Christians, while the book, The Day America Told the Truth said that ninety-one percent lie consistently. … HYPOCRISY…

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Next The Bible lets us know that "righteousness lifts up a country, yet sin is a censure to any people." We don\'t appear to be doing too well ethically. We are the same than Israel, who through the ages, continued straying from God\'s Commandments into rebellion. From that point, they lost the guaranteed gift of wellbeing, which was contingent upon exemplary nature (Deuteronomy 28:15-46). In the mean time, in spite of our national sins, a visually impaired and perplexed world focuses to everything from espresso to sausage as the purpose behind the expansion in tumor. As the favors of God have been expelled from the dirt, we don\'t consider anything splashing crops with a huge number of huge amounts of toxic substances every year to attempt and battle the attack of plague. The impact of eras of developmental rationality makes them believe that we are simply helping (a not exactly completely advanced) Mother Nature.

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Next The possibility that we have some way or another annoyed God, doesn\'t enter the region of our pagan reflection. America the wonderful is no more lovely. Brutality and sin has made her terrible. America, America, God shed His beauty on thee … however now you are procuring the product of your transgressions, and it is the ideal opportunity for you to be told: America, America, God patch thine each blemish Confirm thy soul in restraint, Thy freedom in Law. What does the lyricist mean by "Thy freedom in Law?" - a city whose drivers are legal, has the freedom of streaming, issue free movement. In any case, if drivers decline to obey movement laws, there will be mishaps, agony and confusion.

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Next Winston Churchill was correct when he said, "If a country won\'t be ruled by God, it will be ruled by anarchy." We are enduring the outcome of a national loss of poise, and hence, rebellion. Here again is only a percentage of the riotous product of not keeping God\'s Law - murder, robbery, assault, drug-compulsion, liquor abuse, stoutness, dread, disdain, sexual corruption, racial partiality, insatiability, illness, spousal misuse, youngster misuse, tyke explicit entertainment, family separate, and so forth. In the event that you are the casualty of the transgressions of America, God knows your torment. The Bible says He is loaded with sympathy and rich in benevolence to all that call upon Him. Despite the fact that the circumstance appears to be sad, there is an approach to deflect the pitiful sight of kids with tumor, more unpleasant fiascos, and other appalling maladies from further flooding this country. There is a way we can, with the assistance of God, convey mending to this once extraordinary nation…

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Q1 - lie To discover how, how about we quit discussing "America\'s" sins, and perceive how you and I for one stand ethically. Answer the accompanying with a delicate heart: Question 1. Have you ever told a falsehood? This incorporates any lies, white falsehoods, misleading statements or distortions told before. Keep in mind, time doesn\'t pardon sin. God sees the transgressions of your childhood just as it were yesterday. On the off chance that you have told even one untruth , then you are a liar - be ruthlessly fair with yourself, since God will be on the Day of Judgment. YES NO

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Q2 - take Question 2. Have you ever stolen anything (regardless of the fact that it was something little)? The estimation of the thing stolen doesn\'t make a difference; negligible burglary is still robbery. Have you ever taken anything that had a place with another person (from the workplace, school, folks, and so on.)? In the event that you have, that makes you a hoodlum. YES NO

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Q3 - infidelity Question 3. Jesus said, "Whoever looks upon a lady to long for her, has submitted infidelity as of now with her in his heart." (Matthew 5:28) Have you ever taken a gander at someone else with desire? Have you had intercourse outside of marriage, or submitted infidelity, or coveted to? In the event that you have, then you have conferred sexual sin and can\'t enter Heaven (1 Corinthians 6:9). YES NO

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Q4 - icon Question 4. Who is God to you? Is it accurate to say that he is just a divine force of adoration and leniency who might never judge anybody and never cast anybody into Hell? In the event that that is your god, then you\'re correct. Your god couldn\'t cast anybody into Hell since he doesn\'t exist. He\'s a fantasy of your creative energy. You\'ve made a divine being in your own particular personality that you\'re more OK with. You may call it your "own conviction," yet God calls it heathen worship . Have you made a divine being to however your whims may dictate and in this manner been blameworthy of "idolatry"? The Bible cautions that heathens won\'t acquire the kingdom of paradise, (Ephesians 5:5). YES NO

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Q5 - irreverence Question 5. Have you ever utilized God\'s name as a condemnation word? On the off chance that you have, you\'ve taken the heavenly name of God- - who gave you your life, your family, and everything valuable to you- - and utilized it as a foul, four-letter word. Hitler\'s name wasn\'t disdained enough to be utilized as a condemnation word! On the off chance that you have utilized God\'s sacred name as a part of that way, you are a blasphemer and the Bible says "God won\'t hold him guiltless who takes the name of the Lord futile," (Exodus 20:7). YES NO

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Next Have you kept the Sabbath heavenly? Have you generally regarded your folks? Have you ever coveted anything that had a place with another person? On the off chance that you have earned back the original investment one of these Ten Commandments we\'ve been talking about, then you have trespassed against God. On Judgment Day each wrongdoing you have ever dedicated will turn out as confirmation of your blame. You will be condemned perpetually, and lose your spirit. Without God\'s kindness, you will go to Hell. The Scriptures caution that unless you apologize, you will die. Try not to add vainglory to your wrongdoings by saying that you are essentially a "good" individual. On the off chance that you decline to concede that "America\'s" sins are your transgressions, you will never look for God\'s benevolence. Don\'t likewise imagine that God will ignore your transgressions since He is great. His "goodness" will ensure equity is finished. He will rebuff all liars, cheats, miscreants, and so on

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Next Don\'t be tricked into supposing you can tidy up your life. No "good" you do can wash away you

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