American History and Government.

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US Constitution. State Constitution. City Charter. US Government Systems: Levels. Nearby ... US Government Systems: Checks and Balances. Official. Authoritative ...
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American History and Government

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Vocabulary Judiciary Legislative Executive Checks Balance Statutory law Case law Ordinance US Constitution State Constitution City Charter

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US Government Systems: Levels Local Municipal Mayor/City Council/Municipal courts County Commissioners/Sheriff State Governor/Legislature/Courts Federal US Constitution Federal statutes Tax Codes Case laws Executive requests

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US Government Systems: Checks and Balances Executive Legislative Judicial Source: Crossroads Area Home School Assn.

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How to choose a president Each gathering has its own particular primaries Nominating traditions General Election Electoral College

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Schoolhouse Rock—America Rock Genocide of American Indians Shot Heard Round the World (War of Independence/Revolutionary War) The Constitution How a Bill Becomes a Law Manifest Destiny [" Elbow Room "] African Enslavement Civil War

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